Monday, June 12, 2017

Avocado Pudding

As I have mentioned before, when I was growing up, we considered the avocado a fruit to be eaten for dessert and not as something to be added to salads or spread on bread.   At that time and in that place, guacamole was not known to us.  For me, avocados have always meant one thing: avocado pudding!

The ripe avocado is scooped out of the peel and mashed, ideally well enough to remove any lumps:

Mashed Ripe Avocado

Then, a spoon or two of sugar is added (I added a heaping table spoon):

Add Sugar to Taste

Add a table spoon or so of sweetened condensed milk (yes, it is sweet, but this is supposed to be a pudding; one could omit the sugar and add only the condensed milk):

Add Sweetened Condensed Milk

Stir well to mix everything together:

Avocado Pudding
It is best if chilled before eating, but one needs to cover it well with plastic wrap or wax paper to prevent oxidation, or else, it turns brown and looks unappetizing.

I saved the seed and rinsed it; stuck 4 toothpicks to help balance it over a jar filled with water, so that the bottom of the seed is in the water.  Hopefully, in a couple of weeks or so, a root will form and it will sprout and I will have an avocado seedling.  Avocado seedlings grown from seeds were quite the rage when I first came to this country and went to university (back in the early 1970s!)  Just about everyone had an avocado plant growing in their apartments, I seem to recall.

Avocado Seed

Maybe, by Christmas, it will grow and I can decorate it, like I did this one, from several years ago.

O Christmas Tree?

Dancer seems a bit skeptical about the whole thing, doesn't he?  He seems to be saying, "Are you sure it is a Christmas tree?"

I have read that avocado leaves are supposed to be edible (but not for pets!  Don't worry, Dancer didn't eat any).  Apparently they are used in Central American cooking, but I haven't tried cooking with them. 

Maybe you'll try avocado pudding, one day?  Have you grown an avocado seedling from a seed? 


  1. I have actually had avocado pudding, but it is made with half a cup of milk and honey to taste. I have also had avocado mixed with cocoa powder and honey and cream which is to die for! Strangely we had it for breakfast, it was the fashion in the 70's and 80's I think. I will try your version, do you have fruit with it?
    I tried that way of growing an avocado, I think it died on me. A friend offered me some seedlings a few weeks ago as they were sprouting up in her compost heap! Dancer does look a bit perplexed doesn't he.

    1. Sharon, you can make it with regular milk and use honey or juggary (palm sugar) to sweeten it (or any type of sweetener, I suppose). Condensed milk and sugar is how I've always made it and the way I like it best. I don't have fruit with it, but I guess you could. Never thought of having fruit with it, actually! Yes, sometimes, the seeds spout and other times, they don't. I read somewhere that they won't sprout if the fruit had been refrigerated, but I don't know how true that is. Will you be taking up your friend on her offer?

  2. I do remember the avocado seed growing phase. My sister had a window sill full of them. I've wondered why it's not done so much any more. As for the pudding, sweet avocoados don't seem right to me although if I tried it I might change my mind.

    1. Yes, it is what one is used to; I'm so used to avocado being a dessert, I can't bring myself to eat guacamole and avocado in salads, etc. I've tried them, but don't like them. :)


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