Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Productive Tuesday, Too

Chicken & Rice Soup

I've had a second productive day, today!  

Woke up in the morning in good time and my cousin and her daughter picked me up at 7:30 a.m. and took me to the hydration.  We were there before 9:00 and I was called in by 9:15 a.m.  Cousin and daughter went out for coffee while I was having treatment, but they were back and waiting in the waiting room when I got done with treatment.  Today, I had to have an injection, too, besides hydration, because yesterday's blood test showed that my white blood cell count was low.  Which means I have to now return for additional injections (they are given as a series of 3), tomorrow and again on Friday (along with more hydration).

On the way home, I suggested picking up some lunch, but cousin and daughter said they were not hungry.  They wouldn't accept my offer of putting some gas to their car, either.  We were back home by 12 noon, which was nice.  A bit earlier than I expected.

Yesterday, when my neighbor sent me rice, I hadn't opened the container.  But today, when I opened it to warm some up for my lunch, I found out that she had included a big piece of chicken as well as the ground beef/vegetables/rice mixture!  So, I called my neighbor again, to thank her for the chicken and she was so happy that I liked what she sent, she said she was going to make some soup tonight and will bring me some!  And later, she did bring me the container of soup I posted a picture of, above. 

After lunch, I brought my trash cans in and later in the afternoon, I vacuumed the family room and put the furniture back in their usual arrangement.  The family room is a large rectangular room (not brave enough to post a picture because it is still a mess!)  I have two full sized sofas which are usually arranged at right angles to each other in an L shape.  One sofa is along the shorter, solid wall and the other sofa is along the longer wall, under the window.  With a coffee table in the middle (usually facing one or the other sofa), it forms the seating area of the family room.  At the other end are a small table and 4 chairs and daughter's old computer table.   There are other pieces of furniture, too, such as an entertainment center, book cases, side tables, etc.

When the Christmas tree is brought in, I put the two sofas facing each other and put the tree in front of the window.  I like that arrangement too, but the L shaped arrangement opens out the room.  Besides, the living room sofa and loveseat are arranged facing each other, so I don't want the same arrangement in the family room, too.

I also swept my bathroom.

I will do the bedrooms tomorrow and that will take care of the week's vacuuming.

I was tired after I vacuumed.  Also, the dust from the vacuuming and the humidity from this afternoon's rain shower bothered my asthma and I had to take my rescue inhaler, again.

Yes, it rained again, this afternoon!  This time it was more of a proper shower of rain than yesterday's drizzle.  So, the garden got a good watering.  No puddles like last time, but still, better than nothing.  I am happy for all the little seedlings coming up in my front parkway strip.  Some of them are weeds, I know, but among them are also self-sown seeds from the African daisies I planted there, last year!  Once the little seedlings come up a bit more, I can start weeding.  Once the African daisies establish themselves, they will crowd out the rest of the weeds, and they'll return year after year for many years.  They are drought tolerant plants and have white/purple flowers.  :)

Later in the evening, I had a cup of tea and chatted with another cousin and a friend who called.  I also put away the laundry from yesterday, did another small load of laundry and hung to dry.  I'll wait till tomorrow to do the paperwork.  Instead, I am video chatting with daughter who has a lot to say about her first day of classes and work.  She's still wait-listed on one class she really wants to take and had to drop one class due to a time conflict, and there's still a possible time crunch with two other classes that are back to back but at opposite ends of the campus and she only has 10 minutes to hike uphill from one end to the other.  She's going to try it, tomorrow, and see if she can get from one class to the other in that time.  If not, she'll have to drop one of them and decide which one, etc.  But other than that, she's happy with her current class schedules and she's still able to have her Mondays and Fridays free to fly down to be with me during chemo as needed, while taking 13 units (12 units is considered full-time). 

Tomorrow, I have to go back to the clinic for another injection.   I will drive myself there and back. I have to go back for another injection and maybe hydration on Friday and I am planning to drive myself to that, too.  I only need a ride when I am having chemo and on the follow-up visits during the week immediately following the chemo. 

So, I finished (more or less) my to do list from yesterday:
- Hydration in the a.m. - DONE
- Vacuum the family room in the p.m. - DONE
- Put the family room furniture back in place (after rearranging to accommodate Christmas tree) - DONE
- Bring trash cans in - DONE
- Put away dried laundry - DONE
- Do another load (I'm washing the quilts and blankets daughter used on winter break) - DONE
- Maybe deal with another small pile of papers? - RESCHEDULED FOR WEDNESDAY! 

My To Do list for tomorrow:

- Injection in the a.m.
- Office-related work 
- Put away dried laundry
- Do another load of laundry
- Vacuum bedrooms
- Paperwork 
- Call pharmacist

Today, I am grateful for:
- Cousin and her daughter giving me a ride to hydration
- The rain!
- Little seedlings coming up in the garden after the recent rains
- Neighbor bringing me more food for my dinner
- Daughter was able to adjust her class schedule until she's happy with it

How was your Tuesday?


  1. Wow Bless, you did a great job getting your to do list done.. SO proud you had a ride for your hydration treatment. So nice of your family and friend to help you.. Makes me happy!!!
    Best wishes to your daughter as she arranges her classes.. I am happy she will be able to come and be with you through the chemo treatments. I know it will be comforting to you also.
    I have had a good Wednesday. Cleaned bathrooms, Swept out the house. Made .chicken chili for supper [it is cooking now]. I also did a load of laundry.
    Hope you have a good week.

    1. Thanks, Judy. Sounds like you had a productive Wednesday. Have a great rest of the week and, as always, thanks for commenting. :)


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