Wednesday, November 3, 2021


Solar Powered Illumination Jar

For Good Luck!

M gifted me this solar powered illuminated Good Luck jar a couple of weeks ago; we have it hanging from a cut branch near the moringa tree.  It lights up at night and stays lit for a few hours, depending on how much sunlight it received during the day.  My cell phone camera doesn't take good night time pictures, though.  

I'm going to need some good luck because the new furnace is doing what the old furnace used to do!  Delayed ignition is the term the gas company technician called it when he red tagged the old furnace.  Last night, when I switched on the furnace, I could hear the gas flowing, but, it took a few seconds for the furnace to ignite and it did so with a big whoosh and a burst of yellow flames, before it settled down to a steady blue flame.  I was not happy.  After the house warmed up and the furnace turned itself off, I lowered the thermostat and went to bed, but couldn't fall asleep for a long time (the last time I looked at the clock it was 4:30 a.m.); I was worried about the furnace.  Today, daughter turned it on and it did the same thing!  She said she could see the yellow flames.  I can't remember if it did the same thing when the technician from the furnace company turned it on to show me that it works - maybe the flame wasn't so noticeable during the day; also, I was standing near the thermostat and not near the furnace where I could see the flame then.   So, tomorrow, I need to call both the furnace people and the gas company, too, to have a technician come out to check.  Fortunately, we are having a couple of warm days, so, we can manage to be without the heater until they can come and check it.  But, it's one more thing to worry about!  Especially after spending so much money on the new furnace!

As if that wasn't enough to worry about, yesterday, my daughter got bitten on her right hand by a mosquito or some other insect and her hand swelled up!  She said it was aching as well as itchy.  I had her put an ice pack on it and apply some antibiotic cream.  She also took an antihistamine.  Her hand was still somewhat swollen, today, too.  I applied some aloe vera gel on the raised bump where she was stung, and she took another antihistamine, too.  She says it's much better now, but, I was concerned because I had recently seen a report that mosquitoes carrying the West Nile virus were increasing in numbers in my area!  

I took it easy in the morning.  Then, M arrived to tend to the garden and he watered the plants and did some more pruning.  

After he left, I took a container of soup and a few groceries to friend R; she was experiencing a few aches and pains from receiving the booster shot, yesterday.  

I spent the rest of the afternoon watching some videos, online.  They were a good distraction from worrying about the furnace, etc.!  Cousin V called and I chatted with her for a bit and texted with cousin N.  

Later, in the evening, I cooked a packet of ground turkey I had in the freezer (made a curry with it) and a pot of rice for dinner.  I had some of the raspberries I bought, yesterday, for dessert; they weren't that good, though, and starting to spoil, already.

I also practiced the piano for half an hour or so in the evening.    

Today, I am grateful for:

- Daughter's hand is better
- M tending to the garden for me
- A safe drive to R's and back
- Keeping in touch with family and friends
- The sunny, warm day

Today's joyful activity was taking some homemade soup and a few other items to friend R.

Plans for tomorrow include some phone calls and waiting for a package (or two) to be delivered. 

How was your Wednesday?  What are your plans for tomorrow?


  1. I like your solar powered jar. I have a set of four solar powered paw prints in my garden and I love them, a gift from my daughter.
    I hope your furnace is checked thoroughly so you can have peace of mind, what a worry it has been for you.
    I do hope your daughter will be OK, the mosquito bite sounds nasty, she definitely needed those antihistamines.
    I had a lovely beach walk yesterday and I took a few photos of Tilly enjoying herself and I must upload those today. I also bought a new photo frame so I can have a photo of her on an upstairs wall.

    1. Thank you, Eileen; your solar powered paw prints sound cute! I've scheduled an inspection of the furnace by the gas company; the earliest they can come out is next Thursday. I shall wait until they've checked it out to call the furnace company; maybe I won't need to call them, at all. :) My daughter's hand is much better, today.

      Your walk along the beach sounds lovely and Tilly must have loved it! Looking forward to seeing the pictures. :)

  2. I sympathise with your daughter, I frequently react badly to bites. Furnace issues (we call them 'boilers' here in the UK) are irritating and usually expensive. And always worse when the weather is cold. Which reminds me - checking the back door was locked last night, I noticed a puddle of water by the washing machine. I'd better check that out...

    1. My daughter's hand is much better, today; I am relieved. I have scheduled an appointment with the gas company to come and look at the furnace; I'll see what they have to say before I contact the furnace company. I hope the puddle by the washing machine isn't an indication that something is wrong! Of, if it is, then, it is just a minor adjustment!

  3. So sorry to hear about the furnace issue, after all that work to get a new one installed and inspected! I hope that it will soon be adjusted to work safely. I hope your daughter's hand recovers completely with no other ill effects. As for the raspberries, I tend to buy the frozen ones as our produce travels a long way before it gets into the stores here.
    I'm up early as I woke and couldn't sleep, like you, mulling over things that need sorting out. In the light of day it never seems as bad as at night, in bed wide awake!

    1. Thank you, Bushlady; the building inspector checked that the furnace was installed and vented properly, but didn't check the furnace, itself. I called and scheduled the gas company to come out and check on the heater; the earliest they can come is next Thursday. We shall see what they have to say, and then, call the furnace people, if needed.
      Daughter's hand is much better, today, thank you. There is a raised bump where she was bitten, but, the swelling has gone down.
      I think the raspberries were the result of not being able to select our own produce. If I had been shopping in person, I might not have selected the raspberries once I saw they didn't look too good; but, a store worker picking up the items on a list wouldn't have that flexibility. This is one of the few times when the produce selected for me wasn't quite up to par, so, I don't mind.
      I'm sorry you couldn't sleep, this morning, as you had things on your mind; hopefully, you can get a nap in the afternoon to make up for it. :)

  4. Oh, no! I hope there is a quick resolution to the furnace problems. I'm glad that your daughter's hand is getting better. Is it itching?

    1. Thank you, June; I've scheduled a return visit from the gas company to check the furnace. Depending on what they have to say, I might call the furnace company. My daughter says her hand itches a bit, but the swelling has mostly gone down.

  5. Hi, I hope your daughters hand is better by today...That furnace ? That would scare the bejeebies out of me... I've lived down here in SC for 18 years and everything is electric here I've forgotten what it was like to have a natural gas furnace. Did they come out today and look at it?
    Today I am playing catch up from having to be out and running errands and doctor appointments all week long but at the same time trying to rest some. Hopefully by tomorrow I"ll have my wits about me again and can get back into a semi slower routine..

    1. My daughter's hand is better, today, thank you, Robyn. I've scheduled an appointment with the gas company for a technician to come out and take a look at it. The earliest they can come is next Thursday.

      I hope you are able to rest, today, and everything is going well for you.

  6. I do hope your daughter's hand heals quickly and that she hasn't been unlucky enough to pick up the virus.

    The Good Luck jar was a lovely gift from M. Is it hanging where you can see it from inside the house?

    That's frustrating news about the heater and hope the company can resolve the issue promptly for you.

    Tomorrow will be a quiet-ish day. I have a couple of online classes but that's all there is in the diary. I cleaned the kitchen today so that's enough housework for this week!

    1. Thank you, Eileen; daughter's hand is better, today, and she says she is feeling fine, no fever, etc. :)
      Yes, the Good Luck jar is hanging where I can see it from inside the house. I am leaving the blinds open at night, until I go to bed, to be able to see it. :)
      I decided to have the furnace checked by the gas company, first, before I call the furnace company; that has been scheduled for next week as that's the earliest they have available.
      You've been very productive and got plenty of housework done this week, with cleaning the living room and the kitchen! I'm glad you are planning on a quiet-ish day, tomorrow. Sounds good to me!

  7. Try not to worry too much about your furnace, it's brand new and probably just needs to be adjusted by a technician. I can see how you would be frustrated, but they'll take care of it for you. Glad your daughter's hand is feeling better. I hate mosquitos, they are a nuisance and serve no purpose at all. I wish we could eradicate those nasty little buggers. Denise

    1. Thank you, Denise; I tend to be a worrier! I read up about the delayed ignition and one of the causes is dust - in my case, it hasn't been in place long enough to accumulate regular dust, but, I am thinking that the plastering of the wall might have created some dust which fell into the furnace. Anyway, I called the furnace installers, this morning, and they will send someone out on Monday (they'll call if there is an earlier opening).
      As for mosquitos, I do agree with you that they are a nuisance, but, I guess their larva is part of the food chain for fish, etc., in the wild, and you need the adults to get the larva. :D Mother Nature doesn't usually produce anything that serves no purpose. :)

  8. Oh no. Oh gosh that's awful that your new furnace did the same thing. I'm behind reading so that means the gas company is coming today to check it out.
    I hope they can figure out the problem.
    You've gone through all involved with getting a new furnace installed and waiting on the plasterer to finish up and now to have this.
    I hope it's an easy fix - just an adjustment of the gas line by the gas company.

    1. It was very aggravating to have the same thing happen with the new furnace, but, it has now been fixed. Not without a lot of complaining from me to the furnace people. The gas company technician came out today and did a final adjustment (the pilot light needed to be increased) and said it was OK. He didn't like the fact that I didn't have a digital thermostat, but, that's OK. I just want a safely operating heater!


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