Tuesday, November 2, 2021

November Grocery Shopping - Part 1

I put in an order for groceries, last night, and selected the pick up time of between 12 noon and 1:00 p.m., which seems to work out well for me.  

Today's grocery order had everything I ordered and there were no substitutions.

I bought:

2 packets egg noodles, @12 oz., @$1.79 = $3.58
4 containers tofu shirataki noodles, @8 oz; @$1.69 = $6.76

1/2 gal. half and half = $3.99

1 box corn flakes (24 oz.) = $5.49

1 bottle vegetable oil, 40 fl. oz. = $2.99

1 bottle Tajin lime seasoning mix (5 oz.) = $2.49

1 lb. salad mix = $4.49
1 lb. coleslaw mix = $1.79
1 bag frozen green peas (12 oz.) = $1.00

.89 lb. apples (2 apples) @ $.99/lb. = $0.88
3 lb. bag mandarins = $4.99
3+ lb. bananas (7 bananas) @ $.65/lb. = $2.03
1x 6 oz. raspberries = $2.50
2.5 lb. red grapes @$.99/lb. = $2.55
9.8 oz. blueberries = $3.99

2 lb. frozen fish (pollock) fillet = $7.99
1.25 lb. frozen salmon fillet = $7.99

1 box of 14 frozen burritos = $5.49

10 lb. bag russet potatoes = $3.99

The total came to $74.98

Once again, my regular grocery budget for the month is $250 for two people.  Plus, I still have almost $80 ($79.61 to be exact) left from what was carried over from the August and September grocery budgets.

In addition to picking up the groceries, I cleaned the fridge, brought in the trash cans, practiced the piano, did the dishes, and cleaned the litter box.  Still need to put away the laundry to complete my To Do list for today.

Neighbor S called and we settled on the date I will resume piano lessons with her - Thursday, November 18, at 5:00 p.m.  I have four pieces to practice till then.

I also called friend R to check on her; she had her booster shot, today.  I, too, received a notification from the pharmacy that I was now eligible to receive my booster shot; need to schedule that.  Later, I texted cousin N and chatted on the phone with aunt C.

Today, I am grateful for:

- Online grocery ordering and curbside, contactless pick up
- Essential workers and service personnel
- Being able to afford a few extra groceries
- A safe drive to the grocery store and back
- Working appliances

Today's joyful activity was waking up to a warm house in the morning!  Such a blessing!  

Plans for tomorrow include tending to the garden with M and taking some soup and groceries to friend R.

How was your Tuesday?  What are your plans for Wednesday?


  1. We've not heard anything about our booster jabs yet and I should check as it's vital to stay protected. I have an errand to do in town today and hoping the weather stays fine but it is getting very chilly. Good to know your home is nice and warm now.

    1. I hope you are able to find out about when you can expect to get your booster shot, Eileen; maybe contact your doctor? Hope the weather cooperated and you were able to complete your errand without any difficulty. Hope the rest of your day is going well, too. Stay warm! :)

  2. Good that you will be able to have a booster shot. I will be eligible on my birthday at the end of this month.
    Tuesday was a change from usual as we had to leave at 5.30 am for DH to visit the periodontist in Ottawa at 8 am! We thought we had plenty of time but in the dark with so many cars with brilliant lights coming towards us, it was necessary to slow down at times when one dazzled. We made it in time and I went shopping in a supermarket and was amazed at the variety of items. I bought some spicy snacks made of chick pea flour, haven't tried them yet, and I found some Chai tea bags from a good tea company, on special, too. Crackers, bagels and some needed soya sauce made up the rest of my shopping, then it was time to go back as I didn't want DH to have to go looking for me when he finished. We got back home in time for lunch and a nap!

    1. Thank you, Bushlady. I'm hoping that the booster shot will not trigger a return of the dreaded sciatica pains!

      You had a very early start and busy morning on Tuesday! The spicy snack sounds interesting! I am wondering if it is murukku; if so, it's one of my favorite snacks! :D Glad you were able to take a nap after you returned home. Hope you are taking it easy today and your DH is feeling well after his visit to the periodontist.

    2. The snacks are called Papdi Gathiya. We sampled some yesterday and they are really pleasant, not too salty or greasy, not overly spicy. They are made in Canada.

    3. I don't think it is something I've had! I did find a recipe for it, online, though (what did we do before we could search for recipes, online? :D) Glad you liked them. :)

  3. Sounds like a productive day, Bless, so well done. I've cleaned the living room today (Wednesday) as well as doing a couple of online classes. I made it out for a walk but didn't manage the 30 minutes I'd planned to do ... too cold outside for me today. I can't seem to get warm and am wondering if it it something to do with the dietary changes.

    1. Thank you, Eileen; it was a good day. Sounds like you've had a busy day! I'm sorry you are feeling so cold, but, maybe it is as you say, due to the changes in the diet. Maybe a hot drink will help to warm you up from the inside? Hopefully, you'll warm up soon.

  4. I missed reading the grocery update - I like reading about your groceries. I guess its the online version of peeking into someone's cart in the check out line and seeing what they are buying. lol

    Your fruit prices seem good. I always look for fruit and/or vegetables for .99 a pound and hope there is something around that price level.
    Your potatoes would be a good price for me for 10lbs. Was it for you?
    Your cornflakes are expensive!
    Good price on that box of burritos.

    1. I love reading about what people buy, how much they pay, what bargains they find, etc. There used to be more blogs about grocery shopping, etc., that I used to read, but, they sort of disappeared over the years.

      I, too, try to keep to $1/lb. for fresh produce. I really miss shopping at the dollar store and the ethnic stores for my fresh produce. But, that is the price I pay for not shopping in person!
      The potatoes were an acceptable price, but, this week, they are on sale for $1.97, for 10 lb. with a digital coupon! That is a great price!
      Yes, the cornflakes were expensive! But, they were brand name ones and, I guess, there is a strike going on at their plant? I've tried the store brand cornflakes and I don't like them quite as much.
      The individual burritos had gone up in price, but, the box price remained the same. We like to have them on hand for a quick brunch or late night snack! :)

  5. That is a great potato price! I need some too. My 10 lb price is 4.49 :(

    1. I wish I could buy a bag and send to you! :) I still have most of the potatoes I bought, so, won't be taking advantage of this particular sale (which ends on Tuesday).


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