Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Wednesday: Bone Density Scan and June Grocery Shopping Week 1

Another cool, foggy morning, today, but in the afternoon, the sun shone and we were in the mid-70s, which was very nice. 

I went to the office in the morning and got a fair amount of work done.  Then, I left to go to the bone density scan.

I left the office at 1:00 p.m. and walked to the bus stop, two blocks away.  I saw the shuttle bus pulling up to the bus stop as I was waiting to cross the street!  By the time the light changed and I could cross, the bus had already disappeared!  Never mind; the shuttle buses are supposed to run every 7 minutes or so.  I counted six buses going in the other direction before one came going in my direction!  By the time I got off at my stop, it was almost 2:00 p.m.!  Fortunately, I didn't have too far to go to the clinic where I had my appointment, as I like to arrive 15 minutes early, because they always have paperwork for me to fill out, every time I go to a new clinic.

Except, when I got there, I couldn't find the building!  I drove around the block, a couple of times, before I located it and the entrance, which was on a different street than indicated by the address (when the address said 3rd Street, I expected the entrance to be on 3rd Street, not on the street running parallel to 3rd Street!).  But, I was able to park the car and present myself at the medical office with 10 minutes to spare!

Then, they couldn't find me in the system!  I explained to the receptionist I had a 2:30 p.m. appointment for a bone density scan and I had called and confirmed it, yesterday.  I showed her the letter of authorization for services and she exclaimed, "Oh, you are here for a bone density scan!"  "Yes, Ma'am".  And she found me in the system!  I guess she was looking in the wrong list of patients?!  Anyway, she made copies of my driver's license (a photo ID was required) and insurance card and gave me paperwork to fill out, which I did.  There was a short wait, which was fine, and I was called in for the scan.  The scan took less than 10 minutes, I left by 3:00 p.m., and the clinic even validated my parking, so all I had to pay was $3.00.  The technician told me that the scan results will be sent to the doctor in about 4 days.  I will call the doctor's office, next week to find out if they received the results. 

I was almost at the freeway on-ramp when I realized that I forgot to ask for my letter of authorization back!  It had the mammogram authorization on it, as well as the scan authorization!  Well, I didn't want to go back, so I just got on the freeway and drove home.  I will call them, tomorrow, and ask if they can scan and email me a copy of the letter, so I can have it if I need to show it to the mammogram clinic (although they are usually able to locate me in their system). 

I had eaten an apple for breakfast and although I had taken leftovers for lunch, I didn't feel hungry enough for lunch before I left to go to the clinic.  On my way back home, I debated stopping for fish and chips, since I was passing the fish and chips place, but, I didn't feel like having that for lunch, either (and if I am going to spend $8 for lunch, it had better be something I really want!).  I decided I'll just come home and eat the lunch I packed to take to the office. 

But first, since my car gas tank was reading half full, I decided to put gas to the car.  Well, I took the turn to one of the gas pumps a little too close to a barrier and knocked into it!  The right side rear door is scraped and dented!  Thank goodness no one got hurt and nothing else got damaged!  Definitely a blessing! The poor car is looking rather worse for the wear with all the dents and scrapes I've acquired, recently, and I feel very bad about it, but the door still works.   Gas was $3.59/gal. and I put $30 worth of gas.

Then, I went to the grocery store across the street from the gas station and bought a few things:

June 6 Groceries
I bought:
1/2 gal. milk = $1.99
1 package English muffins = $.69 (reg. price $1.29; on sale because 'sell-by' date is June 9)
1+ lb. red grapes @ $.99/lb = $1.35
1+ lb. bananas @ $.49/lb = $.64
Total spent = $4.67

6/6 Receipt

The receipt included a recall notice for Spam.

After I came home and put away the groceries, I ate a banana and two of the English muffins, toasted, and had a cup of tea. 

Then, I emailed daughter and told her about the banged up car (she was very sweet about it, pointing out that no one got hurt, the car door still works, etc.), responded to blog comments, and took a nap!  A phone call from someone doing a survey on how I voted woke me up, an hour and a half later!  I refused to take the survey, though. 

After I woke up, I did a load of laundry, started cleaning the fridge, and ironed the sari.

Dinner was leftovers followed by some of the grapes I bought.

Today, I am grateful for:
- Being able to go for the bone density scan
- Validated parking
- No one got hurt when I knocked my car at the gas station!
- Afternoon naps
- My daughter and her kind words

Daughter and I tried to video chat, but the technology didn't cooperate, so we just said goodnight over the phone. 

Wednesday's To Do List:
- Go to the office - DONE
- Bone density scan - DONE
- Clean the litter box - DONE
- Put gas to the car - DONE
- Grocery shop - DONE
- Nap on the sofa - DONE!
- Clean the fridge - DID SOME
- Do a load of laundry - DONE
- Iron the sari - DONE

Thursday's To Do List:
- Go to the office
- Call the clinic re. authorization letter
- Finish cleaning the fridge

How was your Wednesday?  Did you have a good day?


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed my Wednesday, out and about taking photos. The weather was glorious and I mananaged to walk around without too much pain and effort. I think I will enjoy this retirement lark!

    Glad to hear you got your bone scan over and done with and I hope you manage to get the copy of the authorisation letter sorted today.

    1. Eileen, I'm so glad you had a lovely day! Glad the weather cooperated and you were able to take your photos and walk about without pain. Here's to more such days in the future!

  2. You are right about the car door. The most important thing is no one got hurt. And the door still works. :)
    It sounds like the people at the clinic where you had the bone density scan are not the most organized.

    1. Yes, I'm thankful that the car mishap wasn't worse than it was!

      I run into all kinds of problems with the medical clinics; I tend to expect it, these days! I just wish I had been a little more aware of what I was doing so I could have asked for the authorization letter back! I called them this morning, but I need to go in person and sign a medical records release form before they give it back to me! While I appreciate their reasons for doing so (patient confidentiality, security, etc.), it is an inconvenience.

  3. Sounds like you had a very productive day...once you got home. Your day leading up to that point was very adventurous though. I get kind of rattled when I don't know where I am going, looking for an address I've never been to before. I have even "scouted" out a new location by taking a dry run before the actual appointment day.

    I am so glad the damage was restricted to just the car. No one was hurt and the car is still operable.

    1. Ha, ha, yes, Susan, once I was home, I was OK! No wonder some people are reluctant to leave their homes! It's a scary world out there! I've done the dry runs, myself, at times. I need specific directions when I am going somewhere - "turn right at...", "turn left at..." etc. And don't tell me to go north or south, etc., because I need to be told left or right!

  4. PS. Nathalie has been writing since June 1, but not allowing comments.

  5. You had a rough day! I hope you got your authorization letter back by now (that is definitely something I would do)...and a shame about your car!! I always try to think of how things could have been worse also. The best thing, is that you can share this with your daughter and be consoled! Andrea

    1. Andrea, I called the clinic and I have to go in person and sign a release form before they will give back my authorization letter, so I haven't done that, yet. It would have been much easier if I were parked in the building but, going to collect the letter means taking the bus back to where I've parked the car, drive past my current office to collect the letter! I won't be able to do it during my lunch break. I'd have to leave the office early and go to the clinic on my way home, or, drive there first thing in the morning and go to work, a little late. However, I called the mammogram clinic and they said they had a copy of the authorization (online) and I don't need the paper copy, so that is good.

  6. We got a new car last year and after having it for only two weeks, I got a big scratch on the side. I was going to have it fixed, but didn't. As everyone said, no one was hurt and it's only a car door.

    1. Yes, no one got hurt! It could have been worse. And the car door is not too badly damaged. I just feel angry with myself for banging it up, though!

  7. Sounds like your day was busy, frustrating, but productive all at the same time Bless. The scraped car could have been a lot worse so definitely a blessing. Do you bother having dents and scratches repaired? Somebody scraped the rear end of mine reversing out of their space and it's been like that for months. It's one of those jobs I keep meaning to get done but it's not affecting anything so it always falls off the end of the list lol. xx

    1. Suzanne, it was quite a day, wasn't it? No, it doesn't bother me to drive around in a dented car, but I do feel bad for the poor car! It looks badly used! I might get an estimate to have it fixed, although I wouldn't be surprised if they quote at least $1,000, if not more!

  8. I wonder if it was lack of food that caused you to ding the car? We need fuel, too! Glad that no one got hurt, but too bad, as we never like to see our vehicles messed up.
    How annoying to have a phone call from a voting survey disturbing your nap! We had a recorded phone message from our MPP at suppertime yesterday, hoping for our support. Interruption was not appreciated. Anyway we got out and voted this morning and are now waiting a while before switching on the radio to see how things are going so far with the election.

    Had a very young nuthatch on the peanut feeder today. He had a different voice, I guess it hasn't matured into the usual nasal "nyee, nyee, nyee" sound yet.

    1. It might have been, Bushlady. Or a combination of lack of food and being tired and already flustered because I had forgotten the authorization letter and left it behind at the clinic, etc. I guess I was distracted. Also, the gas station was very crowded; my gas tank is on the left side (driver's side), but someone pulled up to the pump I was going to turn to, from the opposite direction and there was another truck behind me and another in front of me, so I turned into the next aisle, although now, the gas pump was on the wrong side! I think I got a bit flustered and took the turn too sharply! After this, I will gas up the car when the station is not as busy! I guess it was a reminder that I was trying to do too much!

      You are very good at identifying your bird visitors! I can identify sparrows and mocking birds! :D


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