Sunday, June 17, 2018

Saturday's Happenings

Today, I was woken up, at 9:30 a.m., by the sound of the phone ringing; it was cousin P calling to say she has a plant cutting for me from another cousin's garden.  She apologized when she realized that her call had woken me up and told me to go back to sleep!  But I told her it was OK and we chatted a bit.  She said she had gone to see the aunt who had suffered a stroke.  Aunt is receiving speech therapy and is able to talk (and sing!) a little.  Cousin brought over the plumeria cutting and left it by my front door, because she thought I would go back to sleep.  However, I couldn't go back to sleep after that, so I got up, had my coffee, and got dressed. 

Then, I checked my email.  For some reason, I hadn't checked it yesterday - imagine my surprise when I saw that there was an email from my former supervisor!  She had sent it yesterday morning!  She said she had wondered how I was doing and remembered I had a blog, so she checked my blog and saw that I was stressing out about the retirement paperwork and reached out to me!  Such a kind, generous thing to do.

She shared her own experiences with me and she had some advice for me, both about filling out the forms (she said it was OK not to have it all done by the counseling date, you can turn them in later, if needed) and about one or two other things that daughter had suggested, but, I, in my haste to retire, had not thought through as much.  I emailed her back and she replied with even more information!  She has been such a blessing to me!  What are the odds that she would choose just this time to wonder how I was doing and visit my blog?  As a result, I am now reconsidering some of my choices and decisions.  I will still attend Wednesday's counselling session, however.  But, nothing is definite until I turn in my papers! 

Today was the anniversary of my step-father's death.  It has been 31 years!  The first time I met him, I was 8 years old and seated in his dental chair.  He was my dentist before he became my step-father.  I've more memories of him than I have of my father, because I knew him longer; my father died when I was 7.  I gave a donation in his memory, today, and said a prayer for him. 

In the afternoon, I put gas to the car (managed not to bump into any barriers!), went to the pharmacy, and then, to the adjoining dollar store.  I bought 2 containers of yogurt (2/$1) and a mirror:

White-Framed Mirror
I have been wanting a white framed mirror for a long time, but I didn't want anything too heavy or expensive.  This mirror's frame is plastic, so it is light and at $4.99, the price was just right!

There was a "bronze" framed one, too, and I was tempted to buy it, too, but I didn't!

The "Bronze" Framed Mirror

I am hoping that, once hung on the wall, the mirror will give the effect I've been picturing in my mind for years, but I won't hang it till tomorrow.  In the meantime:

"Mirror, mirror, not on the wall, who is the handsomest kitty of all?"

After I came home, I planted the plumeria cutting I received and called that cousin to thank her.  Later in the evening, I video chatted with daughter.  We had much to discuss, today.

Today, I am grateful for:
- My former supervisor emailing me, sharing her experiences, and advising me
- Cousin sharing a plant cutting with me
- Cousin P bringing it over to me
- Aunt is regaining her ability to speak
- Memories of my step-father

How was your Saturday?  What have you planned for Sunday?  Will you be celebrating Fathers' Day? 


  1. It's so nice of you to make a donation in your step father's memory. I do something similar on my dad's birthday. 2nd anniversary of dad's death was in April and we are having an almsgiving next week in his memory.

    I hope you are having a relaxing Sunday.

    1. Nil, that is so nice that you'll be there to participate in the almsgiving for your dad. Most probably your mother and sister waited to hold it until you could be there. I usually have one at the end of the year, to remember everyone - my father, mother, and step-father.


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