Saturday, June 16, 2018

Friday: Mid-June, Already?

We are already half-way through June!  When I went in to the office this morning, one of my colleagues called out, "One day closer!"  LOL!  I guess they are counting down the days for me!

I had a productive day at the office.  I completed a section of a project well before the estimated date, so I feel good about that.

Today's lunch was another salad, similar to the one I made earlier in the week, but with pieces of chicken breast added and the cashews omitted:

Friday's Lunch

My big accomplishment for the day, however, was the retirement paperwork!  I have now filled out all the forms and made copies of all the documents.  I still need to make one or two phone calls on Monday to get some additional details required on the health and dental insurance forms and there are one or two blank spaces on a couple of forms to be filled out on the day of the counseling session, but everything else is completed!  I also filled out a couple of extra forms because I wasn't sure which ones applied to me.  This way, rather than fill out an entire form at the counseling session, if the one I filled out was incorrect, I can hand in whichever form that is applicable and tear up the other.

Tomorrow, I will make separate file folders for the different paperwork I will be taking with me, as well as for the copies I made for my own records, just to keep them all sorted!  Once that is done, I can tidy up and clear the dining table, which is covered with papers and files, right now! 

Friend M was tending to the garden when I came home from work, today.  So we sat on the short stone wall between my drive way and neighbor T's garden, and chatted for awhile.  Later, friend R called for a chat.  Still later, I video chatted with daughter.

Today, I am grateful for:
- Getting the majority of the retirement paperwork done!
- Photocopiers!
- A productive day at the office
- Chatting with friends and daughter
- A restful evening

How was your Friday?  How is June going for you?  Do you feel that the days are just flying by?


  1. I'm getting excited for you and your approaching retirement. It will be a fun, new phase of life.

    1. Thank you, Live and Learn. Don't get too excited, yet, though, because I might postpone the date! More on that, later!

  2. Good job on getting all the paperwork done!
    June is a very relaxing month for me, still I can't believe how fast the time flies.

    1. Thank you, Nil! Although, there might be a bit of a change in plans and I might have to redo some of the paperwork! Or, at least, cross out a few dates and put new dates!

      Glad you are having such a relaxed month and a good holiday, hopefully. You'll be well rested when you return and have to go to work, again. :)

  3. It won't be much longer now. Well done for getting your paperwork sorted, it sounds like you're all organised in that department.
    I can't think we're halfway through June already. Time is flying. Things have been a bit stressful here the last week or two, so I'm sorry for being a bit late in catching up. X

    1. Thank you, Jules. Yes, the paperwork is all done, but there might be some additional changes, although, that's OK, too. I had settled on dates but, upon additional feedback from someone who has been through the process, I might postpone the actual retirement date and might have to redo the forms!

      I'm sorry things have been stressful for you, lately. I hope it will all get sorted out, soon, and you can enjoy your summer and doing fun things with your daughter. (((HUGS)))

  4. Even if some changes need to be made by tweaking the dates, the work is done. Everything is organized and ready for the consult. My Friday was very busy and productive too, and I am more than glad that it is over.

    1. Susan, you are right; the majority of the work is done! I can just imagine how busy your Friday must have been, getting ready for your yard sale! You can take a short break before you prepare for the next one!


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