Friday, June 22, 2018

Thursday: Summer Solstice!

Daughter worked from home today and I took a day of vacation.  I spent a relaxed morning, responding to comments and reading and commenting on other blogs.   I also received a call from the health insurance people, in response to my call regarding the bill I received from the surgeon's office, saying that the bill has been taken care of and no "patient action" was required.  I also received a call from the other clinic reminding me that I have a consultation scheduled for Monday afternoon with the other doctor.

Shortly after noon, daughter took a lunch break and we decided to order Thai food from our favorite local Thai restaurant.  They were a tiny little "hole in the wall" place with a few tables set outside when I first moved into this neighborhood, but they had the best beef fried rice, ever.  Over the years, they expanded their restaurant a little bit - now there is a roof overhang where the tables are placed, but they are still located in the same place and they still make some of the best Thai food, around!  We ordered some of our favorites over the phone and went to pick up the order.

Except, there's some road construction going on on my road, from neighbor T's house to the top of the lane.  Fortunately, the road in front of my house could be driven on, provided I could leave my driveway!

Yes, yet another construction vehicle blocking my driveway!

I spoke to one of the construction guys and he raised the skids so I could pull out of my drive way!  I don't know why he couldn't have parked with the skids raised, but, I guess it was easier for them to have the skids down.

Anyway, I was able to go with daughter to pick up our lunch:

Spicy Glass Noodle Salad, with chicken and shrimp
This glass noodles salad is one of my all time favorites!

Even spicier Drunken Noodles with chicken
This was daughter's choice as she likes this spicy dish.

Beef fried rice
And both our favorite - the beef fried rice (made without the addition of diced tomatoes at our request). 

These pictures were taken after daughter had served herself!  As you can see, the containers were still almost full!  We had leftovers for dinner and there's still enough for at least another couple of meals for us.

In the afternoon, daughter continued to work and I took a nap! 

Later, after we had tea, we went to the mall to do some shopping for shoes for us both to wear with our saris to the weddings and for a couple of outfits for daughter. 

I bought a pair of flat, gold colored shoes for myself:

My Shoes
I can no longer wear heels, so flats are a must for me.  They were originally priced at $30, but on sale for $20 (well, $19.99, but I always round that up to the next dollar. 

Daughter found a pair of high heeled strappy sandals:

Daughter's Shoes
They were originally priced $40, but were on sale for $15.00  Then, since the store had a "buy one get one 50% off" sale, her shoes were further reduced to just $7.50!  Altogether, I paid $30.10 for both pairs of shoes, including sales tax. 

Daughter's shoes
We came home to a Dancer who was throwing up!  He was trying to dislodge a hairball, I think, but instead, threw up his food!  Poor kitty was not feeling well at all, and was heaving and crying.  Daughter and I were both worried, but he recovered and is cuddled next to me on the sofa and purring as I type this.  I brushed him again, a little while ago - it's getting warmer now and he's shedding like crazy.  I'm giving him his hairball formula cat food, but still, hairballs are a fact of life for us!

Today, I am grateful for:
- Insurance called back saying the billing has been taken care of and I don't need to pay it
- Dancer seems to have recovered from his earlier distress
- Having daughter home, even if she has to work
- Being able to take some vacation time off to enjoy being home when daughter is home
- Afternoon naps!

How was your Thursday?  Did you do anything to celebrate the solstice?  Do you like Thai food? 


  1. Inconsiderate parking like that is something that really winds me up. It really doesn't take much effort to park without inconveniencing anyone else and I think it shows a lack of respect.

    I love Thai food but don't get to eat it very often. The local place in town isn't the best (so is avoided!) and the one in the next town is superb but doesn't do takeaways, seated restaurant service only. It's expensive but worth it for a special treat.

    1. These people assume that everyone has left their homes for the day and wouldn't need access to their driveways during the daytime! That's what the construction guy said when I asked him to move the skids; that he hadn't realized anyone was home!

      Would the restaurant with seated service only allow you to bring your leftovers home? Here, just about any restaurant, other than a buffet place, will give you containers to take leftovers home. I am often unable to eat the portions they serve at restaurants, so usually bring leftovers home and have for another meal.

  2. Sounds like you and your daughter had a good day. And those hairballs are annoying for both you and Dancer. I find that my cats will throw up food for a couple of days, sometimes with a little hair, until they get the big hairball out. Yes, they are just a fact of life. My vet says they used to worry about them, but not any more. The cats just go back to regular eating with no harm.

    1. We did have a good day, yesterday. :) Dancer threw up once more, very late at night (but I was still up, so I was able to clean it up, right away). But he seems fine, now. I just need to remember to brush him, every day!

  3. Sounds like great day. I love both pairs of shoes, and what a bargain too.
    Thankfully, I've never had to worry about hairballs with Mog. Are some cats more susceptible than others I wonder? I'm glad Dancer is OK now.
    You must be relieved the bill is sorted now.
    As for Thai food, I've just enjoyed a Thai salmon curry. 😊

    1. Maybe, with Mog being able to go outdoors, she gets to eat grass and that probably helps her with hairballs (provides enough roughage to help her eliminate them from the other side). Dancer, being an indoor cat, doesn't get any grass unless I give some to him. I need to buy or grow more wheat grass for him. He used to stand by the counter where I'd keep the pot of grass and mew for me to get it down for him!

      Yes, one bill was sorted and a previous bill, which I thought had been dealt with (we had a 3-way conversation about it - the insurance rep., the billing service, and I) has resurfaced! It came in today's mail, stating it is now 60 days overdue! EEK! I'll be calling again, on Monday!

  4. Your lunch looked fantastic but then Thai is one of my favorite types of food. Glad you had a nice day with your daughter and the shoes are great. The Universe decided I need to olny wear flats also.

    1. Thank you, Anne. Yes, my days of wearing heels are long gone! I wear sneakers for the most part, even to go to the office, but ballerina flats for parties, etc. :)

  5. Shoe bargains indeed!
    I have some gold ballerina style shoes which I love, and they go with just about anything.
    I also tend to blitz blog land. I just don't have enough time every day so when I do find a slot, I go through several at a time trying to catch up.
    Thursday was good - out to lunch with friends. I do like Thai food and we don't generally celebrate the solstice in the UK, though groups do gather at certain spiritual locations.

    1. Sounds like you had a very good day. Lunch out with friends is always fun, isn't it? There are a couple of blogs I read every day, others I'll read every few days, and, occasionally, as time permits, I do what I guess is called "blog hopping", where I check different blogs. Always interested in reading what others have to say about their lives and their days. :)

  6. Those shoes are gorgeous (both pairs)and the price ....well, you practically stole them. I haven't worn heels like your daughter's in decades. I don't think my legs could take it. I wore strappy sandals this afternoon when I went to the Retirement party, but they were flat gladiator sandals. That is more my style.

    Poor Dancer. You can be frustrated with having to clean up all the messes, but you cannot be angry about it. It has to be very distressful for him. I hope the shedding does not go on for much longer.

    1. I, too, have a pair of sandals similar to what you describe, Susan. They have thin bronze straps. I bought them a year or so ago, but haven't worn them yet!

      Dancer is much better, today. I've brushed him and will brush him, again, later in the evening.

  7. Love both pairs of pretty and you got a great deal on there. I'd be so tempted to just call the police the next time a vehicle is blocking your driveway. Some people are so inconsiderate!

    1. I really doubt if the police here will come out for something like that, Debbie. Besides, I don't want to antagonize the neighbors and risk having them retaliate.


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