Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wednesday's To Do List

I think I tend to be more productive when I make myself a "to do" list, so here's my list for today:

- Call supervisor and give her an update - DONE
- Forward work emails to appropriate people - DONE
- Download new work files and send emails - DONE
- Update work status tables - DONE
- Send email re. copy of pay check stub to payroll - DONE
- Call and schedule car maintenance service appt. - DONE
- Do a load of laundry and hang to dry - DONE
- Put away laundry when dry - DONE
- Water the front garden by hand - DONE
- Water the back garden (sprinklers) - DONE
- Maybe do a 2nd load of laundry in p.m.
- Wash dishes - DONE
- Choose wedding gift for friend's daughter - DONE
- Have daughter try on sari blouses and select a sari to wear to graduation (provided she still wants to wear a sari)
- Try on my own sari blouses/select a sari (probably my favorite purple sari)

I'll update my list later in the day.

Anybody else makes daily to do lists?


  1. I like to do list also.. Helps keep me on target.. Have a great day.

    1. They do keep one on target, don't they? I like to cross the items off, one by one! Hope your day is going well.

  2. Wow! You've done so much! I can imagine purple being a colour that looks well on you. x

    1. Thank you, Lyssa. Purple is my favorite color! :)

  3. You did a lot! I also like to keep a to-do list but my problem is that after a while, whatever format I choose stops inspiring me so I have to find another format. Right now I'm keeping one on the "Notes" app of my phone. Since I have my phone with me at all times, I can look at it when I'm in the yard or anywhere in the house. I used to keep it in a app with alarms but my brain learned to ignore the alarms. I still use it for daily reminders (such as Defrost Meat for Dinner) though. Then I also put reminders on my Google calendar that are emailed to me. I also list what I do in the "Chores" section of my daily post. When that section is short, it kind of gives me the impetus to do more the next day!

    But yes, I'm definitely more productive when I keep a running list of things to do... somewhere!

    1. I think you do a lot in a given day and your chores lists certainly proves it.

      I just write a to do list on paper. Or, sometimes, on my blog. At one time, I used to belong to an organizing forum and I'd post my daily to do lists there.


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