Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday's Productivity

Today, I went for my blood test in the morning.  Called the pharmacy and put in a request for a refill on one of my prescriptions.  Afterwards, went with daughter to get the car serviced.  I wanted it done before driving up to Berkeley this weekend, for daughter's graduation.  I also worked on office work.

I have received the OK from my oncologist to drive up to Berkeley for daughter's graduation.  To make sure that my immune system will be stronger, I will not have any chemo therapy, tomorrow.  They will give me hydration and maybe an immune booster injection.  The plan is to drive up to Berkeley on Sunday for the graduation ceremony which will be held on Monday.  Monday night.  In an outdoor arena.  Whose bright idea was that?  Night time temperatures in Berkeley tend to be in the low 50s!  That, to daughter and me is FREEZING!  Neither daughter nor I are looking forward to spending over 3 hours sitting outdoors at night when it is that cold!  Brr!  If they had to have it outdoors, surely they could have had it during the day?  Or, if they had to have it at night, surely they could have had it indoors in one of the halls?  OK, I shall not whine any more.  I am grateful I am able to attend my daughter's graduation, even if it will be freezing cold.

Dracaena at the Beginning of December 2015

The dracaena I brought home from the office at the end of last year and transplanted didn't do well due to insufficient sunlight in the room I had kept it (I had to hide it in the 3rd bedroom because the plant is toxic to cats and Dancer kept trying to eat the leaves).  The leaves on two of its branches died off completely and the leaves on the third branch started to die off, as well.  Finally, I brought it out to the window between the living room and dining room and pruned back the two branches that had lost all the leaves.  Gradually, the one branch with some leaves still left on it picked up and guess what's showing at the end of one of the branches that was cut back?

New Leaves!
The beginnings of new leaves!  If both grow, these will develop into two new branches, eventually!  I am hopeful that the third branch will also develop some new leaves.

In the meantime, the sections I pruned off are in a jar of water.  I am hoping that they will root and I'll be able to grow a few new plants.  Dancer still occasionally tries to eat the leaves, but he is not as taken up with the plant now as he was when I first brought it home.

Today, I am grateful for:

- I am able to be present at daughter's graduation (freezing, but present).
- The car was serviced before the long drive to Berkeley and back.
- The blood test was done without any difficulty.
- A lovely, warm day (mid 80s)
- The dracaena plant is reviving!

How was your Thursday?


  1. What does one wear on top of a sari to keep warm? It seems odd that they would hold the graduation outdoors indeed. Are there going to be a lot of people getting their Master's, do you know?

    Your Dracaena made me laugh because I think it looks like a plant Dr. Seuss might have drawn, lol. But yay for it coming back to life!

    1. Nathalie, I plan to wear a cardigan sweater AND my winter coat! I don't really know how many will receive their Masters, but there will be many receiving their Bachelors, as well. So, they think the actual ceremony will go on for 3 hrs.

      Ha ha, the Dr. Seuss plant is what my office co-workers call my plant! Everyone who sees it says it looks like something he might have drawn!

  2. I AM a french woman who is learning english.
    I read every day jour blog.I try to understand.,
    I wish you many good things with your daugther.Congratulations for her graduation.
    Best regardés

    1. Hi, so glad you introduced yourself.

      I know there are at least a couple of readers of my blog who speak French. I am sure they'll help you if you need something translated.

      Thank you for your well wishes to my daughter. I am very proud of her. :)

      I hope you continue to read my blog and thank you for commenting.

  3. Well done on the dracaena. Cats are tiresome creatures and immediately head for trouble. I am so glad you will be able to make your daughter's graduation. Can you take a hot water bottle and a flask? x

    1. Dancer thinks anything green is salad and he loves salad!

      The hot water bottle and a flask is a good idea! I need to see if my hot water bottle (bought years ago in England! Don't really find them here!) is still good or if it leaks!

  4. Oh BLess. I so agree....why????? would they have the graduation outside at night? Too cold.. Wear some warm clothes, and be sure to take you a blanket in case you need to wrap up in it.
    Tell your daughter congratulation.. So proud for her..Know she is happy that part of her life is done.. Wish her the best in her new job [I know she has been doing it part time too];hope you two have a safe and happy trip.

    1. Thank you, Judy. I just might take a blanket! Or one of my knitted shawls. And gloves.

      I conveyed your well wishes to my daughter; she said thank you! Even though she doesn't officially start her job until June 1, they've asked her if she can help out with a project now, and she's been working on it from home! She is to keep track of her time and will be able to take time off with pay, later, once she starts her job.


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