Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Blessings Continue

Yesterday (Thursday), I went for my blood test first thing in the morning.  The phlebotomist noticed that I had lost weight!  I guess, after losing 20 lbs., it's becoming noticeable.

Came home and made myself a cooked breakfast (scrambled egg, shredded potatoes, 2 slices of ham cold cuts) as I thought that would appeal to me, but it didn't.  I ate it because I made it, but I didn't enjoy eating it.  I can't taste salt these days, so the food had no taste.

I did office work the rest of the day and requested vacation time off to attend daughter's graduation.  My request was approved.  It feels weird to ask for vacation because working from home feels like a vacation to me, but I don't want to worry about completing assignments on time when I am away for those three days.

I also took an afternoon nap!  Later, I washed all the dishes in the sink, cleared the kitchen counters a bit, and baked the much postponed banana bread!  I had to throw away a few of the bananas that had gone beyond the over-ripe stage, but there were three bananas that were just right.  Because my recipe calls for 1 1/2 cups bananas (approximately 5 bananas) and I only had 3, I tossed in half a cup of apple sauce, as well to make up the difference.  Unfortunately, I forgot to cover the top during the last 15 minutes of baking and the loaf got a bit over browned!  I had intended it to be given to my neighbor across the street, whose father-in-law passed away earlier in the week, but I don't think it would be appropriate to give a slightly burnt loaf, so I'll keep this for us and make her something else.

Still later in the evening, I picked up daughter from the airport.  She is home now until we both drive up to her graduation and back.  Yes, she'll come back down with me and then, fly back up at the end of the month to start her new job on June 1.  She still has to finish two final papers for two of her classes, but they need to be submitted on-line, so she can work on them from home.  By the way, she said she met one of the professors who evaluated her thesis presentation at another thesis presentation, yesterday, and he had made it a point to come over to her and tell her that he thought her presentation was done very well!  Daughter was very happy to hear that.  He had asked her if she planned to continue with her studies, but she had told him she'll be working for at least a year.  She's all "studied out" and doesn't want to think about further studies right now!

Yesterday, I spoke with two family members and a friend.  I invited my friend to spend Mother's Day with us, if she's not doing anything.  Not that we are doing anything special, as such - won't be going out to brunch, etc., but we can order lunch in and spend time together.  

Last night, I needed to take anti-nausea medicines and had a hard time falling asleep.

Today (Friday), I've had a relatively good day.  I went for my 8th chemo treatment in the morning (4 more to go!  Yay!)  Although my appointment was for 9:15 a.m., I didn't get called in to be weighed, etc. until much later and then, I had to wait again until about 10:30 a.m. to be seen by the doctor.  I wasn't hooked up to the machine until almost 11:00 a.m.  By which time, I was feeling hungry!  So, once I was attached to the IV, daughter went to a nearby fast food place to buy us breakfast sandwiches and a coffee for herself.  Then, after I ate, I napped while the chemo was being administered.  

I dozed a bit in the car on the ride home, too (daughter drove).  But I didn't take an afternoon nap, today.

When   we came home, I saw that a big box had been delivered to my door step while I was out.  It was from my supervisor at work!  A box of frozen specialty meats and other items (baked potatoes, seafood, etc.)  With a note that said she was thinking of me and missed me at the office!  I thought it was so very sweet of her!  It was from her, personally, not the office as a whole.  Of course, I called her and thanked her.  She had also called about work and left a message, so I responded to that, as well.  And I submitted this week's completed work assignments, later in the evening.

A Gift from my Supervisor

My nextdoor neighbors treat themselves to a box of this company's meats every so often, and twice now, they have shared some of the hamburger patties with me.  They were some of the best hamburger patties I had ever had!  I looked into the company's gift catalog over Christmas to see if I wanted to order some items to send to the out of state nieces, etc. (but then, decided to go with gift cards to the book store for their children, instead, because I didn't know if one niece and her family ate beef).

The funny thing is, just a couple of days ago, when I was craving a hamburger and couldn't get one because it was still too early and they were serving breakfast items, only, I was even thinking of asking my nextdoor neighbor if she had any of the frozen hamburgers in her freezer and if so, could I buy some from her!  The only reason I didn't ask was because I knew she would just give them to me if she had them and not accept money and I didn't feel right about asking her knowing she wouldn't accept money.   Also, I told myself it was a silly thing to do!  Surely I could wait until my daughter came home this weekend and get her to buy me some ground beef to make myself some hamburgers if that's what I wanted.  And then, I came home today to this gift box of meat, including hamburgers, from my supervisor!  How coincidental is that!  Or, was it coincidental? 

But guess what I made for a late lunch?  :D  Hamburger patties, with corn on the cob and homemade French fries!  I know, I should have made a salad, too, but it seemed a bit too much of an effort (I have to wash everything in vinegar, etc.). Maybe I'll make a salad for tomorrow's lunch.

And that's not all!  The blessings of gifts of food continues!  

Armenian Pizzas and Cheese Pastries

Later in the evening, my neighbor across the street called and brought over some Armenian pastries and cookies, etc.  It's for her that I had baked my banana bread (which I didn't give because it got a bit burnt).  She said people have been bringing over loads of food and she's distributing them because there's too much!

Mini Fruit Tarts, Cream Puffs, Cookies, Baklava

This is what she brought for me, thinking I was alone, not knowing my daughter was home!  There's enough and more for us both!  I had some of the cheese pastries for my dinner and some baklava for dessert.  Daughter went out with friends for dinner and a movie, so she'll have her share tomorrow.

There's more!  Another blessing!  Not food, but rather, a card from a cousin for Mother's Day, with some lovely sentiments (about spreading smiles and joy and sunshine) and a note saying the words in the card are all true and the family is lucky to have me in it and she is lucky to call me her cousin!  How sweet is that?!

Today, I am grateful for:

- A good chemo session and down to 4 more!
- Daughter to drive us back so I could doze in the car.
- A generous gift of food from my supervisor!
- A generous gift of food from my neighbor!
- A lovely card and sentiments from my cousin!

So, my week, which started off with me feeling a little bit on the down side has ended on a high note!  With lots of blessings and shows of love and support from family, friends, colleagues, etc.  I have been reminded, once again, that I have nothing to complain about, I have nothing but blessings.

What are your plans for the weekend?  How are you spending Mother's Day?


  1. What great news all around! What fabulous food gifts you got! You're making me so hungry with all those yummy photos of Armenian pastries and what not!

    I'd always wondered if Omaha Steaks products are worth the money and now it sounds like they are... Greg's favorite Father's Day meal was a recipe called Cowboy Steaks that I made for him a few years back. I was balking at paying $13/lb for strip steaks at Target this week, but if I knew that the meat is of excellent quality, I might treat him. I'll go check out the Omaha Steaks site to see what they offer. It's always so hard to think of what to get him for special occasions!

    Only 4 more chemo sessions! I can feel your excitement and I'm right there with you.

    I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend, Bless. My plans for today include finishing spending the lovely cool morning on my back patio, where I am right now, listening to the birds and watching them fly by. Then I have to do some dishes and my youngest son and I are going to drive to Daytona Beach to spend the afternoon with my middle son. Tomorrow my daughter and I will spend the day together, probably picking blueberries or blackberries in our local area, maybe going to visit a festival if we can find one locally. I told my kids that I'd rather spend time with them than for them to buy me anything. As I get older, experiences are becoming more important than trinkets, especially as technology now allows us to relive them over and over again. This is why I persevere in keeping a blog, as I love reliving my memories consigned to my online diary! Back when we had many little kids at home, my perfect Mother's Day was actually a day spent on my own while Greg took the kids somewhere else. Nowadays, I cherish spending the weekend with them :)

    Oh, I remembered I had a question for you... is that only the salty tastes that you can't experience? Also, is it something that is expected to come back once you're done with the chemo? I hope so.

    1. I have only tried their hamburgers, but I liked them.

      Right now, the salt is what I am noticing and missing most. When I add more salt, it tastes a bit bitter! The taste buds will regrow once I'm done with the chemo. Some people have a constant metallic taste in their mouths (they describe it as chewing on aluminum foil!) which I don't have, so that is a blessing for which I am grateful!

      Your plans for the weekend sound lovely. Enjoy it!

  2. You seem to have had a well fed day! I love the sound of those meat boxes. I have never had Armenian food, but it looks so tasty! Congratulations to your daughter. x

    1. Thank you, Lyssa. I will convey your congratulations to her. :)

      The boxes contained 4 steak burgers, 4 jumbo gourmet franks, 4 stuffed baked potatoes, pub style cod, boneless chicken breast, 2 filet mignon, 2 top sirloin. I'm looking forward to trying them all out.

      Over the years, my neighbors have introduced us to a lot of their foods and we like most of it.

  3. So glad you have had these gifts of food to tempt your troubled taste buds, and to share with your daughter. Congratulations to her on her success and positive feedback on her presentation.
    We spent two days in the big city and visited our son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter both days. They are in the process of renovations so we stayed in a motel, but had supper with them and the following day DS showed us around the amazing machines where he works, even planned a demo for us. In the afternoon we saw a remarkably polished elementary school performance of "101 Dalmatians, Kids" in which our DGD sang in the chorus. All in the chorus wore dalmatian-spotted white t-shirts and black nose and face spots, and the girls with long hair had bunches. Looked adorable.
    Before we left for home, I received 2 Mother's Day cards and a lovely watering can planter with pink hydrangea and a purple flowered plant and ivy! I think I did well, don't you?

    1. Bushlady, I think you did very well, indeed! :D The dalmation chorus sounds lovely! How wonderful that you got to experience it in person! I'm sure your granddaughter was very happy to know that you were in the audience. :)

  4. What a nice day! My MIL received a gift box of frozen food from that same company and said it was wonderful! How very nice of your supervisor to personally send the gift. Shows just how much you are valued at work, Bless!

    1. Thank you, Carolyn. It was very nice of her, but then, she's a very nice person. I will be celebrating 33 years with the same employer in a couple of months, so, it's somewhere I enjoy working. :)

  5. A lot of yummy food blessings for sure!

    1. Yes, indeed! All the cookies are gone, already! :D


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