Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wednesday's Doings

It was cloudy and overcast this morning, but there was no rain, and the afternoon was nice and sunny.

I went for my immune booster injection in the morning.  On the way back, I had a craving for a particular burger, but the fast food place near my house was only selling breakfast items at that time in the morning (around 9:30 a.m.), so I came home.  They sell breakfast all day; I think they should serve their burgers all day, too!

So, instead of having a burger for breakfast, I baked a frozen beef pot pie and had that!  I wasn't in the mood for eggs and potatoes or pancakes.  Yes, some people have breakfast for dinner; I have dinner for breakfast!  It was both breakfast and lunch, actually, so brunch.

After that, I settled down to do my office work.  I was able to complete a good portion of it and sent it off, a bit later.

In the afternoon, I took a nap.  I woke up feeling achy from the injection, so I took a Tylenol and felt better.

Later in the afternoon, my neighbor across the street called to inform me that her father-in-law passed away.  I had seen him being taken away by ambulance, last week, and had called to ask her what happened and if there was anything I could do to help.  I won't be able to attend the funeral, but I will send something over through daughter, this weekend.  Daughter is friends with my neighbor's two daughters, so she might attend the funeral on both our behalf.

I had a phone call from one of my aunts in the evening and later, I phoned one of my friends for a chat.  So,  family and friends segments of my life were plumped. 

Today, daughter bought her cap and gown!  Tomorrow, she will attend a commencement briefing!  After that, she will fly down in the evening and we will drive up for her graduation, later (the graduation ceremony is being held on the 16th).

Today, I am grateful for:

- A safe drive to the clinic and back.
- Getting office work done in a timely manner.
- Afternoon naps.
- Medications for aches and pains.
- Phone chats with aunt and friend; video chatting with daughter.

How was your Wednesday?  Have you ever craved hamburgers for breakfast?   Or is it just me?



  1. I typically start craving breakfast from a fast food place when it's 10:31 a.m. and they've just stopped serving breakfast, so I feel your pain! Dinner for breakfast is an interesting concept, maybe I should try that one day. Glad you had a pot pie in the freezer to satisfy your meat craving!

    You are so cute being so excited about your daughter's graduation! Will she be driving back with you afterwards or will you have to drive on your own?

    My oldest is graduating this morning, the ceremony should start in about an hour. I have a Chrome tab opened to the page of the live Webcast and I'll be doing the dishes with the Kindle Fire playing the ceremony too. I'm thinking his name won't be called until about 10ish and it's going to go so quickly I hope that I don't miss it. UCF is such a huge university, they have to have something like 5 or 6 graduation ceremonies and they do them all over 3 days. I'm grateful they're streaming them! People who can't make it (including cancer patients!) for a variety of reasons can at least be included that way.

    Have a great day!

    1. First of all, congratulations to your son! I wish circumstances were different and you were able to attend the ceremony in person, but glad you can stream it. Probably an even better view of the proceedings, as they'll have the cameras set up nicely.

      Daughter will drive back with me and stay down here until the end of the month. Then she'll fly back to start her job.

  2. I could eat a cheeseburger any time of the day. I have had them for breakfast before :-)

    1. You are a kindred soul, Jess! :D Do you know that I was 18 years old before I had a hamburger? I've had hot dogs before that, but not hamburgers or pizza!


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