Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day Gift from Daughter

My daughter apologized for buying me a gift instead of making something for me for Mother's Day, as she had been too busy preparing for her thesis presentation and doing her last two final papers, etc.  But I told her that she has treated every day as Mother's Day, even before, and especially since, my diagnosis.  She waited on me hand and foot after my surgery, when I couldn't do too much.  She slept on the floor by my bed after my surgery and the first part of chemo, because she was afraid she might not hear me from the next room should I be in pain or need something.  She arranged her schedule so that she could fly down to take me for my chemo therapy sessions and spend the weekend looking after me.  These past 10 months (since my "lump" was discovered last July) have been very stressful for both of us and I've been impatient and snapped at times, but she's always been gentle and patient with me and even-tempered.  I think she has honored me as her mother by her actions, every day.  Besides, I love stuffed toys (used to have a huge collection of them) and the plush bunny is so cute!

I was able to have a good night's sleep, last night, so, hopefully, I am back on a regular sleep schedule until the next chemo session! 

I had invited a friend of mine to spend Mother's Day with us, but she was unable to do so.  Instead, daughter and I spent a leisurely day, relaxing.

I made waffles and more of my strawberry syrup (strawberries I had cut up and frozen, mixed with a little sugar and lemon juice, and boiled) for brunch.  I thought some whipped cream would be a nice touch and sent daughter to the convenience store/mini market at the top of the lane, but they didn't have any!  I wasn't going to send her to the grocery store to buy one item, so we had the waffles and strawberry syrup without any whipped cream. 

For lunch, I pulled out a special packet of rice and curries I had in the freezer.  It is something known as "lamprais", a Sri Lankan specialty.  It is a savory rice with a rather specific mixture of different curries, all wrapped up in a banana leaf:

A Packet of Lamprais

The banana leaf imparts a lovely aroma to the rice and curries inside:

Opened Packet of Lamprais

Daughter and I shared this packet of lamprais for our lunch.  I shall probably have a salad for dinner and daughter will probably have some leftovers.

Today, I am grateful for:

- Being alive to celebrate Mother's Day with my daughter!
- Memories of my own mother.
- A loving, caring daughter.
- Being able to serve a special breakfast and lunch with what's on hand.
- The pile of dirty dishes in the sink and what they symbolize: plentiful meals, lovingly prepared and shared.

Now, I am off to make myself a nice cup of tea and then, tackle the dirty dishes in the sink!

Dishes to be Washed!

Hope each and every one of you have had a blessed day, today. 


  1. Bless, I am so happy you had such a lovely Mothers day with your daughter.. She is an awesome girl, and know you are so proud of her.. The basket is beautiful.
    I have got moved..[yea]. And got internet today.. So will catch up on your blog post.. Missed you and have been praying for you..

    1. Judy, so glad to hear from you! I was thinking of you and wondering how the move was coming along! Glad you are moved and now comes the fun part of settling in! It'll take a little time, no doubt, but you'll make a lovely home in your new place, I'm sure. Have a blessed day.

  2. You have a lovely daughter. Sending good vibes x

    1. Thank you, Lyssa. I am blessed to have her!

  3. What a sweet bunny! I think he (she?) needs a name! It will always be a reminder of her love for you and her help throughout your diagnosis and treatment.
    I was once given a stuffed rabbit as an adult and it has the cutest face. I called it "Ollie", can't imagine why.
    Best wishes, Bushlady

    1. I think it's a she, since it's wearing a pink ribbon around its neck! I'll ask daughter to name her! She'll probably give it a Japanese name, since she's into all things Japanese. :D

  4. This post has brought a tear to my eye. Your daughter sounds so caring. xx

    1. Suzanne, she is a very loving and caring person. I am so blessed to have her.


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