Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday Miscellany

Tea Cup Pin Cushion
I saw the pattern for a patchwork tea cup shaped pin cushion in a Japanese quilting magazine (Quilts Japan, I believe) I had borrowed from the library.  All the instructions were in Japanese and I don't know to read Japanese, however, there was a diagram of the pieces with measurements which were easy enough to read and I figured it out from there.

 I used scrap pieces of fabric I had, without any particular color combination or design in mind.  I was just trying out the pattern.  The pieces were rather small and it was a bit fiddly to make, but didn't take a long time to do. 

When my daughter saw it, she liked it, and asked if she could have it as her pin cushion.  Of course I said yes, and she took it to Berkeley with her.  I took a picture of it when I went up there this time, so I could show it!


On Thursday night, when my aunt and cousin visited, cousin brought me another bag of groceries!

More Groceries!
A loaf of cinnamon raisin bread, a jar of peanut butter and strawberry jam, two boxes of fruit cups (no added sugar diced peaches).  Such abundance!  My cupboards are over-flowing!


My "Dr. Seuss Plant", which used to have two new branches sprouting and looked like this:

Dr. Seuss Plant: How it used to be

 Suffered a bit of a mishap when it was being moved into the 3rd bedroom before our trip to Berkeley and back to the living room on our return home:

How it Looks Now
The smaller new branch broke off!  Only the strong survive!

Another Look from a Different Angle

I needed a card to send to a friend's daughter who is getting married next weekend.  I was invited to the wedding, but I can't make it because I don't want to risk getting exposed again so soon after the graduation (it's another evening outdoor reception).  Rather than buying a card, I decided to make one, using card stock and scrapbooking paper I had on hand:

Homemade Card
I enclosed a gift inside and handed it to the letter carrier, this morning.


Daughter went to a Renaissance Fair with 3 of her friends, this morning.  One of her friends bought a special costume to wear to the Fair.  Daughter put an outfit together from items she had in her closet and saved herself the expense of a special costume.  This is just one example of how she has learned to be frugal.  She had the option of buying herself a costume, but she didn't see the need for it.  The money she saved more than made up for any lack of authenticity in her outfit.


Last night, I couldn't fall asleep until 3:30 a.m. (the last time I checked the clock).  I was up at 5:30 a.m. this morning, even though I stayed in bed until almost 7:00 a.m., trying to see if I could fall asleep again.  At 7:00 a.m., I got up, said my morning devotions, fed the cats (Dancer and outdoor strays) and made myself a cup of tea.  I made myself a list of things to do today, but don't feel very energetic after just 2 hours of sleep, last night.  Maybe I'll take a nap this afternoon.

Had a banana and a raisin bun for breakfast and, later, a ground beef filled bread roll from the freezer for my lunch.  A snickerdoodle cookie for dessert!  Leftover roast chicken, mashed potatoes with freshly steamed carrots for dinner, I think.

My aunt called and we had a long chat about this and that.  :)  

Today, I am grateful for:

- Cousin's gift of more groceries.
- Daughter is having a fun day with friends.
- She was able to put together a frugal outfit.
- I was able to make a card using what I had.
- A phone call from aunt.

Hope you are having a lovely day, today.


  1. The pin cushion is so sweet. It's lovely to do a project that isn't too hard and can be finished quickly. I must admit I do like a bit of instant gratification when I'm making anything.

    I love the name of the cookie. What exactly is a snickerdoodle cookie? If it's anything like what we have over here I'm going to use that name from now on. xx

    1. A snickerdoodle is a cookie made with butter, sugar, eggs, flour, etc. and rolled in cinnamon-sugar before being baked. Daughter made it using a mix that I had bought on sale. But there are recipes on-line to make them from scratch.

  2. I love that pin cushion. And your card is beautiful. That's great that your daughter chose to use what she already had. You taught her well :-)

    1. Thank you, Jess. I've since seen other pin cushions made with real tea cups, which are very nice, too.

  3. The cup pin cushion, is adorable.. Love it..
    Sorry you couldn't sleep.. I do that occasionally.. No fun for sure.
    Sweet of cousin to bring the groceries.

    1. Thank you, Judy. I have a friend who lives out of state who sews and collects tea cups; I am thinking of making a cup pin cushion to send to her as a Christmas gift.

      I took a nap this afternoon to catch up on the sleep.

      I agree, very sweet of cousin. She overwhelms me with her generosity and caring.

  4. Very clever idea for a pin cushion and leave it to you to figure out how to construct it when you couldn't understand the instructions in a foreign language... it looks great!

    I hope you got some sleep today, Bless. And more pre-cooked meals from neighbors and family!

    Have a great week.

    1. Thank you, Nathalie. Diagrams help when the instructions are in another language! I did get some sleep today, so that is good. :)


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