Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sleepy Tuesday and May Grocery Shopping

Dancer Tucked In, Ready for a Nap

I woke up at 7:00 a.m., had a cup of tea, and settled down to do office-related work.  I had been expecting an email with an additional work assignment, but it didn't come, today.  If it doesn't come tomorrow, then, I will email my supervisor to let her know.

I had a ham sandwich for breakfast.  Then, continued to do office work.  But, by mid morning, I felt really sleepy, so, took a nap!   After I woke up, I ate another sandwich and a banana for lunch.  Then, did more office work, until, yes, you guessed it, I felt sleepy again!  Had to take an afternoon nap!  I did more office work after I woke up and worked until quite late to make up the time I spent napping!

It's been a quiet day.  I really didn't do anything much other than sleep and office work, but I did the dishes, checked the mail, and went through this week's grocery ads (don't really need anything, but cherries are on sale for $.99/lb, so might have daughter buy some as she loves fresh cherries; I can't eat them while I'm undergoing chemo, unless I cook them).  My neighbor brought in my trash cans for me, once the trash was collected.

Speaking of groceries, in April, I had budgeted $150 for groceries (as I was buying some groceries for daughter, as well) and daughter had gone grocery shopping twice.

April Week 1 grocery total =  $38.68
April Week 2 (part 1) grocery total = $27.93

There never was an April Week 2, Part 2, as daughter got sick!  That was when I asked my friends and family to grocery shop for me and they wouldn't accept any money for what they bought.  So, my April grocery totals amounted to $66.61

I had daughter go grocery shopping on April 30 and yesterday (May 9).  I decided to include the April 30 grocery shopping in the May shopping budget, because the items bought were being consumed in May.

April 30 grocery totals:

Bananas, $.49/lb = $.80
Peaches, $1.49/lb = $1.61
Cantaloupe, $.89/lb = $3.92
Carrots = $.45
Corn, @$.33 = $.66
Ham cold cuts = $2.00
Milk = $1.79
Eggs = $1.99
Cereal bars = $2.79
Mayonnaise = $2.69
Ketchup = $2.49
4 cans condensed milk,  @$1.79 = $7.16
7 frozen pot pies, @2.00 = $14.00
4 6-pack bottles cola, @$2.29 = $9.16
Total = $51.51

Yesterday, she went grocery shopping again and bought:

Sandwich bread = $1.29
French bread = $1.99
Dairy topping = $1.99
Canola oil = $1.99
Half and half = $2.59
Pancake mix = $1.99
Bananas, $.69/lb = $1.74
Ham cold cuts = $2.00
Chocolate bar = $1.50
Potato chips ($4.29); free with coupon =  $0
Total = $17.08

May grocery spending total to date:  $51.51 + $17.08 = $68.59

Amount left in May grocery budget:  $150 - $68.59 = $81.41

For dinner, tonight, we had some of the rice and barbecue meat my neighbor sent over on Sunday.

Today, I am grateful for:

- Being able to work from home (and thus take naps as needed!)
- A quietly productive day.
- Daughter being home.
- A full fridge and freezer.
- Neighbor bringing in my trash cans for me.

How was your Tuesday?  Hope it was a good day.


  1. I had just been wondering how Dancer was doing and you posted a picture! He's so cute and he looks very cozy in "his bed", lol.

    I'm going to ask you the same question you asked me recently: do you report your "unspent" grocery budget from April and add it to your May grocery budget?

    Hey, you got free potato chips! Woohoo! Cherries are on sale for $4.99/lb down here so I'm very jealous of your $0.99 a lb. We never EVER see cherries that cheap. Usually the cheapest I have seen them might be $2.99/lb but at that price, they're the nastiest cherries... probably rejects or unsold stock past its prime from other stores. However, our cantaloupes are sold by the piece, not the pound and this week they're on sale for $0.99 each.

    I'm glad you were able to nap as much as you needed to! Have a great Wednesday!

    1. He he, Dancer was sleeping on top of the shawl and I couldn't resist covering him! He looked at me as if to ask what I was doing, but was too sleepy to complain. :)

      I do generally carry over any unspent grocery amounts to the next month. And if I go over, then, I deduct it from the next month. But I usually don't have over half the month's budget leftover! These are unusual circumstances. I will probably use the carried over amount later in the year to stock up or to augment my holiday budget.

      Sometimes, cantaloupes are sold by the piece, but not always. Usually, when I do my own grocery shopping, I only buy the fruit that is on sale that week. But, these days, when I am limited to fruit that can be peeled and send daughter with a list, I just decide what I'd like to eat and tell her to buy it. Such extravagance! :D

  2. Proud you had a good day... So happy you can work from home and nap as needed.. This is so important for you to be able to nap when needed.
    Nice friends and neighbors.. Have a blessed day.

    1. Thank you, Judy. Of course, after all that napping, I was not able to sleep until past 2:00 a.m.! I spent the time doing office work!

      Hope you are unpacking and settling in your new home nicely. Hope you, too, are having a blessed day.

  3. I would just go with the flow Bless. Your body is telling you what you need to do and if you are managing to work in between the naps then all is good :)

    The photo of Dancer all tucked up is so cute. Our doggies don't get covered up but they like a sneaky nap on the beds if we leave the doors open. xx

    1. Yes, I'd like to get my sleep patterns back on a regular schedule, but my health comes first, so if I need naps, then that's what I'll do. So far, I've been able to keep up with work, as well, so all is good.

  4. That picture of Dancer is adorable!

    1. Thank you, Jess! We do like to fuss over him!


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