Saturday, December 17, 2022

Earthquake On Saturday

My daughter called me around 4:00 a.m. this morning to let me know that she had been woken up by an earthquake!  Initially estimated at 4.1 magnitude, the earthquake was later downgraded to 3.6 magnitude.  But, the epicenter was just a few miles from Berkeley (in an adjoining city) and on the Hayward fault line which runs directly under the City of Berkeley and the UC Berkeley campus.  As a result, my daughter felt the full effects of the shaking!  Fortunately, there was no damage and daughter was able to fall back asleep, eventually.  It was another reminder that we are living in earthquake country, but, such a blessing that it was a small quake and no damage other than some rattled nerves!

I spent a relaxed morning, replying to blog comments and chatting with aunt C who called to check how my daughter was doing.  In the early afternoon, I decided to cook some canned garbanzo beans (chick peas) for brunch.  Which led to the discovery that my can opener, which I had used a couple of days ago and which had been a little difficult to use, recently, was not working at all!  I managed to make a small opening, but, it was not enough to get the contents out.  I will order a new can opener,  but, in the meantime, I had a partially opened can of beans.  Should I put the partially opened can in the fridge, wait until I get a new can opener, and make something else for brunch?  Or, should I call neighbor S to ask if she had a can opener and, if so, could I borrow it?

This is the can opener that wouldn't work

I decided to call neighbor S.  Yes, she had a can opener and yes, I could borrow it.  So, I took the partially opened can of garbanzo beans (I drained it, first, so as not to slosh the canning liquid all over the place) and went across the street to neighbor S's house.

This is the can opener S gave me
to replace the one that didn't work

Yes, that's right.  She gave me the can opener saying I could keep it, she didn't need it, her daughter had bought her a new one!  

Then, she offered me a bag of kitchen utensils that she was getting rid of!  I could keep what I wanted and get rid of any that I didn't want!  I saw a couple of items that I have been wanting to get, including the pair of tongs that are visible in the picture below, so I accepted the utensils.   Yes, I know, I'm supposed to be decluttering my own items!  But, I will keep only the items I will use! 

These are the kitchen utensils S gave me
to go with the can opener she gave me
to replace the one that didn't work!

And since S is S, she offered me a selection of treats!

These are the treats S gave me
to go with the utensils and the can opener she gave me
to replace the one that didn't work!

A type of anise flavored bread (I took a couple of slices to try - it was very good and the texture reminded me a little of the bread I made!), two cornbread muffins her daughter had made, some chocolates from a box her niece had given her, and some dried orange slices!  

S's mother was there, too, making kufta (a type of Armenian meatballs) and S asked me if I'd like to have some once her mother had finished making them, but, I declined.  S is forever feeding me and I didn't want to accept even more food than what she had already given me.

I came home, opened my can of garbanzo beans, and made the sauteed garbanzo beans dish I had been planning to make:

These are the sauteed garbanzo beans I made
after I opened the can with the opener S gave me!

I sauteed the garbanzo beans with finely cut onions, curry leaves, sliced green serrano chilies, mustard seeds, and lemon juice.  I didn't make it very spicy.  I took a small dish of it over to neighbor S for her to try.  

Then, I had a bowl of the garbanzo beans for brunch.  Later, I tried one of the slices of the bread S had given me; it was delicious!  I had a portion of it with butter and the other portion with cheese.  

In the evening, I watched news, spoke with my daughter, spoke with the monks at the Temple (my daughter had said that they had called her to check on her and assured her that they were praying for her good health), and with friend R.  

Today, I am grateful for:

- The earthquake felt by daughter was a small one and didn't cause any damage
- Daughter continues to be fever free, although she has a sore throat and is coughing
- Neighbor S and her kindness and generosity
- Chats with family and friends
- A working heater

Today's joyful activity was taking some of the prepared garbanzo beans over to share with neighbor S. 

Plans for tomorrow include tidying up the house a bit.

How was your Saturday?  What are your plans for Sunday?


  1. I don't think I use chickpeas as much as I should. They're a good source of protein. I make falafel and hummus - but I should try sautéing them like you do. So glad you have a new can opener. I think I need to go through my utensil drawer again and declutter.

    1. They are a good source of protein. I sometimes make a curry with them and my daughter seasons them and roasts them. Thank you, a working can opener is essential! I have some cans that have a pull tab which is convenient, but, for the rest, I need a can opener! I need to really go through my kitchen and declutter - in the new year!

  2. I’m getting caught up on my blog reading and just wanted to say how happy I am that your daughter is doing better. So thankful she was also ok after the earthquake! I know that rattled her nerves. Your neighbor sure is wonderful! What a blessing!

    1. Thank you, Mandy. I'm a bit behind on some of my blog readings, too! In fact, I just finished catching up on your blog! :)

  3. We were on a job related trip in 1987 and were in CA when a earthquake hit. We were on the 23rd floor of a building and felt the tremors. It was the most unsettling feeling and one I would not want to repeat. I am glad all is well and your daughter was able to fall asleep afterwards.
    I am not fond of chickpeas and have tried them several am glad you like them!
    Have a wonderful Sunday. xo Diana

    1. 1987 - that would have been the Whittier Narrows earthquake. I was at work (in a highrise in downtown) and we were allowed to go home afterwards. I had a lot of broken and damaged items in the apartment, I remember, and I was cleaning things up when my mother came home.
      I like chickpeas - they are a staple in my pantry, both the dried and the canned versions. :)
      Thank you, Diana; hope you are having a lovely day, too.

  4. Your poor daughter is really going through it at the moment with Covid and earthquakes to contend with. I'm assuming she has to keep a stock of earthquake supplies as well. I hope she is continuing to recover from the Covid and will soon be testing negative again.

    I love chickpeas and often add them to meals. My favourite way to eat them is chana masala but I sometime roast or sauté them for a change.

    S was very generous with the food and utensils, especially as it will save you shopping for the utensils you were needing.

    1. Yes, what is that saying? "When it rains, it pours"! She does keep a stock of earthquake supplies and there is a backpack with essentials already packed and ready to grab and go if she needs to evacuate her apartment in a hurry. She is feeling better this morning, she said, but, it sounds like she's losing her voice due to the cough.

      Chana masala is good, too. I tend to refer to it as chickpea curry, and make it when I am having rice and curries for lunch or dinner. But, for a breakfast/brunch or a snack, I prefer the sauteed version. Growing up, it was a popular street food, served in a paper cone, topped with flaked fresh coconut. :)

      S is very generous, isn't she? But, I've promised myself that I WILL declutter some of my own kitchen items in the new year. :)

  5. I tried to comment this morning, but Google was not cooperating. We'll see if I am more successful this time. Earthquakes are very scary and I don't know if I would be able to relax living in an earthquake zone. Maybe that's the geologist in me. We've actually had a couple here in the last 10 years that measured around 4.

    Anyway, I'm glad that your daughter is okay. Hope that she feels better soon, but you know coughs -whether with a cold or COVID, they often linger after all of the other symptoms are gone. Hope fully they won't last too long for her.

    Your neighbor

    1. Hi June, was the anonymous "test" from you? Sorry that Google was not cooperating! Recently, Blogger has been telling me that some of my own responses to comments were spam! LOL.
      This comment came through, but, looks like the end bit was cut off!
      Earthquakes are scary and the geologist in you probably recognizes the potential for destruction in each and every earthquake. When that "Big One" comes on the San Andreas fault line, we will all be in big trouble! It runs under quite a few of our most populated cities!
      Thank you, June. Yes, coughs linger and today, it sounds like she is losing her voice! As long as we get a negative test result by Wednesday, we are fine! She really, really, really wants to come home!
      As for my neighbor - I'm going to anticipate what you were going to say and agree that she's wonderful! :)

  6. Glad to hear the earthquake was minor and there was no damage. I hope your daughter continues to recover, and the cough lets up soon. You have a very generous and kind neighbor; of course, you are the same. I'm fortunate also, with nice neighbors. I too am grateful for a heater/furnace. It is getting very cold here, with a lot of snow.

    1. Thank you, Celie; yes, we are very relieved that the earthquake was minor.
      My daughter tested positive, today, too, but, we are hopeful that she will test negative by Wednesday!
      I do have a very kind and generous neighbor in S. I'm mostly blessed with good neighbors and I hope that they consider me to be a good neighbor too. :)
      Oh, I've been hearing that your area is getting an arctic blast with lots of snow and cold temperatures! According to the news, the LA Rams are supposed to play the Packers at Lambeau field, tomorrow, and they were saying it was 15F in GB. I don't know which team to cheer for, since they are both my teams! :D

  7. I don't think your daughter needed an earthquake on top of everything else! I'm glad it didn't create problems. They are rather alarming.
    How fortunate that your neighbour had just acquired a new can opener and had one to give you to keep, plus other useful items. The goodies were a bonus, too!
    I keep forgetting to buy another can of chickpeas. I have a recipe for a sandwich filling, and I also sometimes add them to a chicken curry to stretch the protein. I really need to try my recipe for falafel, too. Our latest snowfall has remained on the trees and when we went down to the river we were amazed that the water was like a mirror, reflecting all the trees and hills.

    1. You are right, Bushlady; my daughter didn't need an earthquake on top of everything else! Fortunately, it was a minor quake.
      I was very lucky that S had a spare can opener and what looks like two sets of kitchen utensils to give me! She said she had put them aside to donate, but, would rather give me if I had a use for them. I have already offered some of them to a friend to send to her children if she would like. The goodies were very welcome! :D
      Canned chickpeas are useful to have on hand. You have to plan ahead when using the dried ones as they have to be soaked and boiled before using them.
      Sounds like you will have a white Christmas, this year. Will your son and family join you? I hope you will be able to be together to celebrate, this year. :)

  8. You must have some of the most wonderful neighbors! Well, except for the party people next for!

    1. Yes, I do have some lovely neighbors...except for the party people, although they have been rather quiet, lately!

  9. Thank goodness the earthquake wasn't anything too serious. I have only ever experienced a simulation an earthquake and that was scary enough.
    It was kind of your friend to give you the can opener. I have one of the very basic ones, as they always seem to last well. X

    1. Yes, we were very thankful that it wasn't a big earthquake! They are scary!
      Wasn't it kind of her to do so? The most basic ones are the best! My friend R and I were reminiscing about the ones we used to have when we were children - it had a point you banged into the tin and then, you levered it up and down around the tin to open it! No turning parts to wear down!

  10. What a fortuitous event your broken can opener turned out to be!
    Neighbor S had me chuckling while reading this early this morning.
    I love that you now have a can opener to replace your broken one and also the tongs and who knows what else you will find useful in that bag.
    I think you should play a game -spread out the items in the kitchen utensil bag, take a picture, and we, your readers, can select what we would keep had we received the bag:)
    Thank goodness the earthquake wasn't more serious. I'm glad your daughter is fine.
    The chickpeas look good. Thank you for telling us how you make them.

    1. I tried to reply to your comment earlier, but, my internet connection went down!
      I like your suggestion of posting a picture of the utensils and asking what people will choose to keep! I took a picture and will post it, one day. In the meantime, I used the tongs today when cooking some chicken and I'm finding that it requires more hand/grip strength than I anticipated! I will have to think about if I want to keep it or not!
      My daughter didn't feel this morning's earthquake, so, we are happy about that!

  11. I can't imagine what it would be like to constantly live with the fear of an earthquake. So glad your daughter's one wasn't too bad. I do hope she feels better soon.
    Wishing you a very happy Christmas Bless.
    Angie x

    1. We try to prepare as much as we can in advance and accept the fact that, sometimes, the earth will shake!
      Thank you, Angie. Wish you and your family a very happy Christmas and all the best in the New Year.


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