Saturday, December 31, 2022

December Grocery Shopping - Part 3

I realized, yesterday, that I needed to do one more grocery shopping trip this year, after all!  I could have waited until the new year, but, I wanted to have a new container of milk to boil at midnight on New Year's Eve for good luck according to our traditions.  Once upon a time, I could have run into the store to buy a container of milk, but, these days, since I do curb side pick up, and one needs to order $35 worth of groceries to quality for free pick up (otherwise, there is a pick up fee of $6.95), I went ahead and ordered a few other items, too. 

My daughter and I drove to the store to pick up the groceries at noon, today.  Jennifer brought the groceries to the car and I apologized to her for having to come out in the rain to bring me the groceries.  She was very sweet about it and gave me a $5 discount off the total order, too!

I bought:

4 Bananas (1.33 lbs. @ $.65/lb.) = $0.92

1 Half Ham (8.57 lbs. @ $1.68/lb.; reg. price $2.99/lb.) limit 1 at sale price = $14.48

1 bag Chicken wings (frozen; 2.5 lb. reg. price $13.99; on sale with digital coupon) = $5.99

1 bag Gyoza/Pot stickers (vegetable and chicken; 21 oz.; frozen) = $6.99

1 doz. Eggs (white; the brown eggs were $.50 cheaper, but, was available for delivery only) = $4.99

1/2 gal. Milk = $2.69

1 pint half and half = $2.49

1 Yogurt (plain; 32 oz.) = $3.99

2 Soy sauce bottles, (@ 10 fl.oz. @$1.99; reg. price $3.79@) = $3.98

1 doz. mini Croissants (reg. price $4.49) = $3.99

1 Orange Juice (52 fl. oz., reg. price $4.49) = $3.50

Total = $49.01

December grocery budget = $100 + $52.22 carried over from November = $152.22

Spent to date = $52.65 + $53.71 + $49.01 = $155.37

Over spent = $3.15


Well, daughter is here for another week and some of the treats I bought (chicken wings, gyoza, ham) will be shared with her.  

I will bake the ham (it's already pre-cooked, but, I'll bake it again with a peach chutney glaze) and we'll have that for our New Year's Day dinner, with rice, green beans, etc.  Leftovers will be for sandwiches, etc. during the week and daughter can take some back with her (if there's any left). 

As always, I realize that it is a blessing to be able to buy the groceries I want and I an able to go over it by a little (if I had to keep to a very strict budget, I might have omitted the orange juice).  I'm grateful to be able to order groceries online, for curbside pick up, for Jennifer giving me a $5 discount, for a safe drive in the rain to the grocery store and back, for having enough to eat and being able to share it with my daughter.

I will start with a new budget in January!


  1. The ham sounds wonderful! I’m always so impressed with your budgeting skills. Happy New Year to you and your daughter!

    1. Thank you, Mandy. My daughter likes ham and I think it will be a nice treat. If you buy it on sale, it can be an affordable treat, as well. :)

  2. More rain! I'm surprised you haven't dissolved! It's poured all day here but luckily I didn't need to go out. Happy New Year Bless. I hope 2023 is a great one for you.

    1. Ha, ha, I maybe sweet, but, I'm not made of sugar to dissolve in a little rain! :D But, we are experiencing what is being called an atmospheric river, which is dumping a lot of rain on us! Areas of San Francisco are flooded, they were saying on the news! I'm hoping that all this rain will replenish our reservoirs and lakes that have reached historic lows.
      Thank you, Lady Ella. Happy New Year to you, too, and I hope it will be a very good one for you.

  3. We went grocery shopping too as I wanted to stock up on some things. It wasn't raining much but so foggy, and above freezing still. In the old days New Year's Eve was often around -13°F or colder in the evening. We FaceTimed with our son and family this evening. I guess we have over an hour to go before midnight. I won't be boiling any milk but I shall think of you!

    1. Glad you were able to stock up on a few things, Bushlady. I wonder if it will get colder up there in January and February. If not, you might find yourself tapping your maple trees pretty soon! Glad you were able to chat with your son and family; I hope you will be able to get together sometime soon to celebrate the holidays and your son's birthday, etc.
      We've a couple of hours to go before midnight. Daughter and I are enjoyed a relaxed evening.
      I wish you a very happy New Year, Bushlady. Thank you for all the lovely comments and the many years of friendship and support you've extended to me. :)

  4. I wonder why you can only have brown eggs if delivered?

    You've done well with your food budget this year and hope next year works out just as well for you. I've restarted my budget for January but won't need to go shopping for a couple of weeks, although I will keep an eye on the forecast and stock up if the big freeze they are forecasting looks like it will happen. xx

    1. I have no idea why certain items are available for delivery only, Eileen. I've asked Jennifer, but, she doesn't seem to know, either. You have to pay a fee to join a club to receive delivery (which is then "free" if you purchase more than $35 worth of items) and I am not ready to do that, yet.

      Sounds like you've a head start on the January budgeting! I need to revise my overall budget for 2023, but, I will keep my grocery budget at $100 per month. It's the heating budget that is quite out of whack at this point (natural gas prices have gone up and this month's bill is estimated to be 2, possibly 3, times what I normally pay for this time of the year!) Hope you can stock up before the big freeze if it happens!


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