Friday, April 1, 2022

WPSH The Final Selection

The Winter Photo Scavenger Hunt has ended and it is time to post our final selections!

#1. Party Time:

#1. Party Time: Celebrating A Birthday

#2.  A Star:

#2. A Star: Christmas Tree Ornament

#3.  Something you use every day:

#3. Something Used Every Day: Computer

#4.  Form or Shape:

#4: Form or Shape - Christmas Tree

#5.  Diagonal:

#5 Diagonal: In a Pot Holder my Mother Crocheted

#6.  Currency:

#6 Currency: $1 and Quarters

#7.  A Rainbow: 

#7: A Rainbow

#8.  In Profile: 

#8: In Profile - Dancer

#9.  A Single Letter of the Alphabet:

#9 A Single Letter of the Alphabet: 
The first letter of the Sinhala Alphabet

#10.  Tree(s):

#10  Tree(s): Lemon Tree 

#11.  Represent your zodiac sign or your Chinese year animal:

#11: Represent Your Zodiac Sign - Scorpion

#12.  Symbolic of the Country You Call Home:

#12: Symbolic of  Your Country
The Great Seal of the USA

#13.  Graffiti/Street Art:

#13: Graffiti/Street Art - Sidewalk Art

#14.  A Tea Break/Coffee Break:

#14  A Tea Break

#15:  An external light:

#15 An External Light:  "Good Luck" Solar Jar Light

#16. Half:

#16 Half - Half & Half (half milk, half cream)

#17. Wheel(s):

#17  Wheel(s) - Rollerblades (not mine!)

#18.  A Gift:  

#18 A Gift - Holiday Gifts

#19.  A Decoration:

#19 A Decoration: Christmas Decorations

#20.  Small:

#20.  Small - Blurry Baby Elephant

Hand carved and hand painted, less than an inch long.  

Alt A: Free Choice:

Alt A: Favorite Nap Spot

Alt B: The Weather Today 

Alt B - Cloudy

Alt C: Square(s)

Alt C: Squares on the Potato Masher

Thank you, Eileen, for the opportunity to participate!


  1. Such an interesting selection of photos and you're a Scorpio, me too. Dancer looks very cute and comfortable.

    1. Thank you, Eileen. Yes, I'm a Scorpio! Nice to "meet" a fellow Scorpio! :D Dancer is my favorite subject to photograph! :D

  2. What a great completion of the challenge! Some good ideas. I'm very interested in the Sinhala script; must have come across it before, but it had not stuck in mind. That cuppa looks delicious - just how I like my brew (specially with freshly-made waffles!).

    1. Thank you, Lady Ella. We shall have a cup of tea with our waffles when you visit! :D

  3. I see why you like to photograph Dancer. He is quite photogenic.

    1. He's a lot like your Annie and Leo, isn't he? :)

  4. These are great Bless. Obviously No 8 and Alt A stand out as the best, mainly because of the handsome model! Are you sure they're not your own roller blade - I wondered if you'd been out with your crew and that's how you fell over that time 😂

    Many thanks for joining in and hope you had fun.

    1. Thank you, Eileen; it helps to have a handsome model to help out as needed! Ha, ha, quite sure they are not my roller blades! :D

      Thank you for hosting the WPSH and I enjoyed participating. Looking forward to the summer one!

  5. Great choices. I thought the diagonal one of your mother's crochet was good and the squares on the potato masher was also an original choice. Of course Dancer enhanced the collection!

    1. Thank you, Bushlady. I had a different photo in mind for the diagonal (a no parking sign), but, I didn't take it, after all, so the crocheted pot holder it was! :) Oh, of course Dancer had to be included, too! :D

  6. Some great choices, but I think the photographs of Dancer are my favourite. X

  7. Dancer is indeed a handsome star of your finds. Your lemon tree is laden with fruit - what a treasure.

    1. Thank you, Mary-Lou; Dancer is definitely a star! :D I've had a good crop of lemons, this year. I've 3 lemon trees and all 3 are full of lemons!

  8. Look at that sweet Dancer making two appearances this month. He's a good boy.

    I'm a pink fan so I am loving seeing the cake again and also your mother's crochet.

    1. You know I can't do a photo post without my favorite model being featured! :D
      Glad you enjoyed all the pink items! :)

  9. You take beautiful photos. I think I liked the tea cup best - though I would drink mine with a lot more milk!

    1. Thank you, Lyssa. I like my tea to be strong; but, my coffee tends to be more milk than coffee! :D


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