Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Wednesday's Happenings

Yellow, Again!

The newest rose on the yellow rose bush is very solidly yellow, again!  Not even a tinge of pink!  The pink-tipped rose was just Mother Nature having a bit of fun, I think.  

Today's question is, if you go to bed after 3:00 a.m. and don't fall asleep until almost 4:00 a.m., does turning off your alarm at 9:00 a.m. and sleeping until 10:00 a.m. count as sleeping in?  Well, anyway, that's what I did!

Once I was up, I did the usual morning routines - turning off the porch and altar lights, feeding the cats, saying my morning devotions, opening the drapes, etc.  This morning, when opening the drapes, I also did a bit of unintended decluttering:  


When I was growing up, if something fell and broke accidentally, my mother used to say that it was a sign that all the bad luck went away!  If so, then, I do hope that any bad luck hovering around my house went away!  I swept up all the pieces and tossed them!

Then, although it was M's day to tend to the garden, I watered the front garden because I felt like it!  LOL.

Once M was here, I had him trim some of the euphorbia branches that were reaching through the side fence into the neighbor's driveway (the noisy neighbors, who sometimes dump their unwanted furniture, etc., on my portion of the parkway).  One of the neighbors was in their front yard;  I apologized for the branches coming onto their side and told her to push them back to my side if that happens again.  She was quite polite and said it was OK.  Then, I took the opportunity to tell her that I was planning to plant a few things in the parkway to make it look better.  I didn't say that I hoped that the plants will be allowed to remain in place, though!  I told M that we could plant some of the euphorbia cuttings in the parkway - they are drought tolerant once established, they seem to grow well for me, and I can always take new cuttings to replace them if needed.    

I also asked M to pull down some of the jasmine vine tendrils that had crept up to the gutter!  Afterwards, he watered the back garden and trimmed the plumbago hedge.  

After he left, I noticed that the avocado plant had fallen over again!  This time, I was able to get it to stand again.  I think it is time to get that plant in the ground!  It's getting too top heavy for the pot it is growing in!  

In the afternoon, I went to visit friend R - another curbside visit, with both of us wearing masks.  I gave her a bag with a few of the items of clothing my cousin had given us; she will send them to Sri Lanka for her daughter and granddaughter.  R gave me some bananas and apples!

After I came home, I dusted the living room and dining area.  The big dining table, where my daughter did her office work (better internet connection in the dining area than in her bed room) has been converted back to being a dining table!  

In the evening, I watched the news and called friend A to check on her; she said she's keeping well and her younger daughter, who is on spring break (she's a teacher) stayed home with her, this week.

Brunch had been an egg salad sandwich; I had one of the bananas that R gave me in the afternoon.  I tried some of the Moderna brand Maria cookies at tea time and they were good!  For dinner, I made chicken fried rice.  There is more egg salad for brunch, tomorrow, as well as leftover fried rice.  

This evening, my daughter took one of her acrobatics classes, in person, for the first time since the first lockdown!  She has been taking some virtual classes, during that time, but, she will be taking in-person classes from now on.  Today's class, an aerial class, was a vaccine-required, masks-required class, in a large room with only 6 people (including the instructor); the classes are held in a former warehouse type building and the room that was used has a wall of doors (similar to garage doors) that were kept open during the class, she said.  She said it was a bit challenging to exercise in masks, but, she had fun.  I know she has missed taking her acrobatics classes and the community of friends she has made at that studio.  Tomorrow, she is scheduled to go to the office in-person to set up her cubicle.

Today, I am grateful for:

- M tending to the garden
- Friend R giving me some fruits
- A safe drive to R's and back
- Daughter had a fun evening at the acrobatics class
- What I was able to accomplish today

Today's joyful activities included gardening and visiting R.

Wednesday's Decluttering:

1 broken bowl
1 long handled scrub brush
4 Easter decorations
5 jars/bottles that previously stored items in the fridge (I decided not to wash and reuse them)

Plans for tomorrow include tidying the family room and vacuuming.

How was your Wednesday?  What are your plans for Thursday?


  1. Was that a willow pattern bowl? I have just one WP plate - I used to use it in school when I taught children the story. Now Rosie has her meals on it when she visits. I think "accidental decluttering" is a more positive term than "domestic disaster"

    1. It was a design with a branch of flowers with a matching shallower bowl/plate. I have one willow pattern platter that I use from time to time. I like "accidental decluttering"! :D

  2. Well, other than the "oops", it sounds like you had a good day - full of distractions from the "oops." ;-)

    1. Yes, it was a good day, other than the "oops"! :D By the way, I cleared my night stand, today! There wasn't much to clear - just an empty pill container that I had replaced this morning, which needed the label peeled off before I put it in the recycling bin.

  3. What a shame you broke the bowl but I've never heard the saying about sending bad luck away. It must make you feel less bad about breaking things i suppose. The rose is beautiful such a deep yellow colour. Your daughter must have been very happy to return to her fun classes, that's good. How does she feel about returning to her workplace after such a long break away?
    I've been making the most of the sunshine to get as much laundry done as I can, nothing more exciting than that :)

    1. I'm sure the saying originated in an attempt to make a person feel better about breaking things.
      The rose is a very pretty yellow, isn't it?
      My daughter was very happy to be able to attend her classes, again.
      She's a little nervous and a little excited about going into the office, again. Her office has relocated to a new building in an adjoining city, so her former 15 minutes bus ride will now be 45 minutes long, which means she'll have to wake up earlier (we are not early risers if you haven't noticed! :D) Everyone is being required to do a Covid self-test before coming into the office, tomorrow, and weekly thereafter. Masks are required unless you have a private office, which only the supervisors and managers have. Tomorrow, she will go to set up her cubicle and help with setting up common areas and files, etc. She said there was an email saying light refreshments will be provided, tomorrow, as a welcome back gesture by management, so, she doesn't have to pack a lunch to take with her. I'll probably hear all about it, tomorrow evening. :)
      Getting the laundry done is a big accomplishment! I'm glad you've had a sunny day in which to do so. :)

  4. I like the saying that all of the bad luck goes away when you break something. That's the opposite of bad luck coming when you break a mirror.

    1. Especially since it is 7 years of bad luck with a broken mirror! Which is why, when I had to declutter a mirror tile from the garage, I made sure to wrap it first and put it inside a cardboard box before I disposed of it! Didn't want it breaking on me! :D

  5. Beautiful rose. Oh my about the breakage, I like you Mother's thought about all the bad luck went into that. How lovely that your daughter is returning to familiar routine & activities. Hopefully all will go smoothly for her return to the office - it sounds like the employer is taking every precaution to keep staff safe.

    1. It is a pretty rose, isn't it? My mother's saying is something I keep in mind when things break! The new Covid case numbers in Berkeley are low enough that my daughter feels it is safe enough for her to resume her regular activities (fully masked, of course). Plus, she doesn't have the added worry of exposing me to the virus through her. Yes, I think the employer is taking as many precautions as possible. Daughter took her Covid test today and it was negative (she had to write the date on the test and take a photo of the test results to show at the office before going in). I hope it all works out well, not just for my daughter, but, all her colleagues as well.

  6. Hopefully your neighbour will take note that you are planting up your side of the parkway and will respect that.

    It's a shame you accidently broke the blue china. I haven't ever heard the saying about bad luck going away but hope it's driven any away from your home.

    Your daughter has jumped straight back into Berkeley life, which is lovely to hear. I'm glad she enjoyed her acrobatics class and hope that he return to the office to set up goes smoothly.

    I'm just about to start watching the Indian cookery class to learn how to make the king prawn coconut curry.

    1. Thank you, Eileen; that is just what I am hoping for - that the neighbors will respect the planted areas of the parkway. There will be open spaces with pavers between the plantings for people to walk across when they go to and from their vehicles.

      I am sorry the bowl broke, but, if it meant any bad luck left, then, that's good, isn't it?

      Yes! My daughter has resumed her Berkeley life! With some modifications (she is still not ready to eat in a restaurant, etc.) But, the new Covid case numbers are so low up there that she feels it is safe enough to go places and do things.

      I hope you've enjoyed the cookery class. :)

  7. How interesting that the rose plant is now producing the original all yellow flowers. I hope it surprises you again from time to time. Too bad about the bowl. I've sometimes accidentally decluttered something that would have been better left intact. It would be nice if the only things that broke were the ones that weren't of real interest! The acrobatic class that your daughter is attending sounds well distanced and she must be really happy to see her friends and get back into it again.
    I'm glad to hear that A is doing well, after a rough time, and she must enjoy having her daughter there this week.

    When the family was here I was able to pass on two books to DGD and also a couple of wee ornaments that she loved when I offered them. I passed on a souffle dish to DDIL and she was delighted with it, so that was my recent decluttering. DH passed on a router from his workshop to DS!

    1. I was hoping that I'll get more pink tinged yellow roses from that bush, but, I do like the deep yellow roses, too. :)
      I am not too unhappy about the bowl. I enjoyed it while I had it. I could have glued it back together if I had really wanted to, but, decided it was fine to let it go. I'm glad you were able to declutter a few things by passing them on to family who like and can use the items.
      Yes, my daughter is happy that she can get back to her acrobatics classes. She certainly missed them!
      Thank you, Bushlady; I hope that A will continue to do well. She certainly went through a very rough period, earlier this year!

  8. That's a lovely way to look at broken things.

    1. It's as positive a spin on broken things as one can get, isn't it?

  9. What a good saying and a great way to look at things. I will be using it for sure.

    That's great that your daughter was able to go back to one of her classes and even with the mask, she was able to enjoy herself. I see in one of your comment responses, that she will be much further from this new office than she was before. That is really too bad. I will read on and see how she made out with going back into the office.
    It sounds like M got quite a few things tidied up for you so you must be pleased.

    1. Yes, it is a good saying, isn't it? Puts a nice positive spin on things! :D

      My daughter is happy to be going back to doing her acrobatics classes; she is only taking those classes that require masks to be worn, at this time.

      Yes, her new office is in an adjoining city, but, the office is located very close to the bus stop and subway station, she said.
      M did much to tidy up the garden! :)

  10. I'm sorry about your broken bowl, I hope it wasn't one of our favourites.
    I've been watering the garden here as well, as it hasn't rained in quite a while. X

    1. It's OK; it was one of a set of 4 bowls and matching larger dishes (shallower, but, wider bowls) that I bought many years ago. I now have one mismatched bowl and one of the larger dishes! Hope your garden is coming along nicely. :)


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