Tuesday, February 1, 2022

January Decluttering

White Ceramic Snack Bowl

I'm trying to keep better track of new items coming into the house, this year, in addition to what is going out/being decluttered!  I am counting only what I am acquiring and household items, not what my daughter has been receiving!

Items Received:
- a scarf (New Year's gift),
- a pair of elastic knee support braces that my aunt insisted on sending to me (she thought that wearing them might help me not fall; shh, don't tell her, but, I haven't worn them yet!),
- two sweatshirts,
- two sweatpants,
- a white ceramic bowl which came filled with some packaged snacks.  My daughter likes the bowl, so, I am keeping it.  I think it can be used as a fruit bowl or, maybe, even a mixing bowl
- a set of 4 new food containers (gift from friend R).

That makes a total of 11 items (I'm counting the knee braces as one item!)

Decluttered items include:

1 wooden painted Santa box & poinsettia flowers (craft supplies; made into a decoration & gifted)

1 decorative container (filled with gifts and given)

3 nylon mesh exfoliating scrubbies (donated)

2 teacups & saucers (turned into candles and gifted)

1 plastic placemat (tossed)

4 bottles of lotion (donated)

2 books (donated)

1 pair holey socks (tossed)

2 pairs of dance shoes from back when I took dance classes (not likely to take dance classes again)

Jazz Shoes (Donated)

Ballet Shoes (Tossed)

The jazz shoes were in good shape and were set aside to be donated; the ballet shoes were tossed.  I did hold onto the leotard and the ballet skirt, though!  Don't ask me why!  I just wasn't ready to let go of them, yet!  

1 cone of novelty yarn (donated)

1 jar bath salts (donated)

1 scarf (donated)

A few food containers (given away with food and a note saying do not return!)

There were a few other items such as chipped glass jars, dried out acrylic paint containers, and such that also got tossed, which I haven't listed here, which put me over the 31 items I wanted to declutter this month.  There is also a huge trash bag full of clothes that my daughter decluttered from her closet, which I haven't included, as I am trying hard to concentrate on my stuff. 

I feel confident saying that I have decluttered 20 items more than what came in (without taking into account the stuff my daughter decluttered).  

My February decluttering goal will be 28 items.  

Did anyone else do any decluttering in January?  Anyone planning to join me in February?


  1. That is such a pretty snack bowl. You could wear the knee braces with the leotard and ballet skirt that you can't part with yet! 😀
    I've donated a couple of jigsaw puzzles and have an ongoing box of donations in a closet. I must remember that they are there!

    1. It is a pretty bowl, isn't it? Ha, ha, yes, the knee braces will complement the outfit very nicely! :D Maybe that can be my new housecleaning uniform! :D
      Well done on donating the jigsaw puzzles; I need to start a new donations box!

  2. The bowl is lovely. I would have kept it as well :)
    More decluttering here this week. I dropped off some bags at the charity shop and three larger items at the recycling centre just yesterday. X

    1. It is a very pretty bowl. :)
      Well done on all the decluttering you did! I need to schedule another donations pick up for later this month.

  3. I like the bowl, it would do well for either of your suggestions, a fruit bowl or mixing bowl. You're doing well with your decluttering and it's good to set a goal for February.

    1. Thank you, Eileen. The decluttering is an on-going battle with me, but, having a goal is helpful. :)

  4. I am joining you for February! My home is so full that I can't breathe. 28 items in February. Thank you. Also, that bowl looks great - just right. Sometimes things just look 'fit for purpose'.

    1. So glad to have you join me, Lyssa. I hope you will be able to meet your decluttering goal! Thank you; the bowl will used, I know. :)

  5. Slow and steady wins the race. Your consistency in decluttering, I'm sure, is giving good results.

    I don't keep track of the details like you do, but I had a pick up of 7 boxes and two bags of things for donation yesterday that I had been collecting over a few months.

    1. That was one of my mother's favorite sayings! "Slow and steady". Yes, even when it is often too slow and not always steady, I'm getting results and lightening my load! :D

      Well done on getting so many items ready for donation! :)

  6. Good call on keeping the bowl, the ridges make a statement, so it is a step up from a plain one. It is exactly the kind of bowl that I would rescue from a thrift shop, wondering why anyone would have parted with it.

    I did not do much in January, but I did think about it this morning. I have a donation box set up in our bedroom, maybe while we are waiting for the storm to pass I could do a bit of de-cluttering.

    1. Yes, it is a pretty bowl, isn't it?

      Having a donation box set up is a good start! Good luck with filling it up! :)

  7. I like bowl as well and am glad you are keeping it. You've done well with your decluttering in January and I'm sure you do just as well in February. I'll be joining you. I'm aiming to get everything advertised by the end of the month.

    1. Thank you, Eileen; yes, I'm sure the bowl will be used. Glad to have you join me in February, too. :)

  8. Your white bowl is pretty and will look wonderful with your various garden colors.

    I am continuing along with you. I had a successful January decluttering multiple items each day (and bringing nothing in!) and have started on my February list.

    Remember the average 300K items in each home? I found a video on Youtube where a minimalist mentions that figure and has decided to count everything in his home. Quite the undertaking. I will report back when I watch it. lol

    1. Thank you, Debra. I used it as a fruit bowl, today, to hold some oranges we picked from the garden. :)

      Glad to have you joining me in February. Well done on what you decluttered in January and not bringing anything in!

      Oh, my, that would be a great video to watch! I think I will probably find at least 500 items in my family room, alone, and much of that will be books and magazines! LOL!


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