Saturday, February 26, 2022

February Grocery Shopping Part 3

Today, Saturday, February 26, I did my third (and last) grocery pick up for the month!  I wanted to take advantage of this week's sales and also to stock up on some items before prices go up as they are sure to do in the coming days and weeks.  As always, I am aware that it is a blessing to be able to stock up.

Today, I bought:

Asparagus, @ $.88/lb. (reg. price $2.99/lb.; I would not have bought it at that price) = $0.93
1 Cucumber = $.99
1+ lb. Green beans @ $1.99/lb. = $2.31
1 Iceberg lettuce = $1.69
2.58 lb. yellow onions (4 onions) @ $.98/lb. = $2.55
1 lb. kale = $1.49
2 lb. whole carrots = $1.99
2 cans red kidney beans, @15 oz, @$1 (reg. price $1.25) = $2.00
4 cans garbanzo beans, 15 oz., @$1.00 (reg. price $1.25) = $4.00
1 bag (12 oz) frozen whole kernel corn = $1.25

Bananas (6) @ $.65/lb. = $1.37 (and this time, I actually received them!)

1/2 gal. milk (reg. price $2.59) = $2.29

10 individual Greek yogurt cups, @ 5.3oz, @$1.00 (reg. price $1.25) = $8.00 (with a $2 off coupon)

1 bottle (64 fl. oz.) cranberry juice (reg. price $3.59) = $3.29

9.53 lbs. (2 trays) chicken thighs @ $1.19/lb. (reg. price $2.19/lb.; buy1get1free sale) = $11.41
2 packages Italian sausages (5 ct., reg. price $6.99@; on sale for $3.99@) = $7.98
2.38 lb. salmon fillets, @ $7.99/lb. (reg, price $11.99) = $19.02
1 box (10 ct.; 19.45 oz.) frozen breaded fish fillets = $5.29

2 packets chocolate wafers (buy1get1free) @ $.59 = $1.19
1 box saltine crackers (16. oz.) = $1.99

2 boxes (12 oz.) cereal, @$1.27 (reg. $3.99) = $2.54

4 cans coconut milk @$1.50 (reg. price $3.49) = $6.00

5 lb. AP flour = $2.19

1 packet (10 ct.; 16 oz.; reg. price $3.29) flour tortillas = $1.00
1 loaf multi-grain bread (reg. price $2.49) = $1.99

2 containers iodized salt (@26 oz.; $1.19) = $2.38

10 lb. sugar = $5.39

Total = $102.52

The original item total, according to the receipt, was $149.74.  I saved $47.22 with discounts/sales/coupons. 

This grocery order included a few substitutes.  I received a text in the morning notifying me that some of the items I ordered weren't available and the proposed substitutions (in each instance, the proposed substitution was more expensive as I usually select the items that are on sale or store brand, etc.).  I authorized all the substitutions because this store will adjust any price differences and charge me the lower prices.  For example, I had ordered the store brand frozen fish fillets and they substituted the brand name frozen fish fillets, which were priced at $6.79, but, charged me the price for the store brand, which was $5.29.

My February grocery budget was $200 plus $28.17 carried over from January = $228.17.

My grocery spending for the month came to:

$86.05 (Feb.2) + $28.39 (Feb. 18) + $102.52 (Feb. 26) = $216.96

Balance left in the February grocery budget = $11.21

It will be carried over to March.  I am pleased with how I spent my grocery budget, this month.  

I baked one of the trays of chicken thighs, tonight.  There were 10 thigh pieces.  Daughter and I had some for our dinner, with baked potato wedges and steamed broccoli.  Leftover chicken will be kept in the fridge for meals over the next couple of days. I will divide up the other tray of chicken and freeze them.  

Today, I am grateful for:

- Being able to order groceries online
- Free curbside pickup
- The store policy to charge the lower price on substitutions
- Being able to stock up
- The availability of groceries and other supplies

Today's joyful activity was being able to pick up all the groceries I wanted!

How did you do with your grocery spending in February?  Did you stay within your budget?  


  1. You did well with the savings, substitution and staying within your budget. Prices are going up and it's only going to get worse, it's very worrying. I did an online order yesterday and ordered more than I normally would just to stock up.

    1. Thank you, Eileen. Yes, prices are going up! You did well to order extra to stock up. I hope you will receive all the items you ordered.

  2. We spent a lot on food in February with getting more takeout and convenience foods, but our construction won't last forever.

    1. I think you have a very valid reason for spending more on takeout and convenience food. You can't really cook when there is no kitchen, can you? :)

  3. I've almost reached the stage where I need to refill the freezer so have started looking at prices. I can save a lot of money if I shop in person at one of the stores that don't offer delivery so, as I am considering train and bus trips, I don't really have a good reason to continue to rely on deliveries and will brave all the shopping myself. I'm not quite sure how this will affect my budget. It'll obviously save me money but I don't think I can buy everything in the one shop so I'll have to see how it all works out. I'm usually pretty good at sticking to my budget but prices have risen so much I don't have a clear idea on what I should be allowing myself for each month.

    1. Yes, I suppose if you are considering going out and about more, then, grocery shopping in person makes sense. Perhaps choose a time when the shops are likely to be less crowded, such as very early in the mornings or mid-afternoon, perhaps. As for how much to budget, maybe use the budget you currently have, see how much groceries you can buy with it, and then, adjust if needed?

  4. You shop at a very customer friendly store where they charge the lower price when they substitute more expensive items. I hope they do well. I'm sure their customers are all appreciative.
    I wish our main supermarket was less interested in maximizing their profits by trying to manipulate customers into buying more than they need. It is not the fault of the owner of the franchise, who is constrained by head office requirements. But at least we do have a local supermarket, with excellent, cheerful staff and we do not have to drive to another town.

    1. I am very pleased with the substitution policies of this store! Which is why I didn't complain when I didn't receive the bananas I ordered (and paid for) last time! The store my daughter used when she was at Berkeley didn't have this same policy and she had to pay the usually higher prices for substitutions.
      There is more and more of that multiple buy items strategy in play here, too! Something is advertised at a really good price and then, in fine print, is the clause, "Must buy X number" to get that price! Usually, in California, at least, if something is advertised as "2/$1" or "4/$5" then, you can still buy 1 item for $.50 of $1.25, without having to buy multiples (this is as a result of a law suit, many years ago). Even so, a lot of people don't realize that you can still buy one item; they get tricked into buying multiples. However, more recently, the ads will say "Must buy multiples" and then, you do have to buy multiples to get the sale price (usually, the printed ads will say what the regular price is, if you don't buy the required number of multiples).
      I am glad you have an easy to access local supermarket with excellent, cheerful staff. We do have to focus on the positives and count our blessings, don't we?

  5. Those are some great deals and skilful shopping.

    1. Thank you, Lyssa. I usually try to shop the sales, except for the occasional splurges. As long as I stay within my budget, I am OK with those splurges. :)

  6. Food prices are going up. I already cringed at some of the prices after spending time last summer in England and realising how expensive a lot of things here are. Now I cringe even more. I am trying to limit my shopping and plan my meals better so that we spend less.

    1. Food prices are definitely going up. That's interesting hearing from you about the differences in prices between England and here. I read a few British blogs and they sometimes post what they paid for things and I try to convert to dollars. Keeping the food costs low is an ongoing challenge, isn't it?

  7. You got some nice sale prices, as you usually do! - and stayed under budget for the month - as you usually do! - and had some money leftover to carryover to the new month - as you usually do!
    mmmmm - I see a trend here ;)
    Hold on I will see how I did.
    Thanks for waiting lol
    I spent $289.70 of the $300 I budget (Includes non food items)
    I've done pretty well this year now that I've made the budget officially $300.

    1. Thank you, Debra. :D Sounds like I'm not the only one to come under budget, this month! You did really well with your budget, as it includes non-food items, as well! I will keep my grocery budget at $200 until my daughter goes back and then bring it down. :)


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