Wednesday, October 6, 2021


Dinner and Dessert Compliments of Neighbor S

I meant to get up early, again, today, but, I turned off the alarm when it rang and went back to sleep!  So much for good intentions!  LOL.

It's a partly cloudy day, with hazy sunshine and a daytime high of 73F.  I had M take down the window air conditioning unit from my bedroom, this morning.  It will be stored in the garage until next summer.  I only used it about two or three times this summer, as it didn't get all that hot.  We didn't have any days when the temperature went above 110F which is usually when I want the air conditioning! 

Afterwards, I vacuumed the bedrooms, bathrooms, the hallway, and the kitchen.  I will vacuum the rest of the house, tomorrow.  

M watered the garden and tidied it up a bit.  Lots of pruning and cleaning up to do in the garden!  I found a piece of a succulent plant that had broken off (probably when the furnace installers were bringing stuff in, etc.) and planted that in another area of the front yard.  

Neighbor S brought over some cake she had made along with some of the potato and ground meat (ground turkey, this time) stew that I like!  Such a blessing!  Daughter and I enjoyed it for dinner, tonight!  We discussed my plans to resume piano lessons starting next week.  I have been practicing a few of the pieces I have already learned and brushing up on my skills.  But, she is going to start me out again at level 1 and ease me back into playing.  This week, I am going to time myself to see how long I can sit at the piano and play without getting tired.  Previously, my lessons have been for one hour, but, I might opt for half-hour lessons for the first couple of sessions!  We shall see.

Later, I put away some laundry and decluttered three items of clothing from my closet.  My daughter took two of them (a sleeveless blouse and matching cardigan) but, I am counting them in my decluttering totals!

I also made a birthday card to be mailed overseas, although, according to the post office website, delivery of international mail to certain countries is limited due to Covid-19 restrictions in those countries.  The delivery of mail to Sri Lanka had been suspended several times, although, it seems to have resumed as of the beginning of this month.  Well, hopefully, my half-brother will receive his card, eventually!  I was glad that I still had some 'forever' airmail stamps with me!  They were purchased several years ago (2013!) to send Christmas cards, apparently, as they have a wreath pictured on the stamp.  The nice thing about 'forever' stamps is, you buy them at postal rates in effect at the time of purchase, but they are valid, basically forever, even if the rates go up (which they have!)  

Today, I am grateful for:

- M taking down the air conditioner for me, in addition to tending to the garden
- S bringing over dinner and cake!
- Daughter making me lunch
- Forever stamps!  
- What I have been able to accomplish

Today's joyful activity was making a card to send to my half-brother.

Plans for tomorrow include vacuuming the rest of the house and tidying the kitchen!  How was your Wednesday?  What are your plans for Thursday?


October Decluttering:
10/1 - 1 banana holder (to be donated)
10/2 - 3 decorative beaded buckles (to be donated)
10/3 - 1 craft book
10/4 - 3 anime books (daughter's; to be donated)
10/5 - 1 pack of HP playing cards (daughter's; to be donated)
        - 1 Rubik's cube-type 3D puzzle (a triangle, instead of a cube; daughter's to be donated)
        - 1 chemistry set for making models of molecules and ions (daughter's; to be donated)
10/6 - 6 bottles of old dried up craft paint
        - 3 items of clothing (to be donated; daughter took 2 of them!)


  1. That dessert looks delicious!

    You are doing a good job with your continued decluttering. Slow and steady wins the race. :)

    1. It's a type of cake that she was experimenting with the recipe. It had a dense texture, but, delicious with raisins and chocolate!

      Thank you! That's what my mother used to say - slow and steady wins the race! :)

  2. I followed your decluttering and made 2 September trips to Goodwill with donations. Now I have to begin my October decluttering of 100 items. Cleaning out just one closet upstairs should accomplish about half od

    1. You did really well with your decluttering in September! I'm glad to have you join me in October, too. The closet in my spare bedroom will no doubt yield just as many items! I haven't even started on the stuff in that room!

  3. We have forever stamps just for use in Canada but I ran out of my stash and had to buy new ones at the latest rate. It will change in January again so I should stock up before then. It's handy to have them available.

    I set aside a jigsaw puzzle for donation but have been given 3 more since. I wasn't going to start one for a while but DH opened it and started it and now I have trouble keeping away from it! But I have been out a couple of times today.
    By the way, I think the squirrels are thinking ahead to spring or preparing for their own winter comfort, I do have some scraps of yarn and dog hair in a net bag they can pull it out from.

    1. Always a good idea to stock up on Forever stamps before the rate goes up! Jigsaw puzzles are so much fun, aren't they? I've saved one to work on, later this winter. :)

      Oh, I see, those squirrels are planning for their own winter comfort! It's funny, because I dreamt of squirrels, last night! LOL. I don't get many squirrels in my garden (the cats keep them out), but, I did catch a brief glimpse of one in the pine tree at the very back of the garden, earlier this week!

  4. Well that dessert looks delicious. The ground meat stew sounds good too. How is it seasoned?

    I did chuckle out loud with you saying it hadn't been too hot for you as it hadn't gone above 110. Oh my goodness. I would've been a mess in your heat without a/c. It's so interesting how we all acclimate to the areas we live in.

    I have been working on some of my husband's old work things for my decluttering and have an appointment at the hazardous waste disposal event scheduled in my town for a week from Saturday so I'm feeling good about that.

    1. I liked all the chocolate on top of the dessert! :D I need to ask her how the stew is made; I detected some cumin, I think, but I don't know what else.

      Ha, ha, I do like it warm, don't I? :D Well done on all the decluttering! I've quite a ways to go yet, but, I'll keep plugging at it. :)


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