Saturday, October 30, 2021

Warm on Friday

Fresh Guavas

We have had another sunny warm day, today, with a high of 87F.  My type of weather!  

I spent a relaxed morning.  Then, in the afternoon, I did some housework and, later in the evening, a load of laundry as Dancer had apparently preferred my bath rug to his litter box!    

Gardener friend M arrived in the late afternoon - a bit earlier than usual because he didn't have to go to his previous client's house today.  He brought me some guavas he had picked while at another client's - they were fully ripe as you can see and my daughter and I enjoyed some.  I kept a few aside to take over to neighbor S, tomorrow (they were getting ready to go somewhere when my daughter texted S's daughter N to ask if they'd like some guavas).  

M pruned some of the trees at the back of the garden, opening up the area for better air circulation and to let in more sunlight.  Afterwards, he watered the garden.  I told him to go ahead and remove the cardboard barriers on the gate since Bun Bun has been able to get in even with the barriers in place!  

Brunch had been another chicken sandwich.  Dinner was chicken and vegetables gyoza (pot stickers).  I had a bowl of cereal with milk for a snack, later.

Today's decluttering was a set of four (originally, there were five) wooden matryoshka dolls that a friend had given me as a gift upon her return from a visit to what was still the USSR back then (around 1980/81):

Russian Matryoshka Dolls

My daughter used to love playing with them when she was a little girl.  She is better than I am at decluttering, but, even she was sad to see them being decluttered.  They will be donated.

Today, I am grateful for:

- Another sunny and warm day
- Fresh, ripe guavas
- M tending to the garden for me
- A working washing machine
- Electricity

Today's joyful activity was being in the garden.

Plans for tomorrow include some sewing.  How was your Friday?  What are your plans for Saturday?


  1. I do like your Russian dolls, I would have been very reluctant to let those go, they are lovely. The guava look nice, never had one of those and don't think they are imported to the UK but I could be wrong. I'm glad the bunny can be allowed into your garden without barriers, have you seen him lately? Raining heavily again here although it cleared up yesterday afternoon but the rain is back.

    1. The dolls are a little faded, now, but, hopefully, they are still pretty enough for someone else to like them when they see them at the thrift store (charity shop).
      I'm not sure if these guavas are sold commercially even here as they have a very soft peel that bruises easily. Maybe in a farmer's market or something.
      Bunny was here a couple of days ago, but, I didn't see him yesterday or this morning.
      Sorry to hear that it is raining over there. No rain in our forecast until towards the end of November, but, I hope it will rain sooner than that. We desperately need the rain!

  2. Those guavas look good and how kind of M to gift them to you.

    I'm glad you're enjoying warmer temperatures. We, on the other hand, have rain and there's a cold wind so it's definitely a stay at home day for me.

    Are you sure the other rabbits aren't around? I hope removing they don't see the removal of the barriers as an open invite to dine in your garden!

    I'm having a quiet day today, just pottering with piano playing, TV, reading, and letter writing thrown into the mix. I hope you both enjoy your weekend.

    1. The guavas are delicious and yes, it was very kind of M to gift them to us.

      I'm enjoying the warmer temperatures while I can; it is supposed to cool down, next week. Sorry it is raining, there. No rain in our forecast until the end of November, but, I do hope it will rain before that! We need more rain, over here!

      I haven't seen the other rabbits, but, that doesn't necessarily mean that they are not around, either, does it? I haven't seen Bun Bun in a couple of days, either! Maybe he's eaten all he cares to eat from my yard for now!

      Hope you are enjoying your quiet day. Stay warm and dry! :)

  3. We decluttered some dolls like that when we moved. However, we had more than one set than my husband brought back from a trip to Russia, so we still have some.

    1. I used to collect dolls from different nations, at one time. I still have some Sri Lankan dolls, but I gave away most of the others. The Russian dolls escaped previous decluttering attempts, but, it is their turn now! It is harder to declutter when you are still in the same house, I think. Maybe I should pretend that I am relocating and downsizing!

  4. Now I'm sad to think of the Russian dolls being discarded too! Do they really have to go? Not that it's any of my business! Can't daughter take them back to her flat as an ornament? (Even if it's only the biggest one with the smaller ones inside.)

    I'm not sure I've ever had a guava, though I'm sure it's been in tropical mix juices that I've had. What's the texture like?

    1. No, they don't really have to go! I usually display them all stored inside the biggest doll and it probably takes all of two square inches of shelf space! But, I am trying to declutter because I feel that I have accumulated an excess of things! As you'll no doubt notice when you come to dinner, one day! :D I am trying to lighten the load! I did ask my daughter if she wanted the dolls, if she's OK with me giving them away, and she decided that it was. If I don't get rid of things now, then, she will have to deal with them when I am no longer able to do so!

      These particular guavas have a very thin skin and bruise very easily. They are very aromatic (some people don't like the smell of ripe guava) and have a soft, custard like texture, but, there are small hard seeds inside. I just eat them, seeds and all. Fiber is good for you, right? :)

  5. We still have a full set of those Russian dolls, with burnt design and gilt paint highlights, and at one time I used to set them all out as part of the decoration on the mantle at Christmas. Granddaughter loved to play carefully with them when she was little. I suspect that any decluttering will send them her way one day, if she is interested!
    I got rid of some bottles and cans that had been collecting in the basement since the pandemic began, and got the refund from the beer store. I also took an old suitcase full of other donations to the charity shop. I was very glad to get these things out of the house. Now to look for more to declutter!

    1. Your set of dolls sound lovely, Bushlady. Maybe your granddaughter would like to have them. :) I asked my daughter if she wanted me to keep them for her, but, she decided it was OK to declutter. There are too many things, here, but, I've reached the point where almost all of the "easy" things have gone and I am left with the more sentimental items.

      Well done on clearing the bottles and cans! I've a pile of them in the shed! That is a "some day" project - but, I'd like that day to arrive soon!

  6. For sure you knew the warmer temperatures would return now that your furnace is ready to go lol
    That is the way things happen :)

    I am staying with you on the decluttering and ready to close out another month.
    My list has slowed down from the summer but I am still finding things that I haven't used in years (decades?) and it feels good to pass them on.

    1. Of course it warms up once the heater is in place! LOL. But, it is getting cooler, again, so, the heater will be used, soon. We turned it on, for a bit, yesterday, and my daughter claimed it blew dust into the air! Probably from all the exposed cuts in the wall! I am hoping the plastering will eliminate some of that dust.

      It's great that you are keeping up with the decluttering! The fact that your list is slowing down is an indication that you don't have much left to declutter! Once you are done with your house, maybe you can plan a trip out to the west to help me with mine! :D


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