Saturday, October 23, 2021


Freshly Picked Chard Leaves

The little chard plant keeps giving me a handful of leaves to pick every 10 days or so!  I picked this lot, on Friday morning.

It has been a few weeks since I last updated everyone on the mango seedlings, hasn't it?  I know everyone is waiting to hear how they are doing!  LOL.

Clark Kent a.k.a. Super Man(go)

Clark hasn't grown since I potted him up!  I don't think he has quite got over the shock of being removed from the jar of water in the house to a pot of soil in garden where it gets quite cool at night!  But, I am hoping he will soon overcome his shock and start growing.

Lois Lane 

Lois, in the meantime, having sprouted in the pot, outside, has grown quite well and seems to be the stronger of the two!  Maybe she has superpowers of her own?  We moved the pot to a sunnier location which seems to suit her quite well!

Conner Kent a.k.a. SuperBoy

Clark and Lois have been joined by Conner Kent, a.k.a. SuperBoy, who is supposed to be Clark's clone!  Right now, he seems to be more of a contortionist than anything else as he figures out how to unfurl his leaves!  

It was another sunny day, today, if a little cool in the morning.  I had the small electric space heater on in the family room and was bundled up in layers!  Blouse, a wool sweater, scarf, and a poncho, too!  But, it warmed up nicely in the afternoon and I shed my layers of clothing until I was in my short-sleeved blouse!  But, by evening, I was all bundled up, again!  LOL! 

Last night I had baked some cornbread; I had a piece of that for my breakfast, today.  Lunch was the last of the beef and vegetable soup I had made earlier in the week.  

In the afternoon, after lunch, I vacuumed part of the house - the living room, dining area, kitchen, and hallway.  I had wanted to get the family room vacuumed, too, but, ran out of energy!  So, vacuuming the family room and the bedrooms is on the agenda for tomorrow.

Today, I received the deliveries of some items I had ordered as part of my regular, quarterly stocking up - cat food, cat litter, laundry detergent powder, a box of dryer sheets, a box of parchment paper, a box of plastic cling wrap, a box of sealable sandwich bags, etc.  Nothing very exciting, but, they are all necessary items.  I am grateful that I can order these items online and have them delivered to the house.

In the evening, M came to tend to the garden.  He bought us some Japanese vegetable seedlings (purple mustard leaves) and seeds that my daughter had wanted.  We removed the last few remaining okra plants (they were not doing too well now that it has turned colder), renewed the bed, and planted the purple mustard leaf seedlings and planted some of the seeds (Japanese spinach and a type of broccoli), which are cool weather plants.  The other seeds will wait until spring or even, early summer.

He also put more cardboard to block another part of the gate and, a little later, a poor, rather bewildered Bun Bun stood outside the gate, looking in, wondering what happened!  I felt so sorry for him that I gave him a cup of the cat's kibbles on the other side of the gate!  LOL.

These days, I am looking for excuses to turn on the oven to bake something at night, partly in order to warm up the house, even briefly.  So, for dinner, tonight, I decided to make baked potato wedges and, at the same time, I reheated some of the baked chicken breast that I cooked the other day and the broccoli I cooked, yesterday:

Dinner: Baked Chicken, Potato Wedges, Broccoli

I seasoned the potato wedges with salt, garlic powder, paprika, and a little hot chili powder.  They turned out well.

After dinner, I chatted with friend R for a bit.

Today, I am grateful for:

- Sunny, warm afternoons
- M tending to the garden
- The chard plant which keeps producing
- Being able to order needed items online and have them delivered
- Working appliances

Today's joyful activities included reading and gardening.

Plans for tomorrow include doing the rest of the vacuuming and laundry.

How was your Friday?  What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. Thanks for the update on the mango family. Maybe Clark is sulking be sure Lois is doing so well!

    I'm having a quiet weekend. Earlier this morning (Saturday) I thought I'd go out to take some photos but I doubt that's going to happen now. I'm feeling tired so want to take it easy at home and worry about the photos another day! I'm going to catch up on TV programmes that I missed during the week instead and also finish writing letters to a couple of friends and get them in the post.

    I hope you and your daughter have a lovely weekend x

    1. Ha, ha, I think Clark is sulking for sure! :D

      You are wise to stay home and rest when you are feeling tired. You've just recovered from your non-Covid virus infection and if it was like the flu, then, it it makes sense that you'd feel tired after a busy week. The photos can wait.

      We are having a relaxed weekend, ourselves. I renewed my Halloween wreath and made a seedpod garland for the mantel. Taken a blog break, now, before vacuuming the rest of the house. :)

  2. From the pictures, it looks like the mango plants are similar looking to the avocado plants? Is that true? I've never seen a mango plant in real life.

    1. Mango leaves are a little longer and narrower than avocado leaves. But, when they are just seedlings, it's harder to tell them apart. I will try to take pictures of both types of leaves.

  3. I am now able to pick a handful of spinach leaves each day! Maybe next year I will try growing chard. I prefer the green/white chard like your to rainbow chard [even if that looks prettier!]

    1. Yay for being able to pick a handful of spinach leaves, each day! The rainbow chard plants didn't do quite as well as this one green/white chard plant! The original plant bolted in the summer and sent up a huge seed stalk, at least a couple of feet tall! We cut off the seed stalk and noticed some daughter plants along the base of the stalk; they are growing well and I'm harvesting from them, these days. :)

  4. Awww call me a big softy too if you like but what a shame the bunny can't come under your gate anymore, I would have given him some food over the gate too. A good friend came to visit me today and I'll see her again before she returns home from her camping trip. It's nice to have such caring friends.

    1. I feel sorry for the bunny; I believe he is an abandoned pet. But, he has free access to the front garden and I know he's eaten half of my succulent plants there! There's wild purslane and a limited amount of grass and other plants, as well. Just no sweet potatoes!

      I'm glad you were able to have a visit with a good friend who will visit you again! I agree, it's lovely to have caring friends and I'm sure your friend considers you as one, too. :)

  5. Your little mango plants look good. My lemon tree has put out some new leaves and I think it approved of the larger pot. I found myself talking to it this morning - the white coats are on their way!
    Poor Bun Bun, but how kind of you to give him some kibble. Do you think the cats will miss their band member?
    It gets down around freezing at night and DH switched us over to the wood-electric furnace and lit a fire in it. It's that time of year, it is only around 50F outside this afternoon, but sunny at least.

    1. The mango plants are coming along nicely, aren't they? I have four more seeds sprouting! None of them are ready to be potted up, yet. They do say that talking to the plants encourage them to grow!

      Yes, I felt sorry for Bun Bun, but, he had eaten a fair amount of the sweet potato leaves already and was happily stretched out on top of the plants, on Thursday, when I went near him to tell him to get off my sweet potato vines. He does have full access to the front garden, though, so I know he won't go hungry! The cats might have to transform themselves to being a trio, once again! :D

      It sounds like winter is approaching in your area! It's 66F here, this afternoon; I should not complain! :) Stay warm and enjoy that sunshine!

  6. I think Bun Bun is very fortunate to have found you! I would be hesitant to turn on the furnace as well, but maybe you could run it a little during the day while keeping an eye on it and holding a fire extinguisher!! Your blog keeps my spirits up, as I'm with my sister who is now in hospice. Sitting with her I'm reminded of you friend Barb who's daughter Whitney passed away of cancer. I hope Barb is well. My best to you, Celie

    1. (((HUGS))) Celie and sister. I will keep both of you in my prayers. Please let me know if you'd like me to post a request for prayers for your sister, Celie.

      Barb is a blog friend, just like you, and the last I heard from her was over a year ago, when she sent me an email. She hasn't commented on the blog, recently. I do hope she is keeping well.

      As for the furnace, the inspector will be here next week, on Thursday; I think I'll manage until then. :)

      Thank you for saying that my blog keeps your spirits up. If you ever need to contact me, my email address is:
      It is at the top of the blog, too.
      May these days of being with your sister bring you both comfort.

  7. Those chard leaves are so beautiful - the glisten and sparkle right off the screen.
    I am looking forward to seeing how your cooler weather plantings do.

    I love roasting potatoes - oven fries, regular roasted potatoes, potato wedges - anything lol
    But I never think to spice them.
    I will try the seasonings you use.

    1. They are very pretty, aren't they? Bun Bun apparently doesn't like chard, so I don't have to worry about him eating them all up!
      I like the seasoned fries and wedges. I hope you'll like them, too. :)

  8. Good to know that Bun Bun doesn't bother the chard. I will remember that for my own rabbit den :(


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