Sunday, October 3, 2021

Family Day on Sunday

Today, my daughter and I visited cousin V, to wish her twin daughters a happy birthday and to spend a little time with one daughter's two young sons (2+ and 4+ years old).  V had a family get together, last night, which we didn't attend because we didn't feel comfortable being with that big a group.  But, this morning, V called and said they missed us, yesterday, and asked if we were free to stop by in the afternoon.  So, we went there in the afternoon, intending to stay only for a short while, but, then, they asked us to stay and have a late lunch, and cousin R arrived while we were there and, a little later, cousin P and her daughter dropped by, too!  So, it became an afternoon spent in the company of cousins, which was really pleasant, although a little nerve wracking because of the virus.  Daughter and I had worn our masks, but, we removed them to eat and, afterwards, it seemed weird to put them back on, so we kept them off.  I hope there won't be any cause to regret doing so!  V sent a container with cake, baklava, and homemade marshmallows home with us!  

After we came home, I chatted with neighbor T and friend R, condoled with another friend who lost her father, earlier this morning, and watered the back garden, including Clark who was potted up on Friday:



I also picked 4 okra and 12 moringa pods!  That's the most moringa I've picked, so far; there are a few more pods maturing on the tree, but, I think we are coming to the end of the moringa harvest.

Afterwards, I cooked a mackerel curry and reheated the last packet of stringhoppers I had in the freezer for dinner.  Later, we ordered some groceries.

It had been a warm day, with a high of 96F!  It is supposed to be cooler, tomorrow, with a possibility of rain in the forecast!

Today, I am grateful for:

- Spending time with my cousins and their families
- A safe drive to V's house and back
- Water for the garden
- Harvesting vegetables from the garden
- Being able to order groceries online

Today's joyful activity was visiting my cousins.

Plans for tomorrow include picking up the groceries I ordered. 

How was your Sunday?  What are your plans for Monday?


October Decluttering:
10/1 - 1 banana holder (to be donated)
10/2 - 3 decorative beaded buckles (to be donated)
10/3 - 1 craft book


  1. Looks like you are sticking with the decluttering routine - good idea, one item a day doesn't make it feel like a chore. Poor Lois isn't looking so good, hopefully Clark's growth will inspire her.

    1. Yes, I am determined to continue with the decluttering, slow and steady, an item a day. Lois will green up soon - mango leaves start out a bronze color and then turn green. :)

  2. It almost sounds like V arranged a small gathering just for you and your cousins. I'm glad you got to visit with each other.

    1. It does sound like that, doesn't it? It was nice to get together and visit. R brought another bag of clothes for my daughter, which was also nice! :D

  3. 12 moringa pods! That's wonderful.
    I have two moringa trees. The taller one is very healthy looking, but hasn't produced a single pod yet. The other skinny one gave one pod. So, I manly eat moringa leaves. :)

    I'm planning to go to a lunch with several colleagues this weekend. I'm a bit nervous, but I'm around so many unmasked (possibly unvaccinated as well) students now, so going to lunch with 3 colleagues won't make a big difference, I hope. Though I have to take the mask off to eat.

    1. It's the most I've picked in one go, so far! There are 3 more immature one on the tree. Lots of flowers, too, but, I don't know how well the tree will do in the winter; we shall wait and see.

      I hope your lunch out with colleagues will turn out to be both safe and enjoyable, Nil. Do you have coriander seeds? If so, maybe have a cup of coriander tea, when you get home. That's what I did, last night. :)

  4. It sounds like you had a nice visit with your family. I'm glad you were able to do so.
    I've had homemade marshmallows once before. They are quite delicious. And really nice in hot chocolate if your temperatures drop again soon.

    1. It was nice to visit with the family. V's one daughter lives in New York with her husband and two sons; the other daughter lives in San Diego. It's special to see them when they visit. My maternal grandmother used to always make both marshmallows and Turkish Delight for Christmas. I've made them, myself, a couple of times, but, I don't make them that often, because if I make them, then, I will eat them and I shouldn't eat them! :D Temperatures are supposed to drop by the end of the week, so, I might save one of the marshmallows for a cup of hot chocolate, then! :D

  5. Family gatherings are so heartwarming. I'm still doing the mask thing.....

    1. Family gatherings are lovely, but, so worrying, too, these days!

  6. How hard it is to be sociable and sensible during this time! I think the problems in managing social situations bother me more than the isolation did. But we'll get through it one day.
    DH is now very enthusiastic about the many types of mushrooms springing up in our yard like they do every fall. He has looked in vain for more giant puffballs and now wants to know what else we can eat. Nothing that I feel safe with, I told him, and when he picked up some fungi to look at, I insisted that he wash his hands as soon as we got back in the house. Strange mushrooms scare me!

    1. For the most part, I turn down invitations to social gatherings, but, it is really difficult for me to say no to my family. Fortunately, we are all vaccinated and I hope that that is enough!

      I am not good at identifying wild mushrooms, myself, and wouldn't recommend eating anything unless one is 100% sure! Maybe there will be another giant puffball or two before autumn ends for you to enjoy. :)


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