Sunday, October 31, 2021

October Decluttering

My goal for decluttering in October was one item a day for a total of 31 items decluttered.  I started out posting a daily list of items decluttered, but, it was making my daily posts too long and I decided to post one list at the end of the month, instead.   These are the items I have decluttered this month:

October Decluttering:

10/1 - 1 banana holder (a long ago gift from daughter; to be donated)
10/2 - 3 decorative beaded buckles (bought by my mother; to be donated)
10/3 - 1 craft book (about making picture frames; to be donated)
10/4 - 3 anime books (daughter's; to be donated)
10/5 - 1 pack of HP playing cards (daughter's; to be donated)
        - 1 Rubik's cube-type 3D puzzle (a triangle, instead of a cube; daughter's to be donated)
        - 1 chemistry set for making models of molecules and ions (daughter's; to be donated)
10/6 - 6 bottles of old dried up craft paint (tossed)
        - 3 items of clothing (to be donated; daughter took 2 of them!)
10/7 - 5 knitted scarves (to be donated)
10/8 - 1 basket (to be donated)
10/9 - 1 blouse (given to daughter)
10/10 - 1 hair clip (broken; tossed)
          - 1 cat toy (cat is not interested in it; tossed)
10/11 - 1 resin chair (broken, recycled)
10/12 - 1 old dry erase board (tossed)
10/13 - 5 plastic plant pots (cracked/broken; recycled)
10/14 - 1 basket (tossed; unfit for donating)
10/15 - 1 item of clothing (tossed; unfit for donating)
10/16 - 2 more items of clothing (tossed; unfit for donating)
10/17 - 1 cracked food storage container & lid; 3 additional lids
10/18 - 3 food containers and lids (tossed)
10/19 - 3 more food containers and lids (given away with soup!)
10/20 - 1 scarf (to be donated)
10/21 - 1 plastic table cover, used (tossed)
10/22 - 2 language (Japanese) CDs (to be donated)
10/23 - 1 pin/brooch (to be donated)
10/24 - 5 items of clothing (tossed; unfit for donating)
10/25 - 1 fridge magnet/pen, shaped like a slice of apple (given to me by daughter; tossed after the pen broke)
10/26 - 4 text books (daughter's; neither the charity I'm donating to or the library will accept them; recycled)
10/27 - 1 broken bag clip (tossed)
10/28 - 2 nylon net produce bags (had kept thinking I could make something with them; tossed)
10/29 - 1 set of 4 wooden matryoshka dolls (a gift from an old friend; to be donated)
10/30 - 1 shot glass (had been my step-father's; to be donated)
10/31 - 1 really old half used bottle of bubble bath (tossed)

I decluttered 68 items, total, of which 13 items were my daughter's contributions.

I want to continue to declutter in November, too.  November's goal is at least one item a day which will give me a minimum of 30 items.  I'd like to declutter more than that, of course.  My goal is not to be a minimalist!  But, to have fewer things, over all.  Over the years, I have accumulated various things.  A lot of those things are decorative items and displayed.  It pleased me to acquire them and they have brought me joy over the years.  But, increasingly, I am starting to feel that I have accumulated too much and it is time to lighten my load.  The time has come to let some things go and that's what I will be doing in November.

Anyone else joining me in decluttering?


  1. Well done on achieving and continuing with your decluttering goals. I have started but have yet to take things to the charity shop. I must admit it is very hard letting go of some things that hold sentimental value.

    1. Thank you, Eileen. You have done well to start - often, starting is the hard part! I usually collect a few bags of stuff and then, schedule a pick up by one of the charities I donate to. Letting go of those sentimental things are the hardest part!

  2. You are definitely on a roll. A little bit every day really adds up.

    1. Thank you, June. A little bit every day is more or less the only way I can do it! Otherwise, it gets overwhelming! :)

  3. Well done on your October efforts and good luck for November.

    Yes, I'll join you for November decluttering. I'd set myself the date of Dec 1st to complete all of the decluttering that's been sorted and hanging about for ages so I need to get on a deal with it if I want to meet that date.

    1. Thank you, Eileen. I, too, really need to "get on" with it! I am hoping that among the 30 items, I will have at least 15 books that are mine and not daughter's. I think you will meet your Dec. 1st goal! :)

  4. You've done so well with your decluttering and I'm sure you will continue just as well throughout November. Don't forget that you can take photos of items that you declutter, if they are sentimental and you are hesitant to part with them. Then eventually you will find that you only have the ones that are the most significant displayed around your home. But I may have to take my own advice in order to continue with my own decluttering!!

    1. Thank you, Bushlady. :) I take some photos of the things I declutter to post on the blog, but, I don't store the photos on my phone or computer. I usually delete them after I post them on the blog. But, maybe I should keep the photos as a memento and toss the item!

  5. Hi. I've been reading your blog, and I find it to be inspirational. I've been trying to declutter my house for quite a while, sometimes I feel like I'm getting things done, other times not so much! I do like the idea of finding an item a day, and if I find more, good for me. Have you read the book, The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning by Margareta Magnusson? It's good. I think I should maybe re-read it again!

    1. Hi Sandy! Thank you for saying that you find my blog to be inspirational! I appreciate that very much! Decluttering is a process, isn't it? I have done different versions of decluttering - I started out with 10 items a day; that was easier in the early stages when there was a lot to get rid of. I did the as many numbers of items as the date (1 item on the 1st of the month, 2 items on the 2nd, and 30 or 31 items on the last day). It was really hard to do towards the end of the month! These days, 1 item a day is easier! I have heard of Swedish Death Cleaning, but, I haven't read the book. I shall see if the library has a copy and borrow it. :) Thank you, again, for commenting. I'm off to check your blog!

  6. You continue to do a good job with your decluttering. I'm so glad you started this - when did you start this? lol. You've always been a declutterer but you officially
    re-started the one item a day again I think in May?
    Regardless, it has helped me stay committed and stay with the process.
    My list for November is growing slowly but steadily.

    1. Thank you, Debra. I can't even remember when I started the item a day, but, this latest effort officially started in September, I think, when Eileen issued the challenge. :) Read on and you'll see I did very well during the first week in November, too! :)


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