Sunday, October 10, 2021

Sunny on Saturday

Today was sunny and relatively warm with a high of 73F.  It was warmer outside than inside! I had the windows open to, hopefully, get some warmer air into the house!  

I took a walk around the garden in the morning and checked on the plants.  There is another mango seedling coming up from a seed I planted without germinating it first!  That makes three mango seedlings, so far!  It will be a long time before the seedlings become big enough to bear fruit, but, it's fun to see them grow!

Today, I finished repairing the quilt I started on at the beginning of summer!  It got too hot to work on the quilt, with its flannel backing, during summer and I put it aside.  Today, I patched the last two torn pieces, laundered, and dried the quilt:

The Repaired Quilt

Some of the patches were sewn so that they are almost invisible from the original pieces:

Red Patch Sewn over a Torn Red Piece

Others are more obviously patches that have been applied over the torn pieces, with visible stitches:

Patches Over the Torn Pieces

While others clearly flaunt themselves as patches!

Obviously Patched!

One project completed and at least half a dozen more to go!  

In addition to the quilt, I did more laundry, today, including the sofa dust sheets and the kitchen and bath mats.  

Brunch had been leftovers; dinner was frozen gyoza (pot stickers).  At $6.49 for a 23 oz. bag, I consider it to be an affordable splurge.   I cooked approximately half the bag (16 pieces) for our dinner tonight; the remaining 15 pieces will be kept for another day.  Fresh fruit for dessert, afterwards.  Later, however, daughter suggested making corn bread and we made some, partly to heat up the house a bit before going to bed!  

Today, I am grateful for:
- The sunny day
- Being able to repair the quilt
- Working appliances (washer and dryer)
- Frozen meals
- Fresh fruit

Today's joyful activities include finishing the quilt repairs and baking corn bread!  

Plans for tomorrow include taking a couple of items to friend R (I wasn't able to go to see her today as she was busy).

How was your Saturday?  What are your plans for Sunday?


October Decluttering:
10/1 - 1 banana holder (to be donated)
10/2 - 3 decorative beaded buckles (to be donated)
10/3 - 1 craft book
10/4 - 3 anime books (daughter's; to be donated)
10/5 - 1 pack of HP playing cards (daughter's; to be donated)
        - 1 Rubik's cube-type 3D puzzle (a triangle, instead of a cube; daughter's to be donated)
        - 1 chemistry set for making models of molecules and ions (daughter's; to be donated)
10/6 - 6 bottles of old dried up craft paint
        - 3 items of clothing (to be donated; daughter took 2 of them!)
10/7 - 5 knitted scarves
10/8 - 1 basket
10/9 - 1 blouse (given to daughter)


  1. I love the heart you put on the corner of the quilt. What a fun, unexpected part of the design.

    1. Thank you, June! There's another, smaller pink heart on the back of the quilt, too, to cover up an accidental cut I made when renewing the backing, a few years ago. :)

  2. Congratulations on a successful repair job on that gorgeous scrap quilt. It was certainly worth the effort.

    1. Thank you, Bushlady. I made it in 1981 or 82 for my mother. Then, it became my daughter's favorite quilt because it was so soft and worn. I replaced the backing about 10 years ago and now, I've patched the top!

  3. I love the quilt and the heart in the corner. Did you originally make it with pieces of used fabric? I just wondered if each piece held a memory. X

    1. Thank you, Jules. :) The original quilt was made from fabric leftover from sewing clothes (back then, my mother used to make all our clothes). They were, for the most part, new fabric, but, I do see a couple of pieces from a shirt my step-father wore, so, I suppose I did incorporate some worn clothes, too! :)

  4. What a nice job you did repairing your quilt. You must feel good when you gaze upon it and see the result of your work.

    I like those pot stickers but have only been able to find them in our area at Trader Joes which is over 30 miles away - so not convenient.
    Are you getting yours at your regular grocery store?

    1. Thank you, Debra. I do like seeing the repaired quilt on my daughter's bed, without all those torn pieces!

      I am buying the pot stickers at the regular grocery store - it is a Kroger affiliated store (called Ralphs, which, I believe is only in Southern California). Do you have a Kroger affiliated store up there? If so, maybe check if they carry them?


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