Wednesday, September 15, 2021



Dinner Compliments of S!

Neighbor S gave me not one, but, two containers of her potato and ground beef stew, today!  "One for you and one for your daughter", she said!  She had added bell peppers and basil and it was quite delicious!  Thank you, S!  She also told me that she didn't want the containers back (last time, I washed her containers and returned them to her, along with a small piece of cornbread, since I don't return empty containers).  

Today, I dusted, brought the trash cans in, cleaned the litter box, and did the dishes.  Then, watched the news and the gubernatorial recall election results.  And, since it was a cooler evening and we had two very ripe bananas that needed to be used up soon, daughter and I made banana bread.  

Banana Bread

Yesterday, I had decluttered an ice bucket, but, it was such a pretty cut glass ice bucket, I felt reluctant to part with it!  I set it out on the coffee table and thought, "I could arrange some flowers in it," etc.  When I mentioned it to my daughter, she put it back in the china cabinet and I found the printer tray from an old printer that we no longer had and decluttered that, instead!  

Today, I decluttered a homemade iPad cover:

Old iPad Cover - Closed

My daughter received an iPad when she graduated from high school.  It was something she wanted to take with her to campus when she went to university, but she was concerned that it might get damaged in her backpack among her books, etc.  I think we didn't want to pay the $40 or so for a cover, so I made a padded cover for it, using a piece of old dry erase white board, cut into two pieces, for the sides of the cover!

iPad Cover - Opened

I glued quilt batting to both sides of the white board pieces and asked daughter to choose the cover fabric from my stash.  Then, I used some coordinating scrap fabric to line it and reinforced the inside spine with another piece of fabric.  The cover had two pockets to insert the iPad and any note paper, etc.

One of the Pockets, Inside

The tab to close it had two button holes so it could be adjusted as needed.

It was a sturdy cover and lasted being carried in her backpack for four years.  There were a couple of worn spots in two of the corners where the yellow flowered fabric had torn.  But, she has no need for it now, so, I tossed it, today.  

Today, I am grateful for:
- Neighbor S sending us dinner
- A relaxed day
- Being able to participate in the recall election
- Banana bread
- Working appliances

Today's joyful activity was being in the garden (and enjoying freshly baked banana bread!)


September Decluttering:  I am continuing to declutter at least one item a day in September, too.

9/1 - 1 Crossword book, completed (recycled)

9/2 - 1 T shirt (daughter's; to be donated)

9/3 - 1 knitting book (to be donated)

9/4 - unused cards (to be donated)

9/5 - 1 participation medal (daughter's; tossed)

9/6 - 1 seashell necklace (to be donated)

9/7 - 3 copper bowls (to be donated)
      - 3 text books (daughter's; recycled)

9/8 - 1 text book (daughter's; recycled)

9/9 - 2 metal spare parts that are no longer needed (recycled)

9/10 - 1 CD (chemistry lecture supplement; daughter's; tossed)

9/11 - 1 bag of small plastic toy reptiles and amphibians (3 snakes, 4 frogs, and 4 lizards; to be donated)

9/12 - 2 crocheted shawls

9/13 - 1 ice bucket printer paper tray

9/14 - 1 homemade iPad cover


  1. I bet your daughter had the fanciest iPad cover around, and it looks like she got a lot of use out it. I have a thick felted bag, which I knit, that we use for a laptop case. It seems to work well for when we travel.

    1. I used to make her fabric text book covers when she was in middle and high school - one fabric I used looked vaguely like a leopard print, so that book cover had two ears and a tail that could be used as a bookmark. She was game about stuff like that, but, she would not let me put googly eyes on the cover, saying she didn't like them! :D

  2. I like the ipad cover you made & it would be a good disguise for anyone thinking to "borrow permanently".

    1. Thank you, Mary-Lou; I didn't think about that, but, yes, it would have been a good disguise, as well! :)

  3. We seem to think alike at times. I made myself a laptop cover using a zippered flat document bag with handles, and two sturdy pieces of cardboard covered in fabric I had that matched the bag. I don't need it often but I have even placed it in a small carryon case which didn't have a laptop insert.

    1. Great minds and all that! :D I like your laptop carrying case! :)

  4. The cover you made for your daughter's iPad is so nice. I love that you made something useful and attractive with what you had on hand and your daughter used it for years.
    I have a vase of hydrangeas cut from my yard in a glass ice bucket on my dining table. - that's pretty funny :)

    1. Thank you, Debra. :) Yes, she used it for the 4 years she attended UCLA. It served its purpose well. :)

      Oh, that is funny that you are currently using an ice bucket for your flowers! This is why it is hard for me to declutter - I keep thinking of how to reuse/repurpose things! It's not that I don't have enough vases, either!

  5. I wouldn't be able to eat it but S's potato and ground beef stew looks absolutely delicious. The generosity of your friends is wonderful.

    I hope you've had a good day Bless x

    1. It was very tasty! Especially because I didn't have to cook it! I took a couple of pieces of the banana bread over to her, today, in return. :)

      My day has been very good, so far, thank you. :) It's a little cooler, today (only 85F) but, sunny and clear blue skies. :)

  6. Love the iPad cover, what a great idea.
    I've almost 'de-cluttered' that large ball of wool! - I'm just finishing the second sleeve now :)

    1. Thank you, Jules. Wow, you are a fast knitter! :)

  7. Your neighbors ground beef and potato stew looked mighty delicious. All that was missing was some green chile. But that's just me. LOL Very nice of her though. I've been following CA's recall election too and glad Gavin Newsom was able to keep his job. He's just trying to do the right thing and keep the people of California safe but the other side can't see that. What a waste of everyone's time. I know you don't talk politics on your blog so that's all I will about that. Denise

    1. S had put bell peppers in the stew! But, we can always adjust the seasonings to taste. ;) Yes, I avoid discussing politics on the blog, except maybe to say I watched the debates or voted, etc., because these days, it is difficult to have a civil discussion or even a polite debate about such things, even with friends and family! I am fully confident that those who regularly read and comment on the blog will be polite, but, then, there are others who spam and although I moderate all comments, it becomes onerous to go through and delete rude comments. :)


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