Thursday, September 16, 2021

Mid September on Wednesday!

It is the middle of the month, already!

A cooler day, today, with a high of only 85F.  Sunny and clear blue skies.  A very pleasant day.

Daughter had early morning meetings, today, but, I slept in until 10:00 a.m.  (went to bed at 3:00 a.m.).  Later, after a cup of tea and morning prayers, etc., I called neighbor S and took over a couple of pieces of banana bread to her.  Next, I called cousin P and took a couple of pieces of banana bread to her, too.  Neighbor T, too, received a couple of pieces and so did M when he was here to water the garden!  Daughter had a piece and I ate the last piece!  

I also picked three moringa pods, today.  These ones were about as thick as my index finger and a good size for harvesting.  

Moringa Pods

I cooked them in a "white curry" (without red chili powder), in coconut milk, with onions, tomatoes, green chilies, curry leaves, turmeric, just a touch of yellow curry powder, salt, and lemon juice.  I gave M a couple of pieces to try and he said I should bottle the gravy/sauce and sell it!  LOL.  

Today, I dusted the family room, put away some laundry, cooked the moringa, chatted on the phone with family and friends, including my cousin who had been in the World Trade Center during the 9/11 attacks, and made tentative plans to visit cousin V on Saturday (she's after knee replacement surgery).

Today's decluttering was a set of four stem glasses.  I wrapped them up well and boxed them to be donated; I wrote "Fragile/Glass; Handle with Care" on the box, so that the people picking up the donations will know not to just toss the box when loading up the van!  

Today, I am grateful for:

- Moringa from the garden (and another okra pod, too!)
- M watering the garden for me
- Water for the garden
- Chatting with family and friends
- Quiet, relaxed days

Today's joyful activity was distributing banana bread!  LOL.


September Decluttering:  I am continuing to declutter at least one item a day in September, too.

9/1 - 1 Crossword book, completed (recycled)

9/2 - 1 T shirt (daughter's; to be donated)

9/3 - 1 knitting book (to be donated)

9/4 - unused cards (to be donated)

9/5 - 1 participation medal (daughter's; tossed)

9/6 - 1 seashell necklace (to be donated)

9/7 - 3 copper bowls (to be donated)
      - 3 text books (daughter's; recycled)

9/8 - 1 text book (daughter's; recycled)

9/9 - 2 metal spare parts that are no longer needed (recycled)

9/10 - 1 CD (chemistry lecture supplement; daughter's; tossed)

9/11 - 1 bag of small plastic toy reptiles and amphibians (3 snakes, 4 frogs, and 4 lizards; to be donated)

9/12 - 2 crocheted shawls

9/13 - 1 ice bucket printer paper tray

9/14 - 1 homemade iPad cover

9/15 - a set of 4 stem glasses (to be donated)


  1. The banana bread reminds me of the Bible story of the fishes and loaves--where just a little food fed so many. :)

    1. Thank you, June; I was happy that I was able to share the banana bread. :)

  2. Oh I like the idea of selling bottles of Bless's white curry sauce. You could become a household word!
    I'm still working in the yard an hour a day. It's great to have suitable weather so I'm making the most of it.

    1. Ha, ha, I think I know what I'll give M for Christmas! :D It is a very versatile curry sauce - we often serve it with stringhoppers, or you can add hard boiled eggs to it, or potatoes, or just about any vegetable, actually, or fish. Usually, meat is cooked in a red curry sauce.

      Glad you are having good weather for gardening. I haven't done much more than water in the garden, this summer, and harvest fruits and vegetables, of course! :D

  3. The banana bread went quickly! I'm sure everyone enjoyed it.
    You had a busy day yesterday. It's nice that you were able to touch base with your cousin around 9/11.
    I dropped off some of my decluttered items yesterday. I had 3 boxes of misc items- mainly kitchen and decorative items. They have changed their rules for what they will accept and how it must be packaged since Covid. I have an instruction list of what their requirements are and it's been no problem doing things the new way. This time they had set up a contactless drop off. A couple of tables outside of their door and a sign that said we were to leave things there in this new way and they would retrieve the drop off once we drove off.

    Your curry sounds very delicious.

    1. That banana bread didn't have any time to sit around and get stale! :D

      I'm glad you were able to drop off some of your decluttered items, yesterday, and it wasn't hard to comply with their new rules. I was just told to leave the bags or items outside the door, which is where I've always left them and they will collect them on the scheduled pick up day. The only restrictions were no text books, nothing that weighed over 60 lbs., and no more than 15 bags. Cousin P, too, is having them pick up from her place on the same day!

      The moringa curry turned out well. :)

  4. People who come bearing banana bread must be welcomed with open arms - a lovely gesture by you and I'm sure you brought a smile to all of your friends and family.

    Well done on the decluttering. You're continuing to make steady progress. Are you sticking to one room and decluttering everything you can let go in that room, or is it just a case of finding one thing for the day from anywhere in the house?

    1. I was happy I was able to share the banana bread. Cousin P loves banana bread, but she doesn't do any baking, herself (plus, having been diagnosed with early stages of dementia, she shouldn't be around a stove, anyway!). Neighbor T, too, doesn't do any baking and she likes sweets, so she is usually very happy when I take her some bread or cake. Friend R doesn't like banana bread, otherwise I'd have made it a point to take her a piece, too. :)

      Thank you for supporting me in my decluttering efforts. I am not that methodical to declutter one room at a time! I just wander around the house, usually around the time when I write my blog post, and find something! :D I have a mental list of what I think I *should* declutter, but, actually decluttering them is another matter!

  5. The white curry sounds so delicious. Yum.

  6. That's great! Banana bread sounds delicious. (especially homemade.)

    1. Thank you, Stephenie; any kind of homemade bread is good, isn't it? :)


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