Sunday, September 5, 2021

September Blessings

Apple Bread (Baked by Neighbor S's Mother)

September started out cool, almost cold, but, then, it warmed up, nicely!  Today, Saturday, we went up to 99F!  The house, however, stayed cool and the fans kept us comfortable.  

I have had a productive couple of days.  Yesterday (Friday), I did laundry, cleaned my bathroom, mopped the kitchen, did the dishes, and finished cleaning my bedroom including removing cobwebs.  I am happy to say that I completed most of my weekly cleaning routines, this week!  

Friday Lunch, Compliments of S and N

Neighbor S called me around noon, yesterday; her daughter N was making hamburgers and would I like some?  She brought over hamburgers with pickles on the side and dessert!  The Armenian cookies called gata that her mother had made and a chocolate chip cookie that N had baked!  Yum!  What a blessing!  I gave S some freshly picked green chilies from the garden.

New Blouse

Later in the afternoon, cousin P called; she's going through her closet and has a dress and a blouse to give away, would I like them?   Yes, please!  Yes, I recently went through my closet and wondered how many were too many, but, receiving new-to-me clothes is a blessing!  My daughter loved the dress (it fitted her perfectly) and I took the blouse.  I am not sure if I like the length of the sleeves, however (they are elbow length); I might shorten them.  

Later in the evening, M tended to the garden and I gave him some moringa curry to try.  He really liked them.  He blessed me with a Hawaiian papaya that he had bought.  We are going to save the seeds and see if we can get them to grow!  I've had papaya seeds germinate, but, so far, haven't had much luck with getting them to grow to become trees.

Today (Saturday), I woke up with a slight knot of pain in my left hip.  I suppose I overdid it with the mopping, etc., yesterday.  I took it relatively easy, today, and rested.  I was still able to do things and I walked in the garden, did the dishes, cooked a beef curry, etc.  But, I didn't do any cleaning or housework.

Daughter asked me to mend a pair of shorts for her and I did that.  Later, I decided to renew a pair of pot holders:

Damaged Pot Holders

They are dollar store pot holders that I had bought in pre-Covid days.  I would regularly buy a pair of new pot holders (2 for $1), at the beginning of the year and replace them the following year.  Well, this year, I didn't replace them and using them to pull out an oven rack burned the fabric at the back.  My solution was to sew on another piece of fabric from the scrap basket:

Renewed Potholders (back)

Potholders (front)

I kept the fronts of the potholders as they were, as I like the butterfly fabric.  I felt very pleased with myself for renewing the potholders!  

Later in the evening, neighbor S called again.  She laughed as she said that she had family over for a visit and her aunt had made some tzatziki and would I like some?  A short time later, she and her daughter N blessed us with a feast!

Dinner Compliments of S and Family

They brought us tzatziki, salad, tabouleh, rice, pickled vegetables, grilled meat and hummus, and the apple bread that S's mother had made!  Enough food for not only dinner, but, also tomorrow's lunch and more!  I am so blessed!

Today, I am grateful for:
- Neighbors such as S and her family
- Being blessed by the generosity of others
- A cool house on a warm day
- Sewing skills
- The pain in the hip didn't get worse

Today's joyful activity was renewing the burnt potholders!    

This is a long weekend for us in the US with Monday being Labor Day.   Daughter and I are not doing anything special, but, I do have a couple of projects in mind for the weekend.  Whether I'll get around to doing them is another matter!  Hope everyone is having a safe weekend. 


  1. Wow, you really have been blessed ... such generosity and it all looks so tasty.

    I like the sleeves on the blouse. I'm looking for tops where the sleeves reach to the elbows but that style also seems to come with the wider neckline that I see on your new blouse, and that doesn't suit me. It's a pretty blouse and I like the colours.

    1. I have been blessed, haven't I? Everything was delicious! There are leftovers for at least another couple of meals!

      I will wear the blouse as it is for a bit to see if I like the sleeves before deciding what to do. Sometimes, it is a matter of getting used to a different style than my usual! :)

  2. S has been doing a lot of cooking at her house! And how lucky for you. :)

    1. They have been having lots of family visiting and I get to benefit! :) Now, the question is, how am I going to reciprocate?

  3. What a lot of yummy food you have been given! I'm sure your gifts also brought pleasure, in return. I really like the blouse as well, including the length of the sleeves, but I'm sure if you decide to adjust them you'll do a great job. The potholders have a very professional finish, and I like your choice of fabric. Much better than buying new!

    1. It's a lot of delicious food and such a blessing! Thank you for saying my sewing looks good! My sewing teacher at school used to despair that I'd ever be able to sew anything! :D The fabric I used for the potholders was a remnant piece that a friend gave me! We used to take a singing class together and when she found out that I sewed, she have me her stash of fabric! :D

  4. Great food, great blouse, great repair on the pot holders! The fabric is cute.
    I had a big gift of tomatoes from my friend on Friday as she had far too many ripening on her plants. I made some tomato soup today with some that wouldn't keep too long, and I still have some left. Then a friend gifted me some currant apple jam and I passed on some craft supplies that she likes for her projects.

    1. Thank you, Bushlady. A friend of mine gave me that fabric! Sounds like you are being blessed with garden surplus by your friends! I'm sure your friend was happy to receive the craft supplies. :)

  5. My goodness! What a day of food gifts from your neighbor S and her daughter.
    I love tzatziki :)

    Great job on the potholders. You are a good mender. I think it's very rewarding to extend the life of things.

    1. It was a very generous gift, wasn't it? Much appreciated, too!

      Thank you! I am pleased with how they turned out! :)


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