Sunday, September 26, 2021

The Weekend


Autumn Leaf Garland

It's the last weekend in September!  Already?!  The days are flying past!

I took it easy this weekend.  The weather was pleasant.  Cool in the mornings and evenings, warm in the afternoons.  

On Saturday, I dealt with Baby Melon's splitting headache.  Later, my daughter tidied the family room for me, I tidied the kitchen and organized one of the cabinet shelves.  In the evening, I walked in my drive way for about 20 minutes.  That's when I saw this:

Bun Bun!

Bun Bun hiding under some plants!  I hadn't seen him in over a week and wondered if anything had happened to him.  But, no!  He is still around!  He came out from his hiding spot, a bit later, and enjoyed some of the grass.  Later in the evening, I looked out the front window and Snowbunny had joined him!  I am glad they are safe!  Maybe Pirate Bunny is around here, somewhere, too, although I didn't see him!  I had been wondering if I should take down the bunny fort, but, maybe I'll leave it up for a bit longer!

In the evening, I baked a cake.  I added some peaches from one of the packages I had in the freezer to it and it turned out well.  Now that the evenings are cooler, I am happy to start baking!

Today, I took some of the cake over to neighbor T and to N (neighbor S's daughter).  I tried to call cousin P to offer her a piece, but, she didn't answer her phone.  I will try calling her again, tomorrow.  Friend R's share and M's share have been kept aside for them.  

I also made an autumn leaf garland for the living room mantel, today!  I picked yellow leaves that had fallen from the peach tree and the nectarine tree and strung them together to make the garland!  I suppose the leaves will last a couple of days before they dry up and when they do, they will be put in the compost bin!  Later, in October, I'll put out the Halloween decorations.  I've been toying with the idea of doing another Autumn Joy List (I've done seasonal ones and monthly ones, in previous years).  If I do, then, baking and decorating for the season will be on it!  

Tonight's dinner was spicy Italian sausages cooked with onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, and kale, served with egg noodles.   There's enough leftover for another meal, tomorrow.   

This was a good weekend to catch up with some of my cousins and friends.  I emailed one cousin in Sri Lanka, spoke online with another cousin who is also in Sri Lanka, chatted with a couple cousins who are here in the States, and with a couple of friends, as well.

Today, I am grateful for:

- A relaxed weekend
- Keeping in touch with family and friends
- Being able to bake and share with friends
- The garden harvests
- Hot water on tap and a working shower!

Today's joyful activity was making the autumn leaf garland!

How was your weekend?  What are your plans for the week ahead?


September Decluttering:  I am continuing to declutter at least one item a day in September, too.

9/1 - 1 Crossword book, completed (recycled)

9/2 - 1 T shirt (daughter's; to be donated)

9/3 - 1 knitting book (to be donated)

9/4 - unused cards (to be donated)

9/5 - 1 participation medal (daughter's; tossed)

9/6 - 1 seashell necklace (to be donated)

9/7 - 3 copper bowls (to be donated)
      - 3 text books (daughter's; recycled)

9/8 - 1 text book (daughter's; recycled)

9/9 - 2 metal spare parts that are no longer needed (recycled)

9/10 - 1 CD (chemistry lecture supplement; daughter's; tossed)

9/11 - 1 bag of small plastic toy reptiles and amphibians (3 snakes, 4 frogs, and 4 lizards; to be donated)

9/12 - 2 crocheted shawls

9/13 - 1 ice bucket printer paper tray

9/14 - 1 homemade iPad cover

9/15 - a set of 4 stem glasses (to be donated)

9/16 - 3 books (daughter's; to be donated)
        - 1 handbag/purse (daughter's; to be donated)
        - 2 telephone directories (recycled)
        - 3 magazines (recycled)
        - 1 knitted shrug (to be donated)
        - 2 zippered plastic covers that bedding came in
        - 2 storage boxes 

9/17 - 1 jacket (to be donated)

9/18 - 3 disposable food containers (given with food)
        - 1 hooded sweatshirt (to be donated)
        - more old make up (eye liner that was dry! Tossed)

9/19 - 1 old wash cloth that was torn in the middle  (tossed)
        - 1 wooden cat shaped letter holder
        - 1 clock radio
        - 3 collectible dolls
        - several posters (daughter's; recycled)

9/20 - 1 broken picture frame (tossed)

9/21 - 3 hair bands (tossed)

9/22 - 1 scarf (to be donated; another bag of donations started)

9/23 - 1 bath mat (tossed)

9/24 - 1 blouse (given to daughter)

9/25 - 1 blouse (daughter's; to be donated)

9/26 - 1 box (recycled)
          1 binder (daughter's; recycled)


  1. Your garland is lovely, I would never have thought to do that. Your cake with added peaches sounds lovely, you've given me yet another idea. I've had a lovely weekend, the highlight was the end of term puppy class, thank you for asking :)

    1. Welcome to my blog, Eileen. :)

      Thank you! We don't have that many plants with leaves that turn color, especially this early in the season, in my area, but, the peach and nectarine trees obliged! Glad that adding peaches to the cake gave you an idea. :) I'm glad you had a good weekend and Tilly did so well at the end of term class!

  2. I've just read your response to Eileen (above). I was thinking about doing 'autumn' as the theme for next month's photo challenge but it sounds like that wouldn't be the best subject for you ... I'll have to rethink.

    My weekend has been filled with phone calls and messaging with friends and family, mostly to do with Covid though. Local numbers are up by almost 1,000 in one week which is scary to say the least. Some planned family get-togethers have been postponed as a result.

    1. Autumn would be a good theme, though! I won't have leaves turning color (except for the nectarine tree, which is turning yellow!), but, I could find something else that signifies autumn. :)

      That is a scary increase in Covid numbers, isn't it? Too bad the planned family get togethers had to be postponed, but, it's for the best, I'm sure. My cousin is having a barbecue next weekend to celebrate her twin daughters' birthday a bit early because the daughter in New York is coming down for a visit and had invited us to attend, but, I had to decline the invitation! I am not comfortable attending any family gatherings at this time! Especially as it won't be just the immediate family!

  3. I like your leave garland, what a fun way to decorate. I like to decorate for Thanksgiving, which for us is in early October(11th this year) & leaves feature quite a bit; such variety of colour. Oh your poor melon, glad you can tend to it & nice that the bunnies are all OK.

    1. Thank you, Mary-Lou; I'm rather pleased with the garland, myself!
      :) I loved seeing the leaves change color when I was in Wisconsin. I look forward to seeing your Thanksgiving decorations, this year. :)

  4. Your leaf garland is so pretty [I miss having a fireplace and mantel piece since we moved into this bungalow] I too have been tidying kitchen cabinets, using the labelmaker to put proper labels on jars. Ground almonds, semolina and cornmeal all look very similar!!

    1. Thank you, Angela. :) Oh, what fun to have a labelmaker! My jars usually have bits of masking tape with the contents written on them! :D

  5. Do you think those rabbits were sheltering from the heat since you didn't see them for several days? Or was it a crafty plot they had to make you drop your guard and take down the bunny fort, thinking they had gone forever?
    I finished covering the desk chair, finally making a slip on cover for the back and sewing it into place. The dark black denim makes it look businesslike, and I'm hoping it will wear well.

    1. Ha, ha, I think it was a plot to make me let my guard down! The last time I saw Pirate Bun, he was well down the block, so I thought that maybe they found greener yards. At least, I hoped that they did and didn't become a coyote's dinner! I was happy to see them, the other day!

      Yay! You covered that desk chair! Well done! I'm sure it looks very nice! :)

  6. Great job decluttering. Happy Monday.

    1. Thank you, Regine; wish you a happy Monday, too, and a wonderful week to follow. :)

  7. I like the garland!
    SO glad Bun-Bun is safe!

    1. Thank you, Anne. Yes, it's good to know that at least Bun Bun and Snowbunny are safe! Hope Pirate Bun is, too. :)

  8. If you want your next leaf garland to last longer, you can dip the leaves in wax or iron the between wax paper. We always did that as kids to make the pretty leaves last for months.

    1. Oh, thank you for that tip, June! I didn't know! I might try doing that, next time! :)

  9. Your garland is very pretty - and a clever thing to do.

    I'm glad Bun Bun is safe.

    Your sausage and noodles sounds yummy and I bet your peach cake was good.
    I've been thinking about making some gingerbread.

    1. Thank you, Debra. I had fun making the garland. :)

      Yes, I was happy to see Bun Bun! He and his bunny friends are rascals, but, they are lovable rascals! :D

      I liked the sausages; I think they are quite a versatile item to have on hand and can see myself making some stews with them in the winter. :) The peach cake is almost done! :D I took some pictures to post later. Gingerbread sounds good, too. :)

  10. The garland is lovely. I would never have thought of using real leaves. I've hung up my pumpkin lights today. A little earlier than usual, but it is so grey and gloomy outside that I thought they would make the room look nice and cosy. X

    1. Thank you, Jules. The good thing about using real leaves is, you don't have to store them until next year! The leaves lasted a week - which is not too bad, when you consider the fact that our temperatures have been in the upper 80s and even low 90s these past few days. Maybe, you and Lily can collect some leaves on your next walk and make a garland with them? I'm sure your pumpkin lights look lovely. :)


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