Friday, September 10, 2021


Another warm day!  Almost too warm for housework!  LOL!  That was my excuse for procrastinating on the housework and just relaxing, today!

I made blueberry pancakes for brunch.  Had a long chat with Aunt C.  Read blogs, played sudoku, and made a birthday card for my friend from college.  I meant to take a picture of the card, but, forgot!  In the evening, I watched news and sewed on the crewel embroidered cushion cover.  It is coming along nicely.

Later, daughter helped me with placing an order for a few things we need such as cat food, dishwasher detergent, another pair of rubber gloves to have on hand (replacements for the ones I am currently using) and, after much consideration, something I want - new kitchen towels!  I had been going back and forth about the kitchen towels for months!  The ones I have are several years old (the newest non-holiday themed ones are over 5 years old) and worn thin; some are starting to tear.  I ordered a set of two for $6, which seems like a lot of money to me for kitchen towels (I'm used to buying them for $1 from the dollar store), but, if I like the new ones, I might buy another set, later.  

Then, we ordered some groceries.  I called friend R to ask if she needed something and added the couple of items she wanted to my order.  I will pick up the groceries tomorrow and drop off her items on my way home from the grocery store.

Finally, around 8:30 p.m., after it had cooled off a bit, I vacuumed the bedrooms and the bathrooms.  The house has now been dusted and vacuumed.  Tomorrow, I will do the bathrooms and mop the kitchen.

I made some tomato soup for dinner and later, ran the dishwasher and cleaned the litter box.  Now, I am relaxing, again!

Today, I am grateful for:
- Being able to choose when I do the day's housework
- Friends I've made over the years
- Online shopping!
- Phone calls with family and friends
- What I was able to accomplish

Today's joyful activities included sewing and making the card for my friend.


September Decluttering:  I am continuing to declutter at least one item a day in September, too.

9/1 - 1 Crossword book, completed (recycled)

9/2 - 1 T shirt (daughter's; to be donated)

9/3 - 1 knitting book (to be donated)

9/4 - unused cards (to be donated)

9/5 - 1 participation medal (daughter's; tossed)

9/6 - 1 seashell necklace (to be donated)

9/7 - 3 copper bowls (to be donated)
      - 3 text books (daughter's; recycled)

9/8 - 1 text book (daughter's; recycled)

9/9 - 2 metal spare parts that are no longer needed (recycled)


  1. New dish towels can really spruce up a kitchen. I think you will enjoy your new towels when you get them.

    1. Thank you, June. I should receive them sometime next week. Looking forward to them. :)

  2. It doesn't sound like you were procrastinating. It sounds like you had a really productive day!

    Well done on keeping up with the daily decluttering. Will we see the old kitchen towels on the list once the new ones arrive?

    1. Thank you, Eileen; I procrastinated on paperwork and filing though! The old kitchen towels will be used to wipe up spills and as rags for messy jobs, such as cleaning the ceiling fans, first. So you won't see them on the decluttering list for a while! :)

  3. Good idea to order the extra rubber gloves. Once a pair rips it is often when they are really needed.
    I finally got into my new laptop but it will take time to get everything set up. I am enjoying the speed! I'm sure there are many things available on it that I will never use, but it will meet my needs.

    1. Thank you, Bushlady; I usually keep a spare pair or two (I have one pair for the kitchen and one pair for cleaning the bathrooms, etc.), but I am currently using what was my spare pair! I think the rubber in the gloves disintegrates more quickly when it is as hot as it is here, right now. I notice the fingers of the gloves getting stuck to each other!

      Sounds like you are having fun with your new laptop! It will take a few days to get it all set up the way you want it, but, you will enjoy using it. :)

  4. I am glad you got your new kitchen towels.
    It sounds like you needed some new ones.
    Have we seen a picture of your crewel work?
    Your house must look really nice. You've worked hard to keep up with your cleaning.

    1. Thank you, Debra. Yes, the old ones are ready to be downgraded to cleaning cloths! They gave me good service, though. :)

      I posted a picture of the embroidery kit here:
      But, I haven't posted a picture of the work in progress, yet. :)
      Thank you; the house is getting cleaned. There's a lot more to do before I feel it is cleaned to my satisfaction, but, I am not ready to do the deep cleaning that is needed, right now. For one thing, it is too hot! :D But, the furniture is dusted, the floors are vacuumed, and most of the windows have been cleaned from the inside. Did you get your house painted inside?

    2. The bedroom got done and all the upstairs trim. And those two linen closets got their doors and trim done :)
      So far that is it.
      We are not the fastest at improvement jobs around the house. But we keep pecking away at it and in the end, that works. I am happy that we have started. We are almost ready to work our way downstairs. The trim downstairs really needs freshening up.
      My goal is to have it done by the holidays. I'm pretty sure that is doable. Even for us.

    3. "Slow and steady" as my mother was fond of saying. :) I would like to get my house painted, too. The kitchen and family room, especially, need it! I love to paint (I painted most of the rest of the house, a few years ago), but, I'm not sure if I am quite up to it, right now, and my daughter is not at all enthusiastic about painting walls! LOL. Besides, it is just a tad too hot for anything, right now!

  5. September's decluttering is going well for you. I've reached a hiatus in mine for now :) but I'm pleased with what I've achieved so far. I've discovered, I don't actually have a lot of 'stuff', but it's little things, such as getting items listed on online selling sites, and the opportunity to actually get on and do it. I'm using any money I do make to (finally) buy a new sofa. X

    1. The decluttering is coming along, slowly. Sounds like you are making good progress, too! Hope you are able to sell the items you are decluttering and you are able to buy the new sofa soon! :)


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