Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Cloudy and Cool on Monday!


Watermelon Flower

It has been a cloudy, cool day, today, with a high of only 66F.  I know some of you are probably laughing, but, for me, that is downright chilly!  It was gloomy, too, and I was not at all motivated to do anything!  I took it easy and relaxed!

The one thing I did manage to do was schedule an appointment with the gas company to have a service technician over to do a safety check on the furnace, the stove, and the clothes dryer (all gas appliances), before I turn the heater on when it gets cold enough to do so.  It is what the service technician who came out to check on the heater, earlier this year (in January, when the pilot light went off and needed to be relit) had suggested I do.  I anticipated having to wait for at least a couple of weeks before they could send someone out, but, I was pleasantly surprised when they said they could send someone out this week!  The appointment has been scheduled for Thursday, September 30, in the afternoon, between 12 noon and 5:00 p.m.  Hopefully, all will be found to be well.  By the way, I am still using the old stove and it has been working well enough after it was checked in June, even if the automatic starter doesn't work on two burners on the left.  

I also called and checked on friend A and friend R, and returned neighbor T's phone call (she had called to thank me for the piece of cake I had taken over to her, yesterday).  

Later, I took the trash cans to the curb for trash pick up, tomorrow.  

Lunch had been instant noodle soup and dinner was leftover egg noodles and sausages from last night.  A slice of the peach cake might have been eaten, too, with tea (me) and coffee (daughter).  

Today, I am grateful for:

- The gas company technician will be here later this week
- My warm, wool cardigan that I knitted years ago
- The crocheted granny square blanket that I made
- Working appliances
- Keeping in touch with family and friends

Today's joyful activity was reading blogs.

According to the weather forecast, tomorrow will be another cool, partly cloudy day.  I don't have any plans for tomorrow, other than bringing in the trash cans, doing some housecleaning, and making a card to sent to my oldest half-brother for his birthday.

How was your Monday?  What are your plans for Tuesday?


September Decluttering:  I am continuing to declutter at least one item a day in September, too.

9/1 - 1 Crossword book, completed (recycled)

9/2 - 1 T shirt (daughter's; to be donated)

9/3 - 1 knitting book (to be donated)

9/4 - unused cards (to be donated)

9/5 - 1 participation medal (daughter's; tossed)

9/6 - 1 seashell necklace (to be donated)

9/7 - 3 copper bowls (to be donated)
      - 3 text books (daughter's; recycled)

9/8 - 1 text book (daughter's; recycled)

9/9 - 2 metal spare parts that are no longer needed (recycled)

9/10 - 1 CD (chemistry lecture supplement; daughter's; tossed)

9/11 - 1 bag of small plastic toy reptiles and amphibians (3 snakes, 4 frogs, and 4 lizards; to be donated)

9/12 - 2 crocheted shawls

9/13 - 1 ice bucket printer paper tray

9/14 - 1 homemade iPad cover

9/15 - a set of 4 stem glasses (to be donated)

9/16 - 3 books (daughter's; to be donated)
        - 1 handbag/purse (daughter's; to be donated)
        - 2 telephone directories (recycled)
        - 3 magazines (recycled)
        - 1 knitted shrug (to be donated)
        - 2 zippered plastic covers that bedding came in
        - 2 storage boxes 

9/17 - 1 jacket (to be donated)

9/18 - 3 disposable food containers (given with food)
        - 1 hooded sweatshirt (to be donated)
        - more old make up (eye liner that was dry! Tossed)

9/19 - 1 old wash cloth that was torn in the middle  (tossed)
        - 1 wooden cat shaped letter holder
        - 1 clock radio
        - 3 collectible dolls
        - several posters (daughter's; recycled)

9/20 - 1 broken picture frame (tossed)

9/21 - 3 hair bands (tossed)

9/22 - 1 scarf (to be donated; another bag of donations started)

9/23 - 1 bath mat (tossed)

9/24 - 1 blouse (given to daughter)

9/25 - 1 blouse (daughter's; to be donated)

9/26 - 1 box (recycled)
          1 binder (daughter's; recycled)

9/27 - 3 tubes of lipstick (old and wrong shades; tossed)


  1. When you've been having high temperatures in the 90's, I bet 66 did feel cold. We've been having perfect days with 50's at night at 70's during the day. That all changes today with storms and higher temps, but such it weather. It is always changing. :)

    1. Hope the storms don't affect you too badly, June. It is 70F now (at 1:45 p.m.) and the high is supposed to be 71F. Still mostly cloudy. But, tomorrow, we are supposed to go up to 75F and then, back to 90F on Thursday! I shall be looking forward to Thursday! :D

  2. No laughing from me, 66°F is a bit on the chilly side, especially if the house goes down below 70°F. But we are having really cold nights (that we would be quite happy with in January), but anything in the 40°s seems a bit too close to freezing for the beginning of fall!

    We have sun today and the temperature around 70°F and some laundry is out on the line. The squirrel, blue jays and chipmunk have all been fed peanuts. The chipmunk says it is not cold enough to go down for winter yet.

    1. Well, the house did stay at 70F for the most part; it dipped down to 68F late at night around the time we went to bed. We had some hot chocolate to warm us up before bed! :D Today's high is supposed to be 71F; we are at 70F, right now. It's still very cloudy which makes it feel even colder than it is! I am bundled up, and then, I saw one of my neighbors in a sleeveless summer dress! :D I just feel the cold, more! Glad you are enjoying sunshine and pleasant temperatures. I think the chipmunk is probably right! Besides, if he goes down, he will miss out on the peanuts, won't he?

  3. Watermelon flowers are very pretty aren't they.

    It was the same temperature here today and I agree that it counts as 'cold'. I haven't felt warm all day - the power has been out most of the day so I resorted to a blanket as there was no possibility of heating.

    That was quick for the gas appointment. I hope it's not too expensive for you xx

    1. Watermelon flowers are very pretty!

      Oh, I hope your power is restored, soon! My daughter turned on the small space heater in her bedroom, last night, but, I haven't turned on the big heater, yet (waiting for the gas service check before I do that). The service check is free of charge to customers, which is very nice, isn't it?

  4. We just had storm go through and it's lowered the temperature to 64. My husband is bundling up and I am loving it. lol
    I'm making some pasta for dinner with fresh spinach and basil. I will chop up one of the tomatoes I grew for the top. It ripened nicely and is delicious.
    The month is almost over and you have done well with your September decluttering.
    Onward to October!

    1. Ha, ha, you sound like my neighbor - I was outside, earlier, today, all bundled up and she was outside in a sleeveless summer dress! :D

      Your dinner sounds delicious!

      Thank you! Yes, I was able to declutter more than 1 item some days, this month! I am looking forward to October's decluttering! :)

  5. Monday was crazily busy. Then we got up really early on Tuesday to buy petrol. By 10am I felt exhausted - and then the doorbell rang. My neighbour had fallen in her garden and cut her head really badly. Our builders had downed tools and picked her up - but I then stayed with her till the ambulance came, then took her to the doctor to have the cut stuck together then waited till family member arrived. Sadly this lady's husband died 3 days ago so she was not in a good state. But I am so glad we were all there to help.

    1. Oh, wow! I hope your neighbor is recovering well. It was fortunate she fell in the garden where your builders had seen her. Suppose she had fallen inside the house or where no one could see her! That's always my fear when I am in the back yard - with 6 ft. high walls, no one can see me when I am out there! It was so good of you to stay with her. How sad that her husband died just 3 days ago and now she has had an accident. It really was a blessing to her that you were all there to help her.

  6. It is definitely a good idea to have your appliances checked before the weather turns really cold. I had mine done a few weeks ago now, so I hope I get a problem free winter - heating wise, at least :) X

    1. As things turned out, I'm really glad I had my appliances checked when I did, because the furnace was found to be faulty! I will be replacing it, next week!


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