Saturday, April 25, 2020

Warm on Friday

Friday was another sunny and warm (some would say, hot!) day.  You know it had been a warm day when the temperature at 8:00 p.m. was 88F!  I think our daytime high was 95F.

One of the first things I did this morning was water the poor melon seedlings I forgot to water, yesterday.  They were starting to wilt, lying along the ground, but, I has happy to see that, after being watered, they revived!  M isn't sure if the other seedling is a tomato plant or not, but, we are going to let it grow to see what it turns out to be!  I also watered the orange tree as it is starting to set fruit and I don't want a lack of water during this mini heat-wave to cause the fruit to drop.

I've spent a pleasant day, spending some time reading in the afternoon, taking a couple of photos for the winter photo scavenger hunt, watching news, knitting on a sock (just why I am knitting when it is 90+ is something I don't know!  LOL!), chatting with cousin P and friend R who called, and so forth.  I also made myself a glass of fresh lemonade to sip during the afternoon.  

The most productive things I did today was do the dishes and take an inventory of my freezer!  The latter was most helpful as I found some smoked sausages and bacon that I had thought had been used up!  Plus a baggie with four frozen muffins that I had forgotten I still had!  I still need to sort through the top shelf of the freezer (it is a side-by-side fridge/freezer) and then, I 'll know exactly what I have in it and will be able to plan a few meals, accordingly.

Brunch, today, was spicy garbanzo beans (from the freezer).  I had two small slices of the Easter bread with my tea in the evening.  For dinner, I cooked the rest of the sweet potato I had in the fridge and had it with roast beef and broccoli I took out from the freezer:

Friday Dinner
Later in the evening, I video chatted with my daughter.  

Today, I am grateful for:
- Being able to video chat with my daughter
- Phone calls from cousin and friend
- M tending to the garden 
- Fresh lemonade
- The warm weather!

Tomorrow, some friends and I plan to have a group video chat in the afternoon.  I also want to finish my freezer inventory and, maybe, sew a few more masks.

How was your Friday?  What are your plans for Saturday and the weekend?


  1. I'm having a quiet weekend enjoying myself at home, although I will 'go' to the theatre tonight 😁

    It's almost 11 am on Saturday morning and so far all I've done is some piano practice and selected a book to read later.

    I hope you enjoy your video call with friends. How's Dancer enjoying the hot weather?

    1. I think a quiet weekend with a "trip" to the theater is a lovely way to spend the time. :) It's almost 11:45 a.m. on Saturday morning as I type this and all I've done so far is fed Dancer and the garden cats, opened the windows, dressed, and made my tea! LOL. I woke up, once, at 8:30 a.m. and went back to sleep!

      Thank you, I am looking forward to the video call. They are friends I've known for a long time, but, with the exception of a couple, have never spoken with or met! LOL. I might blog about it, later. :)

      Dancer is doing well, thank you. It's not hot enough for him to seek out the cooler spots like the ceramic tiled bathroom floor. That will come later in the summer. :)

  2. My Friday was kind of a 'lay-low' day. I have been going non-stop getting the new place whipped into shape and I decided to have an 'do-nothing' day yesterday. Today I am back at sorting and purging. It's a crazy life. Stay safe-xo Diana

    1. Glad you took a day off to rest and relax, Diana. Sounds like you are busy! I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your new place. Stay safe and take care. :)

  3. It has been in the upper 80s and low 90s here too, but I am one of those people who feels cold ALL the time ... I should have been born a lizard with a rock in desert sun! While the rest of the family have whined and wilted in warm/hot temps, I am always the one wearing extra layers and looking for another jacket to add ... I have gotten used to getting strange looks!
    I saw your area had another tremor the other night ... did it disturb you and Dancer?
    After looking at your healthy meals, now I am craving a sweet potato ... I love them any way they are prepared- did you write about starting a sweet potato vine? I did that once and ended up with a vine that trailed over several windows and across the top of a big room ... careful neglect was all the care it needed- I am missing all of my houseplants, but they are getting care from the family who are looking out for my property ... I told them to help themselves to any they wanted in their house and to give 'a lick and a promise' to any others-
    By looking at the calendar I see it's the weekend, so I will enjoy visiting some online church services tomorrow (it is nice getting to see different denominations) and making 'Sunday dinner' for those here- days really do remain all alike with no appointments or plans for getting out to different places- safety first however ... we are lucky to have all we need and the ability to be comfortable-
    Take care- as always, fondest wishes-

    1. Barb, it sounds like we are two of a kind when it gets to feeling cold! I did feel the tremor, but, it was very slight, and I wasn't even sure if it was an earthquake or not! Dancer continued to sleep!

      Yes, I cut the top off the sweet potato (or maybe it is a yam? It's orange inside) and kept it to see if it will grow. I've tried before, rooting the whole sweet potato, only to plant it outside and not have anything grow! I am notorious for killing plants! I've killed zucchini and mint! What more can I say?

      I hope you have a lovely weekend. You are right - we are blessed to have all what we need and have safe and comfortable homes in which to stay. Take care of yourself and prayers are continuing to come your way for you and yours.

  4. You've enjoyed a gently productive day. I wonder what the seedling will turn out to be? X

    1. Yes, you are right, Jules, it was a gently productive day. I am still convinced that it is a tomato seedling! It looks like all the other tomato seedlings I've seen. Time will tell, I suppose. If it is a tomato seedling, then, it is probably from a Roma tomato. :)

  5. I just missed your message about the zoom "conference" unfortunately, as I realized it was time to feed DH 😄 and I headed off to the kitchen. I hope it went well. It would have been fun to hear everyone.
    This afternoon I went for a long walk down to the river and along a trail across a small creek and back. It was really mild and sunny and DH was busy outside, putting the roof on the gazebo. It feels as if winter is finally on the way out even if there is snow here and there in the shady spots. We actually ate our supper on the deck!

    1. We did have a fun time, chatting for just over one hour. It was nice to connect. We are planning to do it, again, although we haven't set a date, yet. Maybe I can alert you in time. I am also wondering if you could send me an email (my email address is at the top of the blog;, so I might have your email and notify you that way?

      Sounds like it is warming up nicely in your area. Down here, it decided to be summer, practically overnight! Not that I am complaining, of course. :)

  6. I'm glad your little seedlings responded to the watering. We are all watching along to see how they manage.

    It sounds like you had a nice Friday. Some days are wonderful in their simplicity.

    Discoveries in the freezer are really welcome these days aren't they?

    1. The seedlings are doing well! I watered them, yesterday evening, too, and the suspected tomato seedling continues to look more like a tomato seedling and the melon seedlings have been joined by several others that look like them! LOL. I did pull up a few seedlings that I could definitely identify as four-o'clocks as they grow as weeds in my garden. I don't want them to crowd out my melon seedlings! I am considering transplanting some of the melon seedlings to another area of the garden, just to give them a little more room to grow, but, I shall wait until they are just a bit bigger. Even if I don't get any cantaloupe from them, just the vines will add a touch of green to the garden, just like an ornamental plant, and that will be enough for me!

      Oh, I am so pleased with what I found in my freezer! It extends my meat supplies which is a blessing because I really didn't stock up, as such, on meat, prior to the shut down!

  7. Love me some spicy garbanzo beans.88 there wow. We had the little heater on today.

    Weekend very good. Friday and Saturday I got to top wood outside and build raised beds. Right now, it's Sunday and I'm enjoying reading as I get with hubby in his office.

    1. I had the heater on, earlier in the week and then, practically overnight, we went up to the 80s! Sounds like you are having a good weekend! Enjoy!


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