Friday, April 3, 2020

Revised Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Back in April 2019, I made myself a weekly cleaning schedule.

Unlike most of my previous cleaning schedules, I managed to keep to this schedule for the most part (up until March of this year, when everything sort of got derailed!).  I have been pleasantly surprised that I managed to stick to this schedule for as long as I did!  I made a couple of changes to it, as I went, because I found that it worked out better that way.  One of the bigger changes was moving cleaning the bathrooms from Wednesday to Friday. 

I am determined to start implementing my cleaning schedule, again, starting today.  I thought I would post my revised weekly cleaning schedule, in case anyone is interested.  I do have a couple of days when I have listed running errands - I considered taking those out for now, but, I decided to leave them in.  One day, the stay at home restrictions will be lifted and we will be able to run errands!  When that day comes, it'll be good to know that I have set aside certain days in which to do them.  

Revised Weekly Cleaning Schedule:

- Change bed sheets
- Load of laundry (bed sheets/towels)
- Dust living room & dining area
- Clean the fridge
- Take trash cans to the curb for Tuesday trash pick up

- Dust family room and my bedroom
- Errands, if any (grocery shopping, etc.)
- Water the garden, front and back
- Water the house plants

- Vacuum
- Paperwork/filing 
- Do one decluttering/organizing task

- Clean the kitchen
- Water the garden, front and back
- Load of laundry, if needed

- Clean the bathrooms 
- Do one deep cleaning task
- Errands, if any

- Catch up day - any cleaning that didn't get done during the week for whatever reason!

- No cleaning, other than dailies

- Clean the litter box
- Sweep the bathroom floor, around the litter box
- Do the dishes
- Wipe down the kitchen counters and stove top
- 10 minutes pick-up/tidy
- Decluttering
- 15 minutes of room/area of the week
- 10 minutes of room of the month

Do you have a cleaning schedule?  Do you clean one room at a time (dust and vacuum) or do you do one task all throughout the house (like all the dusting on one day, all the vacuuming on one day)?  What works best for you?  


  1. I have a schedule also. Mostly to keep me from overdoing it! lol. Andrea

    1. That sounds like a very good reason for having a schedule, Andrea! :)

  2. I tend to do one task throughout the house a day. But lately that has gone out the window, I think because I used to shop on Tuesdays and I do a chore that day and then I procrastinate other days.

    1. Vacuuming is probably the only cleaning task I do throughout the house on one day, but, I've had weeks when I break even that up! I think we are all struggling to get back on a routine or schedule that works for us, these days. Hope you are continuing to keep well.

  3. At the moment, having a certain small person at home all day, I am finding it impossible to keep to any kind of cleaning routine. The weekly shop, however, is now just that, once a week, and I hope to be able to maintain this once restrictions are eventually relaxed. X

    1. Maybe a certain small person should be given her own duster and included in the cleaning routine? I found my daughter very eager to help and participate in all kinds of housework when she was younger (and couldn't do anything "properly") and then, less willing to help as she became older and could do things! LOL. Glad to know that you are able to keep to shopping once a week. :)

  4. Back when life was normal I had a cleaning schedule of sorts. I prefer to do one task throughout the house but occasionally I switch that round and do one room at a time.

    The schedule has gone out of the window since the lockdown started but I think we are in this for the long haul so I need to get back to it.

    1. It's interesting to see how many of us have found our schedules and routines disrupted by this lockdown, isn't it? It seems counter-intuitive. I mean, you'd think that with having to stay home, we'd find more time in which to clean and so forth. But, no, we are unable to settle down to do anything!

  5. I like to blitz the place once a week with just a bit of dusting, wiping or vacuuming when needed in between. I can't stand housework so prefer to get it out of the way as quickly as possible, but I do like the house to look clean and tidy so needs must!

    1. I'd love to be able to get the whole place cleaned all at once, but, I seem to tire very quickly, these days. I don't really like housework, myself, but, telling myself it will only take 15 minutes or so, or all I have to do is dust this one room, helps!

  6. This lockdown/pandemic has thrown my cleaning off too. You would think it would be the opposite.

    With all the time home, I would've thought I would be on top of things.
    But, if I'm being honest, I haven't done anything other then daily things in ages.
    I remember back when I was going to join you on a big clean of the kitchen.
    I emptied 2 shelves from my open shelving in the kitchen and cleaned the shelves and washed the dishes and got it all nice and sparkly.
    I just haven't felt motivated.

    I need to snap out of it.

    1. I guess we are all struggling with the house cleaning. We will try again, next week. :)

  7. I am stuck right now. I cannot think of housecleaning, let along spring cleaning. But I am cooking and doing laundry and generally keeping up with things, mostly on a priority basis. So I guess I am doing okay for the moment. Things will get better.

    1. We can only do so much, Susan, and getting back on schedule is hard in the best of times. I think it is especially difficult, right now. Sometimes, keeping up with the cooking and laundry is all that we can do. Sounds like you are doing the best you can, under the circumstances. (((HUGS)))


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