Saturday, March 21, 2020

Sunny Saturday

Spring Flowers

Today has been a sunny day, which has made me feel very happy.  I spent a quiet morning, responding to blog comments (thank you, everyone for all the kind comments), reading a few blogs, etc.  I made French toast for brunch followed by an orange.  The pharmacy delivered my medication refill, today, well before their estimated delivery date!  I was pleasantly surprised.

In the afternoon, I called friend R to check on her and chatted with her for a bit.  In these uncertain times, she will find out, tomorrow, if she will have a job to return to on Monday! 

Then, my daughter called.  She had woken up with a headache, which, of course, worried me to no end.  She said she drank some water, thinking she might be dehydrated and had a cup of coffee, as well.  Later in the evening, around 5:00 p.m., I texted her to ask how she was feeling and she said the headache was still there and she took some ibuprofen, opened the window for fresh air, ate a little something, and was resting her eyes.  She had been planning to play an online game with a friend of hers who lives in Hawaii, but, she texted her friend and asked for a raincheck on their game because she wanted to limit screen time and rest her eyes.  I spent the rest of the evening being anxious about her!  I didn't want to call or text in case she was sleeping.  Finally, around 9:00 p.m., I texted her and she said she had just woken from a nap!  She is feeling better, she said, and teased me for being so worried.  But, these are scary times!  I have since video chatted with her and she's feeling fine. 

I went for my afternoon walk around 3:30 p.m., which is when I took the photo, above.  There was a police helicopter that flew around in circles, a couple of times; I don't know if they were just checking to see if things were quiet and people were complying with instructions to maintain social distances or what.  But, my street was pretty quiet.  One neighbor's young daughter roller skated a couple of times on the other side of the street - she must have left the gate ajar because I was at the end of my front garden and turned around to walk in the other direction and there was this huge dog standing a couple of feet from me!  It was that neighbor's dog (not the ones that bit me, last year!).  I quickly retreated to the other end of my garden, away from it, but, just then, the neighbor's daughter came back and the dog quickly ran back to its yard!  I heard her reprimanding it and, I think, she closed the gate more securely.  This same dog and its companion (a small yappy dog) barked their heads off at me, yesterday, when I walked, but, they were safely contained in their yard, then.

After I came in from my walk, I practiced the piano, did the dishes, had a cup of tea, watered the indoor plants, watched the news and our governor's news conference (among other things, the state has acquired the hospital which had been the hospital I had gone to for my cancer treatments and which had closed, earlier this year, and will be converting it to a place to treat corona virus cases, once they find enough medical personnel to staff it!).  It was then that I texted my daughter to check on her and she said she still had a headache.  I knitted my socks while I watched the news.  I just have only one skein of this particular wool (had bought it on clearance) and don't know if I will have enough for both socks, so, I am knitting them at the same time, using two sets of double pointed needles (same size!).  This way, if I run short of this particular wool, I can end the socks with a different colored wool and they'll both still match!  I finished turning the heels on both socks, today. 

Aunt C called while I was watching news and we chatted for a bit.

Dinner was leftovers: rice, shrimp, green beans, and cucumber salad.  A granola bar for dessert. 

Today, I am grateful for:
- My daughter is feeling better
- A sunny and slightly warmer day
- I didn't get bitten by another dog!
- Keeping in touch with daughter, family, and friends
- Afternoon walks

Today's joyful activity was video chatting with my daughter (plus walking in the afternoon sunshine and knitting).

How was your Saturday?  What are your plans for Sunday?


  1. I'm glad your daughter is feeling better. I'm sure you slept better going to bed knowing that.

    1. Thank you, Live and Learn, and yes, I did! I was worried in case her headache was a less commonly known symptom of this dreaded virus! I really shouldn't assume the worst, but, that's just how I am.

  2. Oh I know all about being anxious for one's children! It's there all the time isn't it?
    It's been a sunny weekend here so far too. It's now mid-day on Sunday and so far I've ironed, puts some washing in the machine, prepared a foodie blog post (just got to take some pictures) and now I'm off to my kitchen to make cake for friends. Take care

    1. Thank you, Eloise. She was laughing at me, but, then, admitted that she would have been equally worried if it had been the other way round and I had complained of a headache. :)

      Sounds like you're having a productive weekend. I'll be around to read your post in a bit.

  3. Glad your daughter is feeling better. As her mother, you will always be anxious about her health, but especially during these worrying times. It is like walking on a tight rope.

    Your front yard looks so pretty. Those flowers are filling in quite nicely. You can actually see the difference from past years. Such a lovely drift of colour.

    I got all dollied up for our video conference TV Bingo last night. I put on makeup and glitzy top, sparkly chandelier earrings and perfume. I wore my hair down instead of tied up like it usually is. I guess I can still clean up nicely, because my family noticed immediately and asked me if I had a hot date later on. Ha,ha. It was fun to see their reaction, even though I told them earlier that I was going to do it. But really, I did it for myself.

    1. Thank you, Susan. Usually, if she said she had a headache, I'd be concerned, but not overly worried. However, that was before we knew about this new virus!

      The osteospermum is taking over the yard and I'm encouraging it!

      Oh, that was so nice that you dressed up for TV Bingo night, last night! Why not? It's good to dress up and make it a special occasion, isn't it? Good for you! :)

  4. So good your daughter is feeling better! In here we are recommended to stay home as much as we can, so we of course follow the istructions. There are closed schools, restaurants and places like that. It is so scary now, more sick people everyday. I pray for this to end... But it is so good we can work from home with my husband. Stay healthy and safe!☺

    1. Thank you, Natalia. I'm glad you and your husband are able to work from home. You take care and stay safe and well. And keep making all those delicious things you make. :)

  5. That was a worrying time with your daughter and am relieved to hear that the headache eventually disappeared .... probably not as relieved as both of you though!

    Your front garden flowers are so cheerful. I'm impressed that you're keeping up with the walking even with an scary encounter with the dog.

    I haven't settled down to any crafting time yet but did play my flute for a while yesterday.

    Sending positive thoughts your way. Take good care x

    1. Thank you, Eileen; yes, I was worried that a headache might be a lesser known symptom of this virus! She hasn't stepped out of her apartment since Monday afternoon, but, these things have at least a 2 week incubation period, we've been told.

      The flowers in the front are doing well, aren't they? They make me smile each time I see them! My daughter says I should walk in the back yard from now on to avoid dogs! I seem to be a dog magnet - one followed me into the house, one time, and I didn't even notice it until Dancer started to hiss!

      That's good that you played your flute for a while, yesterday. I've been playing a few of the other pieces in my piano book, in addition to the ones I've learned.

      Thank you for the positive thoughts, Eileen. Hope you take good care of yourself, too. Be safe and well. :)

  6. I hope your daughter soon feels 100%. Headaches are not fun.
    I'm glad that dog soon went back to be locked into its yard!
    Good idea to knit both socks at the same time, that way you won't waste time unraveling one sock and three quarters if you run out of yarn. Who knows, maybe you will have just enough or only need a small band of another yarn to finish them.

    This morning I decided to get all dressed up with "face on" as if I was going to church, and then I was able to watch a live Sunday mass in a church in Kentucky at the time I would usually be in church. Then I watched the recorded homily from the Archbishop of Toronto on another mass site, and now after lunch, a little while ago, I watched Pastor Bob's talk and Angela's prayer from her website, which was lovely as I feel I know them now, having seen them talking. This evening DGD and I are going to talk on Skype. She wants a family story for a school project she is working on at home. The internet really helps with the isolation, doesn't it?

    1. Thank you, Bushlady. It was a bit of an overreaction on my part, but, in these worrying times, a simple headache caused me to imagine all kinds of dire outcomes!

      Hopefully, I'll have enough yarn for both socks, but, if not, I have some grey wool to finish off the toe area. :)

      That's great that you got dressed up, just as you would on any other Sunday, to watch the church services online. It's important to keep to the routine as much as possible. Have fun helping DGD with her school project. The internet is a real blessing, isn't it?

  7. I'm so glad your daughter felt better after her nap.
    I would've been concerned too so I'm glad she is doing fine.

    And the dogs!! Goodness - you are a dog magnet.
    Don't you have any neighbors with nice little sweet natured dogs? Lol

    1. Thank you, Debra. I guess I was overreacting, worrying about a headache, but, we are all a bit on edge, these days.

      As far as I know, no one on my block seems to have a friendly little dog! Maybe they are friendly, but, I'm not willing to find out, if their owners are not with them! :D

  8. your neighborhood looks so nice- looking outside here, all that can be seen are mud, puddles, and more mud- we've had almost three weeks of rain (heavy most of the time) and the ground just cannot absorb more- the warm days have also jump-started every weed, thistle, and clover too so it resembles a soggy wilderness-
    I am at Paige's still ... she is back in 'top form,' but baby Jamie's playschool is closed during this lockdown, and Paige needs 'baby wrangling' help while she gets set up with teaching online- we are trying to be careful and only go out for absolute essentials ... and some of those essentials are in short supply- I have an absolutely 'required' medical appt on Thursday, so a trip into Lufkin will get me and Daughter #3 out, and we will try to locate what isn't available locally-
    Paige thanks you for your continued good thoughts ... and I thank you for the prayers for sweet Whitney too- we all wish her the knowledge of our love and wishes for her ease-
    do take care there- you are very important- as always, fondest thoughts for you and yours-

  9. Thank you, Barb. It's raining, here, too, today, with more rain in the forecast for the next several days. My side yard looks a little like the soggy wilderness you've described, with lots of dandelion-type weeds growing there!

    Hope your medical appointment on Thursday goes well and you are able to get the needed supplies without too much trouble.

    I'm so glad that Paige is doing well and I will continue to keep Whitney in my prayers. May she make the transition peacefully.

  10. That's good that they are going to use that hospital. I hope your daughter is feeling stronger. Your socks sound like fun. I love sock knitting; it's so meditative.

    1. Yes, I'm glad they are going to make use of that hospital.

      Thank you, Stephenie; she's doing OK, but, I was worried!

      I finished the socks, today; I'll take a picture during daylight and post it, tomorrow (the colors didn't come true when I photographed them under artificial light).


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