Saturday, March 14, 2020

Rainy Friday the 13th

Yes, more drizzly rain, today, too!

Today was a day of cancellations!

Neighbor S (my piano teacher) called me this morning to cancel my lesson, that had been rescheduled for today.  I was glad that she called to cancel it, because I had been wondering if I should call and cancel it, myself.  As she said, there are plenty of pieces in my piano book that I could learn to play by myself and, if needed, I can call her to ask any questions I might have.

A little later, the lady who conducts the monthly rosary prayer gatherings sent a text to the prayer gathering group asking if this month's gathering (scheduled for this Sunday, March 15) should be postponed and, after some discussion, it was decided that it will be postponed at least until the end of the month. 

Then, I called the retirement office regarding a workshop that was scheduled for next Tuesday.  I had received the confirmation letter in the mail, earlier, this week, but, I called today to ask if they were still planning to hold the workshop.  I was told that the workshop had been cancelled and they were in the process of contacting all the people who had signed up for it!  They will probably reschedule the workshop, later. 

Later, M texted me and asked if it would be OK if he didn't tend to the garden, today, due to the rain.  I said that would be fine. 

One of my cousins in Australia called and we chatted - she had been planning to visit, later this month, but, that trip has now been cancelled due to concern about the virus. 

The only other appointment I have scheduled for this month is my annual eye examination.  I think I will call them, next week, and reschedule it.  Postponing that until all this corona virus outbreak is brought more under control would be a good thing, I think. 

I called neighbor T to check on her and and cousin P and I chatted a bit.  Later, friend R called.  Still later, I video chatted with my daughter.

I wasn't very productive, today, but, I did a load of laundry.  I also checked to see if I had enough medications on hand to see me through a 4-6 week quarantine, if needed (I do). 

Today, I am grateful for:
- More rain for the garden
- Hot showers
- Washing machines and dryers
- Leftovers
- Phone calls and video chats
Today's joyful activity was walking around the garden during the break in the rain and picking some lemon flowers to perfume the living room!

Friday's To Do List:
- Piano lesson (rescheduled for Friday, this week) - CANCELLED
- Clean the bathrooms 
- Do one deep cleaning task
- Errands, if any - NONE
- Tend to the garden with M, if it isn't raining - RAIN DELAY

Saturday's To Do List:
- Catch up on the weekly cleaning!

How was your Friday the 13th?  What are your plans for the weekend? 


  1. We have sunshine again today (Saturday) but I'm busy with bulk cooking so am not out taking advantage of it.

    As things stand at the moment my social activities, choir and U3A groups, are still running so it'll be my own choice whether I attend or not. I'm undecided as I write this as the UK government hasn't yet moved to the stage of banning social interaction. The U3A committee is monitoring the situation and will decide soon whether groups should be suspended for the time being. I assume the choir management will do the same.

    I'm going to plonk myself in front of the TV later on and settle down for a weekend of film watching.

    1. We really seem to have swapped our weather because it is a drizzly day, here, again, today (Saturday)!

      It is hard to decide whether to continue attending social activities or not at this stage, isn't it? I was having that conversation, last night, with my daughter, as she was debating whether to go to her acrobatics classes or not. She has already reduced the number of classes she takes to eliminate those that involve physical contact with others (such as balancing on someone else), but, she really doesn't want to stop all her classes. She's not as worried about getting sick, herself (although she is at risk because she has asthma) as being an unwitting carrier. I told her the risks should be fairly minimal at this stage, so she'll go for a class on Sunday and see how she feels about it. We are not under shut down, yet.

      Sounds like you have good plans for the weekend; enjoy the film watching. :) I hope your friend Lauren is continuing to do well.

  2. I have two weeks of spring break now. Everything has been canceled.
    Yesterday I went for a scheduled blood test. The roads were less crowded and the clinic was also nearly empty. I should have canceled the test, because a lady who sat several chairs away started coughing and she didn’t even bother to cover!

    Today(Saturday) I stayed in bed until 9 am. I have a slight headache, so thinking about the coughing lady, I took my temperature. It’s normal. I plan to stay home and relax.

    1. I hope your headache is better by now, Nil. That was very irresponsible of that lady to cough without covering, especially these days. Hope the blood test results will be normal.

      Enjoy your two weeks of spring break. Take some time to relax; don't try to do a lot of cleaning. Instead, enjoy some gardening projects and crocheting. Hope all is well at home, too, with your mother and sisters.

    2. Thank you Bless.
      Mom and sisters are doing well. I had to ask mom not to go grocery shopping. My sister keeps the kitchen well stocked, but mom likes to walk to the nearby store. She claims that’s how she gets exercise. I asked her to walk in the yard, instead. 😁

    3. Glad to hear that, Nil. Yes, tell mom to walk in the yard!

  3. Wow definitely a lot of cancellations! I'm glad you have people who can chat on the phone/facetime with you. I wonder how this will affect some older people who will maybe stay inside and have no contact with others.

    1. Yes, suddenly, my calendar is clear for the rest of this month! I've two doctors' appointments for next month, but, we'll see how things are, closer to the date.

      Yes, I'm glad I have people to chat with, on the phone and online. If I have to self-isolate, then, it won't be that much different from when I was undergoing chemo, because back then, too, I stayed home by myself for the most part and only went to the clinic as needed.

      It is to be hoped that older people who might have to stay inside will have family and friends to call and check on them from time to time. That's one reason why I called my neighbor T, yesterday. She is elderly and lives alone (although her daughter visits her regularly). She doesn't go out and about that much due to health issues. So, I call to check on her at least once a week and she calls me for a chat on Sundays. If I don't hear from her on Sunday, I call her on Monday to see if she's OK (I also have her daughter's contact info, if needed). I also call her when I go grocery shopping or to the pharmacy, to ask if there is anything she would like me to pick up for her.

  4. We also have many cancellations and deferments here in the UK, Bless. It's a worrying and difficult time. Stay safe. Love from Eloise. XXX

    1. Thank you, Eloise; hope you and your family, too, are staying safe and well. Take care.

  5. For those of us who are retired, staying home is not such a big deal as sometimes we can get too busy going out and about. I do feel sorry for those for whom this is becoming difficult financially, and for those who need to take care of children who will not be at school or daycare. But what is happening to the homeless? In a cold climate shelters are very necessary but they tend to be crowded. So many people of all walks of life are impacted by the virus. We're all in this together! I hope that compassion and understanding will prevail.

    1. Yes, this virus is really having an impact on everyone, but, its impact is especially hard on those who are already financially challenged. :(

    2. I worry about the things Bushlady brings up too. I think about the single mom who doesn't have a high salary with little kids. If she can still go to her job, how will she arrange/pay for child care with the schools being cancelled.

      I'm sure it's a struggle and a real financial hardship for many many people.

    3. Yes, it is a real struggle and financial hardship for many.

  6. Yes, lots of cancellations that I am thrilled about. I was grappling with my inner voice last week about how I could gracefully bow out of certain events/commitments, but the decisions were taken away from me with a flurry of emails and texts advising me of all the cancellations. I didn't need to make those hard decisions after all.

    1. Oh, that's good that the cancellations were made for you and you were happy about that. :)


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