Sunday, March 15, 2020

Still More Rain on Saturday and Stocking Up

It was another rainy day!  Not a heavy rain, just drizzle, but, precipitation, nevertheless! 

Last night, just before I went to sleep, I wrote out yet another shopping list!  Yesterday, when I checked on my prescription medication supplies, I realized that I was running low on the calcium and magnesium supplements that I take under doctor's orders.  I had also read an article that advised having a few meal-replacement drinks on hand if one should get sick and don't feel like eating.  I took them when I was undergoing chemo and after that, I didn't buy anymore.  Then, I thought up a few other items to add to the shopping list (to take advantage of weekly sales): cooking oil at $1.99/bottle (I am on my last bottle of oil, right now), fresh mangoes at 3/$.99, etc. 

This morning, I slept in, then, debated going grocery shopping because of the rain.  Friend M called by to give me more succulents cuttings from his garden, I checked the mail, checked on the garden and picked up an orange that had fallen from the tree, chatted on the phone with daughter, etc., and, around 4:00 p.m. decided to at least go to the pharmacy to pick up the supplements and the meal-replacement drinks.  I used a $5 Extra Care Bucks coupon I had and another $6 off coupon for the supplements. 

Then, I decided to go to the grocery store - a Kroger-affiliate store called Food 4 Less.  Well, when I got there, at 4:30 p.m., the store was closed for restocking, according to the store worker who stood outside the closed doors.  They were not going to reopen until 6:30 p.m. and people were standing in line to get in when they opened.  I decided I didn't want to stand in line for two hours. 

So, I went to the Armenian store for some fresh produce and the frozen puff pastry squares they had on sale for $1.99, this week.  I had been there on Tuesday, to take advantage of the one day sale on rice and I bought a few other groceries, too.  On Tuesday, the shelves were well stocked.  Today, when I went there, I was shocked to see aisle after aisle of empty shelves!  No pasta, dried beans, or lentils.  Hardly any bags of rice!  No flour.  No eggs or milk.  No bread.  No canned beans. No white vinegar.  No potatoes.  No ramen-type soup noodles.  Nothing in the bulk bins!  (Usually full of rice, semolina, dried beans, etc.)  I spoke with one of the workers and he said he's never seen anything like it! 

I liked how they handled the check out lines.  Usually, each cash register has a line, and it can be a bit chaotic with shopping carts blocking the way, etc., but, today, they had the customers form one single line (which wound around the inside of the store!) and called out whenever a register became available.  The line moved fairly quickly and everyone was rather civilized about it. 

I bought:

4 packets frozen puff pastry (@ $1.99/8 squares) =  $7.96
4 apples (@ $.49/lb) = $.74
4 bananas (@ $.59/lb) = $.81
1x 6oz container of blackberries = $.99
green beans (@ $1.29/lb) = $1.42
broccoli (@ $.49/lb) = $.30
small cucumbers ($.99/lb) = $.90
tomatoes ($.89/lb) = $2.72
onions (@ $.20/lb) = $.81
a small piece of fresh ginger (@ $2.29/lb) = $.32
1 bag golden raisins (@ $2.69/lb.) = $3.34

My total came to $20.31

After that, I filled the car with gas ($3.19/gal).  I was just above half tank level, but, I thought it was best to fill it up now while I could still be out and about. 

Then, I came home and had a cup of tea.

My daughter, too, went to the dollar store across the street from her apartment and stocked up on a few fresh produce and some coffee.

My daughter said that, today, the number of Covid-19 cases in Berkeley increased from two to three.  She also said that the management of her apartment complex had put up a notice to the tenants, outlining the precautions they are taking, such as regularly cleaning the elevator buttons, etc., that the office is still open, but, there might be a delay in attending to maintenance requests during this period.  But, more worryingly, the notice had said that the management won't know if a tenant is exposed to the virus or if such a tenant is or is not in self isolation and, even if they did inform the management, the management isn't allowed to give out that information for privacy reasons, unless required to do so by the public health department.  The fact that the management put out that notice on the same day that the number of confirmed cases in Berkeley increased has made my daughter wonder if there is a connection!  We won't know, of course.  But, maybe it was just a coincidence and the management was just trying to reassure the tenants that they are taking as many precautions as they possibly can.  At least, that is what we are hoping!

I spent a quiet evening after I came home from grocery shopping.  I did text cousin N to check on her and to ask if there was anything she wanted me to pick up for her.  She texted back, thanking me and saying she is OK and has what she needs.  Aunt T called, too, and I chatted with her for a bit.

Today, I am grateful for:
- Courteous cashiers at the pharmacy and stores (I am sure it is not easy for them)
- M bringing me more succulent cuttings for the garden
- The rain
- My daughter and I being able to stock up
- A working heater

Today's joyful activity was chatting with my daughter.

Plans for tomorrow include doing some laundry and a bit of general housekeeping. 

How was your Saturday?  Have you been able to stock up in anticipation of having to stay home for a couple of weeks if needed?  What are your plans for Sunday?


  1. Keep safe, be sensible - "prayer not panic" I am with my daughter this weekend. It was noticeable that there were far fewer passengers on the train than usual yesterday

    1. Thank you, Angela. Good advice and, yes, I am praying! Enjoy your weekend with your daughter. :)

  2. It's heavy rain today so I will be staying indoors and doing some more bulk cooking. Today's efforts will put my stocks of frozen meals back to my normal level so if I carry on tomorrow, I will have a couple of extra weeks worth of meals in reserve.

    I'm glad you and your daughter both managed to get out and stock up on food. I placed an online order last week for delivery on Thursday for the rest of my stocks. I think lots of people are doing the same thing because it is usually possible to get a next day delivery but this time the earliest slot was 7 days later! I think the empty shelves as a result of panic buying is a frightening sight ... the big stores are advising that there are more than enough supplies in the chain so people need to stop panicking but it doesn't seem that anyone is listening!

    I hope the message from the management at you daughter's apartment isn't an indication that one of the residents has the virus. If she's working from home, is there any possibility of her coming back to be with you?

    1. We are having a break from the rain, this afternoon! But, it poured with rain around 3:30 a.m. and more rain is in the forecast. That's wonderful that you are filling your freezer with meals for the up-coming weeks! Bulk cooking at its best!

      I think some stores here are reducing their hours of business because they need the extra time to not only restock, but, also, to sanitize. I guess people are buying in anticipation of a lock down and not being able to go out to shop, later; I don't know if stores will be allowed to make deliveries if there is a lock down.

      We wondered if that was what the management was saying, indirectly! I've asked her about coming home, when she first told me about working from home. But, at the time, she was planning to still attend her acrobatics classes and so forth. I might ask her, again, and see what she has to say.

  3. Panic buying reached our small town on Friday. I had shopped on Thursday but forgot a couple of items and I went in after 10 am and the store was crammed with people with the largest of the carts filled to overflowing! Needless to say the TP shelves were empty, but I had fetched a couple of medium packages the day before, since I only had a few rolls left and I usually buy a large package and then don't need to bother for a while.
    I didn't go out on Saturday although it was a beautiful day but icy underfoot. Today I went to church and we will not have Sunday mass next week or the following week, nor weekday masses. It feels strange that at a time when people would normally come together for reassurance during crisis, gatherings of all kinds are being cut back. Meanwhile the squirrels continue to demand peanuts and hold "squirrel wars" and while they are fighting, the blue jay comes down and grabs one of the peanuts that they are fighting over!

    1. It is absolutely crazy at the stores, isn't it? I've never seen empty store shelves in this land of plenty, before this!

      Yes, it's sad that most gatherings have to be curtailed, but, that is part of the necessary precautions we need to take to minimize the spread of this virus at least until they can find a way to treat it.

      Too funny about the squirrel wars and the blue jay! LOL.

      Hope you and your family stay safe and well during this stressful time, Bushlady. Take care.

  4. It was ridiculous the panic buying that was going on around here. I find it quite sad. I don't know whether people realise they are making things worse. Someone posted a photo where the shelves were completely empty. I hope that when this is over and they find themselves with too much food on hand that they will think to donate some to a food bank or something. It is older people and those who struggle from week to week that I feel sorry for.

    1. I guess people are stocking up just in case they are unable to get to the grocery store if they need to self-quarantine? Or, if they are required to stay home due to a lock down? Ideally, we all have a 2 week supply of items needed to survive, but, I guess we don't!

  5. You had a busy day! We'll just have to take this day-by-day to see if the hoarding subsides and things stock up again. Glad you got what you needed to keep up your health. Andrea

    1. I do hope that things will settle down to a more reasonable level of shopping and so forth, Andrea. Stores might have to put a limit on the number of items people are able to buy at one time. I'm glad I was able to get my supplements. If I need anything else, I might have to learn how to order online and have it delivered!

  6. I had hoped to stock up on groceries on Friday, but as it turned out, I had to dog-sit again when my sister and BIL had to return to the Sudbury hospital for yet another medical test. I had also promised "Dee" that I would help her take my dad to his medical appointment at the clinic. I have never seen the clinic so empty. I was the only one sitting in the waiting room. Anyway, there was no way I was going shopping on the weekend, so my sister and I went early this morning. Yes, the shelves were empty but we managed to get at least 2 weeks worth of keto food to last us, so we don't have to leave the house at all.

    1. I'm glad you were able to stock up on keto food, Susan. I know you already buy a certain amount of frozen produce that can be kept for a couple of weeks, but, I thought of you when I was at the grocery store the other day and there weren't any eggs or milk (there was yogurt, though). I was glad to read your post and see that you were able to stock up on eggs. :)

  7. Yes, I'm glad I got everything when I did. That is scary to see the shelves that way. I think I will continue to add more staples that I forgot, just in case.

    1. It is rather unsettling to see empty store shelves! I can think of several other staples I should have bought, but, forgot! Oh, well, I think I am not going to risk going out to the stores, again. Today was the last day! If I run out of something, I shall have to do without. Stay safe when you are out and about!

  8. It's a good feeling to have what you need on hand. I'm glad that I did a big bulk shop last week.

    1. Yes, it's a good feeling to know your pantry is full and you have enough of what you need to get through the next couple of weeks. :)

  9. I am late in getting round these days, but I hope things are still going well. Our groceries have caught up by giving themselves extra closed hours to restock. It does get better after the panic dies down. I think the idea of a single line at the grocery is brilliant - no need to give people a reason to be cranky when they think their line is moving too slow or letting too many people sneak in.

    1. Things are going well, thank you, Susanne. I did one last grocery shopping trip the following Monday and I haven't gone, since!


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