Monday, November 7, 2016

Weekly To Do List: Errands on Monday

I made out my To Do List for the week, last night.  These are all the tasks I would like to do this week.  I have listed some specific tasks for certain days because it is important to get them done on that particular day.  Other things, which are at the bottom of the list, are tasks which will be slotted in as and when time permits.  It is not particularly important to me when I do the dusting or the vacuuming, for example, as long as I get them done.

- Pharmacy to pick up medication - DONE
- Dollar store - DONE
- Bank - DONE
- Clean out fridge - DONE
- Take trash cans to curb - DONE
- Call podiatrist's office to reschedule appointment - DONE

- Vote
- Office work
- Podiatrist's appointment - rescheduled
- Visit garden center
- Water the back garden

- Do time sheets for work (make up 1 hour)
- Water the front garden

- Send in weekly office work
- Call restaurant
- Pick up daughter from airport

- Me Day!
- Go out to dinner with daughter and friend

Other Things To Be Done:
- Dust
- Vacuum
- Clean Bathroom
- Almsgiving Preparations:
  * Make Almsgiving Menu - DONE
  * Bleach, wash, iron serviettes
  * Prepare donations
- Holiday Preparations:
  * Buy cards - DONE
  * Make cards
- Ask food bank about donations

The important things to do today were picking up my medication (pharmacy texted it was ready for pick up yesterday and, since I didn't go to pick it up yesterday, they texted me today, too) and taking the trash cans to the curb (trash pick up is tomorrow).  So, after I finished my office work for the day, I went to the pharmacy.

Although they had sent texts saying it was ready for pick up, the pharmacist couldn't find it in the pick-up area!  She checked under my last name and under my first name, in the shelves where the packages ready for pick-up are kept and in the area where new packages are kept until they are put on the shelves, etc.  Finally, she filled out a new order while I waited!

Next, I went to the dollar store which is located next to the pharmacy.

November 7 Dollar Store Groceries

I had several items I wanted to get from there, but they didn't have one of the items I was looking for and I decided not to get some of the other items, yet.   But I bought the can of pineapple chunks ($1) and the bag of dried whole red chilies ($1) I wanted and I bought a box of holiday cards.  I want to make some cards, too, but I thought I'll buy a box of cards, as well.

The other errand I decided to do today was go to the bank.  I had a bill to pay and although it was not due till next week, I just wanted to pay it and get it off my to do list, especially since the bank was right there in the same shopping center as the pharmacy.  While I was at the bank, I decided to withdraw the monetary donations I will be giving out at the almsgiving.  One more thing checked off my almsgiving preparations list.

After I came home, I called my podiatrist's office and rescheduled tomorrow's appointment to next week.  I hadn't realized it would be election day when I made the appointment some 6 months ago.  Or maybe I thought I'd be able to vote and still make the appointment on time.  But now, I don't know how long the lines will be at the polling place, tomorrow.  Some people had a 5 hour wait at the early voting place over the weekend.  I don't want to have to stress about making it to the podiatrist's appointment on time if voting takes a longer time than I anticipated.

Then, I had a cup of tea, cleaned the fridge, emptied the waste baskets, took the kitchen trash out and took the big trash cans to the curb.  Later, I cooked another stir-fry for dinner:

Stir Fry
Sliced smoked sausage, carrots, broccoli, and pineapple chunks; I added a little soy sauce and seasoned it with some chili powder.  I had some of the stir-fry with some leftover rice.  I now have enough leftover stir fry for at least two more meals.  All I need to do is cook another pot of rice.    A slice of papaya for dessert.  After dinner, I washed the dishes, chatted with a friend who called, and video chatted with my daughter.  I also made my almsgiving menu, based on previous almsgiving menus.

Today, I am grateful for:
- A sunny, warm day
- A working computer
- Having the medicines I need
- Friends who call and email
- Video chatting with my daughter

The main activities for tomorrow are office work and going to vote.  I also need to water the back garden and I would like to go to the garden center (next to my voting place) if possible.  Other things will be fitted in, while I watch election results. 

How was your Monday?  What does your To Do list for this week look like?


  1. May all my friends in the USA be guided as they vote today., to choose with wisdom and grace

  2. That stir fry looks really good. Maybe that's what we'll have tonight for dinner.

    1. Thank you! I love stir fries. I made one last week with smoked sausage, corn, carrots, and green peas. But I really enjoy the combination of smoked sausage and pineapple. Baby corn is good, too.

  3. Glad to hear you eventually got your prescription.

    I'm shocked to read that people queue for hours to vote. When we used to vote in person I can't remember standing in a queue of more than half a dozen people and we always went after we'd finished work - probably the busiest time. These days we are registered to vote by post although this year I hand delivered our votes to the polling station just to make sure they got there.

    Hope the results are the best you and your country could wish for. xx

    1. Early voting began on October 11, in California, but in our county, one had to go to the county clerk's office to vote in person. 5 additional voting places opened on the 2 weekends before election day and that's when the long waits occurred. We are one of the most populous counties, a lot of people chose to vote early, and the 5 additional locations just weren't enough. Today, however, the waits are much shorter as there are more polling places open. I went mid-morning and there was no line, whatsoever. There might be longer queues later in the evening, as people go to vote after work.

  4. You have accomplished alot..
    I had a busy Monday.. Did laundry and hung on line to dry. I mopped and did some other cleaning.
    The stir fry looks so good.. I love rice..
    Have a blessed day.

    1. Thanks, Judy. You, too, accomplished a lot. I like the idea of doing laundry on Monday - like in that old verse: Wash on Monday, Iron on Tuesday, etc. :) Rice is a staple for us; I'll have it several times a week.


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