Friday, November 18, 2016


It was another sunny and relatively warm day, today, with a high of 79F.  My cousin called me in the morning to tell me that her newborn grandson will be brought home from the hospital, today.

I worked on office stuff in the morning and went to my appointment with the podiatrist in the afternoon.  I had a pain in my right big toe which has a badly discolored nail due to the chemo therapy; the podiatrist checked it out and said it appeared to be OK.  He had his assistant trim and file my toe nails; all I have to do now is paint them and then, it'll be as if I had a pedicure! 

I stopped at my favorite fried fish place on my way home and bought an order of breaded fried shrimp for my lunch.  I ate half for lunch and half for dinner.  It didn't taste as good as I remembered it to be, but it was OK.  My taste buds are coming back, but not quite all there, yet, I guess.

I did more office work after I came home.  Later in the evening, I swept and mopped the kitchen and the hallway.

My friend passed away this evening.  I spoke with her younger daughter and niece and condoled with them.  It will be a very difficult Thanksgiving for them. 

Today, I am grateful for:
- The friendship I enjoyed with my late friend.
- Memories.
- My cousin's baby grandson is well enough to come home 
- Sunny days
- A safe drive to and from the clinic

Thursday's To Do List:
- Office work - DONE
- Appointment with podiatrist - DONE
- Additional items from the list below
Other things to be done:
- Plant the new plants
- Vacuum
- Clean the kitchen - DONE
- Clean the bathrooms
- Grocery shop   

How was your Thursday?


  1. I'm glad your tastebuds are coming back and that your feet are okay. You're getting back top to toe!

    We have had snow - not much, but some. When it's 79F here people call it a heatwave and have no idea how to cope!


    1. Thank you, Lyssa. We are in "cooling down" more with a daytime high of upper 70s (nighttime lows of mid 50s). :)

  2. Despite a terrible week, you managed to do a lot from your to-do list. I am glad to hear that the visit with the podiatrist was good. The baby is healthy and home now with his family. You have been a pillar of support for your friend's daughters and I am sure they appreciate that. I am very sorry to hear of her passing.

    1. Thank you, Susan. Some weeks are like that, but we get through them, don't we? I have tried to be there for my friend's daughters and niece as they have been there for me. My daughter is friends with the niece's daughters, so she's there for them, too. :)

  3. So sorry to hear about your friend, (((Hugs))). Memories are good to dwell on. I recently heard that a former neighbour and friend died unexpectedly. We only had a brief time next door to each other, back in the end of the 70's and the very beginning of the '80s. Our friendship endured despite the distance, and she and her husband came to our son's wedding back in 2004. I have lovely memories from when our children were small and we visited back and forwards all the time.


    1. Thank you, Bushlady. I'm sorry to hear that you, too, have lost a friend, recently. It is a shock when the death is unexpected. I am sure your memories of the good times you shared with her bring you comfort.

  4. You should treat yourself to an occasional pedicure, Bless. They''re wonderful ... relaxing and inexpensive. I think you would love it! So wonderful that the baby will be released from the hospital. And so sorry that your friend passed away. It's so difficult to lose those close to us.

    1. Thanks, Carolyn. I shall take the pedicure suggestion seriously. I think I am due some pampering. :)

  5. A know I have never had one of those. I'm glad you got pampered a deserve it. :) That is great news about the baby being able to come home. I am so sorry about your friend though. Praying for her family and for you too. ((((((HUGS)))))

    1. Thank you, Debbie. Maybe we should both treat ourselves to pedicures?


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