Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Vote on Tuesday!

Today was another sunny and warm day, with a high of 92F in my area.  Tomorrow's high will be 94F according to the forecast and then, it will "cool down" to the low 80s by the weekend.  Yes, that's autumn in So. California, although these temperatures are higher than normal.  

Today, I voted in our general election.  My strategy to vote later in the morning worked very well.  There was no line whatsoever, no wait, and no problems.

After I voted, I went to the garden center across the street from the polling place.  I bought some Dusty Miller and Chrysanthemum plants to fill in some of the bare spots in the front flower bed.  Two multi-packs (8 plants each) of Dusty Miller and five Chrysanthemums.  The multi-packs were $2.99 each and the chrysanthemums were $1.78 each.  With sales tax, my total came to $16.22.

I also went to the local food bank to ask if they would accept a bag of donated food items and if there were any particular items they wanted.  Angela had mentioned a Reverse Advent Calendar in one of her recent posts.  She is putting aside one item of food each day during the month of November to donate to her local food bank.  I thought it was a lovely idea and something I, too, can do, although I do not generally participate in the tradition of observing Advent.  I asked the person I spoke with at the food bank about how a person would receive food and other items from them (they had clothes and shoes, as well); I was told that they ask for a $30 donation and provide a cart of groceries in return.  I forgot to ask what happens if a person cannot give a $30 donation towards their groceries.  I think I will research a couple of other food banks in the area, as well.  I would rather donate to a place where a monetary donation is not required prior to receiving groceries.  But, in the meantime, I will start the bag of donations.

Later in the evening, I picked a few more feijoa/pineapple guavas and watered the back garden.  Leftover stir-fry and freshly cooked rice for dinner.  A banana for dessert.  I am spending the evening watching coverage of the election results.

Today's To Do List:

- Vote - DONE
- Office work- DONE
- Podiatrist's appointment - rescheduled
- Visit garden center - DONE
- Water the back garden - DONE
- Stop by the food bank - DONE

Today, I am grateful for:
- Being able to vote
- Another sunny, warm day
- New plants for the garden
- Birthday cards from my aunt and cousin
- Emails from my friend

Wednesday's To Do List:
- Office work
- Do time sheets for work (make up 1 hour)
- Water the front garden
- Replace the front porch light

Other Things To Be Done:
- Dust
- Vacuum
- Clean Bathroom
- Almsgiving Preparations:
  * Make Almsgiving Menu - DONE
  * Bleach, wash, iron serviettes
  * Prepare donations - DONE
- Holiday Preparations:
  * Buy cards - DONE
  * Make cards
- Ask food bank about donations - DONE

How was your Tuesday?


  1. Well Done! I have not heard of food banks where people need to make a donation before receiving goods in the UK. As you say. What happens if you haven't got $30?

    1. I will go there again and ask them. I will also look into some of the other food banks in the area. I went to this particular one because it is the nearest to me, located about 5 blocks from my home.

  2. Isn't a food bank supposed to help people in need? The fact they charge $30 for food seems a bitb off to me. We are fully in fall here now. Temps in the 50s and 60s.

    1. Jess, it didn't sound right to me, either. I looked them up on the internet. The board outside the place says Food Bank, but according to their website, they are a "community distribution center", founded by two business men. I think I will search out another one that doesn't ask for a contribution by the recipients of their services.

  3. I'm always impressed by your lists.

    It seems hard that they ask for $30 first - it's like it's a discount store. I'm sure that if you had $30 to 'spend' on food then you wouldn't need the food bank so much. Here it's common for people to need a referral to the food bank from someone like a doctor or school. Mind you, I think you're clued up so you'll know what works best for your community. x

    1. Maybe the up-front request for a donation is the reason why I never see a line outside their door or haven't seen anyone coming or going from that place. As one of the commenters on their on-line review site stated, if they had $30, they could go to the dollar store and buy their groceries! I located a few other food banks in my area (but not as close as this one). I will call and check with them, too. I'd rather donate to a place that gives the food away free.

  4. I am wondering if that person misunderstood your question, and was asking the donor (you)for a $30 donation to supply someone else a cart of groceries. I cannot believe they would ask someone who needed the food bank for a donation. If I had $30 to spend, I would make do. I wouldn't be seeking help from the Food Bank. You are right to question it.
    I didn't get around to setting my goals yet for the month. I will do that today.

    1. I don't know, Susan. I don't think he misunderstood me. He said they get most of their donations from grocery stores, but they ask for the donation to help with the costs. They did have some fresh produce and meat and maybe they use the $30 donations to augment what they receive from other sources such as the grocery stores? Or to pay the electricity, etc.? I also saw several people working there, including the person I spoke with, and I didn't ask if they were all volunteers or if they were paid. If they are paid, then, maybe the donations go towards their pay?

      Lots of questions! Maybe too many for the donation of what will amount to a bag or two of food? Maybe they are questions that might be valid if I was making a commitment to donate truck loads of food on a regular basis, but not a one time donation of a bag or two.

      This particular food bank (or community distribution center, as they are called on the website) is located in my immediate neighborhood (within walking distance from my home), and I like to think that they help my neighbors. I really should have asked them what happens if someone can't afford the $30 donation.

  5. I don't think asking for a $30 donation would work for people in our area. Some of them are only intermittent visitors but they go because they are really in dire straits due to an unexpected expense when they have a very low income anyway. Others have to use the food bank regularly or forgo heating their homes, especially as hydro costs are so high in our province. I'd be very suspicious of that particular food bank. If someone gives a donation, do they get a tax receipt, for example? Here a food bank registered with Revenue Canada can supply tax receipts as some people prefer to donate rather than supply groceries, since the food bank (actually run by local volunteers) can then purchase fresh food before the weekly visiting day.

    1. I don't think asking for a $30 donation would work in my area, either, Bushlady. I am annoyed with myself for not asking the obvious follow up questions from the person I spoke to. I am going to look into a few other food banks, too.

  6. That is a wonderful idea to set aside a food item each day of the month..This would be a big help for some one in need.
    Not sure about the $30 donation?? But, maybe this is a large amount of groceries for $30 and they need that $$$$ to keep the place running, [as in paying utilites /workers/etc.????
    I agree though, I think I would check with other food banks and see what they do.
    Our food bank does not charge any thing.. They just have the policy that you can only receive groceries one time per month. And they get a certain amount of sacks , depending on the amount of people in the house hold.. Our church takes up groceries every few months and we deliver them.. It really helps the need in our town.
    I too spent the evening watching the election on tv..[Tired today after sitting up so late, ha]. I also went and got my flu shot yesterday, and it is making me feel bad today.. Hoping it is better tomorrow..
    Have a great day.

    1. Judy, that's what I thought, too - that maybe they used the donation to keep the place running (they are open 6 days a week), or to buy additional supplies. Anyway, I will continue to collect items to donate.

      I hope you recover from the flu shot in the next day or so. Take care.

    2. Thank you BLess. I am feeling better today.. we painted on our storage builiding.. eeeeh, no fun.. But proud to get it done.

    3. Thank you BLess. I am feeling better today.. we painted on our storage builiding.. eeeeh, no fun.. But proud to get it done.

    4. Oh, wow! That's a lot of work! Hope you get some rest!

  7. Well! I was surprised too and now I have read the comments, I am glad to see I wasn't the only one. I always assumed that the food banks here gave freely to those in need, since they have received the food and monetary donations precisely so that they can be passed on. Most of our supermarkets have large donation points at the exits, where on their way out, customers can leave a few items that they have purchased, for the benefit of others. It is nice to put even only one item in the "bank" but, especially if I come across some good deals in store, I like to put more. (Obviously as long as it is within the sell-by date.)

    1. I'm afraid I never did return to the place to ask more questions. But, before the pandemic, I would see them advertise various items at reduced prices, so, I don't think they are a true food bank. :(


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