Thursday, February 18, 2016

Works in Progress

Works-in-Progress/Unfinished Projects

We all have them, don't we?  Works-in-Progress or projects we've started and haven't finished yet.  How many of us actually start a project and then, complete it before starting a new project?  Not too many of us, I think.  Almost everyone I know of, who crafts, sews, knits, etc., has on-going projects.  I know I do!  I start with the best of intentions, but then, something else comes along that I want to try doing and before I know it, I have several works-in-progress!

This morning, I rounded up the majority of them (I have a suspicion that there's a sari blouse I cut out and never sewed, stuck in the drawer, somewhere) and set them out on the sofa for all to see!  These are only the ones I've started - not the ones I've planned to start!  LOL!  I've plenty of those, too!

First in the line up, the Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt.  I am currently working on this, but it is very slow going.  I have 16 more flowers to attach to it:

Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt in Progress

I keep my in-progress projects in various bags or drawers in the spare bedroom (which functions as a guest room, my crafts room, storage room, and home office!)  For the most part, I'm pretty good at remembering what I have in progress, but, occasionally, I forget one.  Such was the fate of this scarf that I had started and then, put aside; I found it today, when I looked inside another project bag:

Scarf in Progress

Had I remembered it, I would have taken it with me to chemo and hydration sessions to work on.  But now that I've unearthed it, I will work on it during my next chemo session, tomorrow, and the next couple of hydration sessions until I've finished it.

Also, had I remembered this unfinished scarf, earlier, I would not have started this other scarf!

Another Scarf in Progress

I guess this will now be kept aside until the other scarf is completed.

The next work-in-progress is a skirt I had unpicked with the intention of making it over for my daughter:

Skirt in Progress
It had become too tight for me, so I was planning to take it in to fit daughter.  I don't quite know why I put it aside - quite possibly the make over was too much for me.  I will have her try it on when she comes home this weekend and then decide if I want to continue working on it.   If not, I might repurpose the fabric to make a tote bag or something (would that be considered as starting a new project, if I change my mind about what I want to make?)
The next unfinished project is a sweater.  I have the back completed and part of the front done.  I remember stopping it when it came to shaping the neck and armholes because I want to maintain the lacework pattern but it requires some calculations (I am not following a printed sweater pattern; the only pattern I have is for the lace; I make up the shapings as I go).  Apparently, I like doing the easy parts and then, stop when it becomes more complicated. 

Sweater in Progress

The next work-in-progress is another patchwork quilt top.  It is called "mile-a-minute" patchwork, as one simply sews pieces of fabrics together at random and then, cut out squares to join together.  I thought it would be a good way to use up my stash of small bits and pieces of fabric, and it is.  Not quite sure why I set it aside; probably ran out of time to sit at it, or needed to put away the sewing machine and tidy up the dining table (I sew at the big dining table) or a combination of both.  I have decided to work on this quilt and call it my Mountain Climbing quilt instead of starting yet another one.  I can incorporate the pieces I cut for the Mountain Climbing quilt into this one.

"Mile a Minute" Patchwork Quilt in Progress

Next comes the bag of Granny Squares I've crocheted: 

Granny Squares in Progress

This is definitely an on-going project as I crochet a few granny squares as the yarn stash gets to a critical point.  I haven't decided what I will make from all the granny squares, but I suppose it will be another blanket.  Not that I need another blanket.  Maybe I can make something else with the granny squares.  Once, I made a scarf with some of the granny squares and gave it away as a gift.  I have also  toyed with the idea of making tote bags with some of the squares and then, giving them away as holiday gifts.  Should try making a tote bag with some of the squares to see how it would look.

And, last but not least, a blouse I started sewing for myself:

Blouse in Progress

The lace and lining were fabrics I found in my mother's fabric stash.  I cut out the blouse last summer, I believe (or was it the summer before?) but when I basted (tacked, for my British readers) it together and tried it on, it was too tight!  So, I put it aside.  Well, I've since lost 12 lbs. (due mostly to the chemo treatment), so, maybe the time is right to try it on again!  Maybe it will fit now!  If so, I can set up the machine and sew on it and have a new blouse to wear for as long as I manage to keep to this new weight.

So, those are my Unfinished Projects or Works-in-Progress!  And, as I said before, there might even be a sari blouse in the making, tucked away in a drawer, somewhere!  (I looked but couldn't locate it). 

I put myself on a yarn diet (no buying new yarn unless needed to finish a current project) some time ago and have done well with reducing the yarn stash.  I have put myself on a no new fabric diet and haven't bought any new fabric in over a year.  I now need to put myself on a no new projects diet until I have finished all my on-going works-in-progress!  I have enough to keep me busy for the rest of this year, I think!

What do you have that are currently works in progress?    

Today, I am grateful for:

- An abundance of in-progress projects to keep me occupied!
- Last night's good soaking rain.
- A sunny day, today.
- Daughter will be coming home, later today.
- Feeling well and "back to normal" before my next chemo session, tomorrow!

Hope you are all having a wonderful day.


  1. Love your mountain climbing quilt . It will be beautiful when finished.
    Oh yes...I have a ton of WIP .. I finished a quilt last year, that I had started for my daughter when she was 9 yrs old. I gave it to her for Christmas, when she was 41. long term work in
    I have another quilt [ cathedral window], that is 3/4 finished, and I have had it for 20 yrs.. oh my.. I need to pull it out and work on it.
    that is just 2... I have lots of sewing WIP..
    You have encouraged me , to start working on them..thank you.
    Pray you have a good day tomorrow, and do well with your chemo. Praying for you and daughter.

    1. Glad I encouraged you to work on the WIP. One lady I know belongs to a group of friends who meet every Friday to work on their unfinished projects. I think setting aside some time each week is a good thing.

      Thank you, again, for the prayers. Daughter and I both really need them.

      Hope you have a blessed day and weekend.

  2. You have some really lovely projects going on, and I really admire your skills! I don't even want to think of my backlog! x

    1. Pick 10 smaller projects to work on from now until the end of the year - do one a month and you'll have 10 completed projects. Or, if you think you'll need more than a month for each project, pick 5 to work on. The important thing is not to start on something new until the on-going projects are done! The hardest part is setting aside time to work on the projects, but I think we can all take an hour or two out of our busy days to spend relaxing with a craft/sewing/knitting project. How long do you think you'll need to finish your tea tray if you sewed on it for an hour every evening? Could you finish it by the end of this month? (You even get an extra day in February, this year!)

  3. Praying your chemo treatment, goes well today.. And you won't have a bad week , following it.. Just thinking about you today.

    1. Thank you, Judy. Chemo went well, today; home now and relaxing.

  4. Bless, I can't list all the projects I have started. I love the quilt you are making. I have a wall hanging I bought 15 years ago and haven't done it yet, crocheting I work on, card making, jewelry, and now they have asked us to make some Christmas stockings for the give away to the children so want to do that and use up some of my material. Making Christmas gifts, made some ornaments, and am making cards, pillows, and I keep finding more pretty patterns. I did get one set of gifts done and bagged and ready for Christmas so far. Your work is so beautiful in all you do.Dianaro

    1. Thank you, Dianaro. I know you work on a lot of projects all year long. I like how you have a group of ladies who meet to work on projects on a weekly basis. I tried doing that, one year, but it never got going - only one person showed up! Everyone else was too busy, I guess.

  5. I really enjoy looking at all of your pretty projects in progress and look forward to seeing them as they get completed. The blouse you started making is beautiful!
    You have been on my mind so much and I pray that your chemo treatment went well today and you are able to get some rest. My grandmother in the nursing home asks about you every week and prays for you every day. I told her I would let you know that you are very much loved, and that you touch people's lives that you have never even met in person. My grandmother likes to hear about blogs that I read and what kind of things others have going on. She will be interested in hearing about your projects that you shared in this post. :)
    Hugs and prayers and safe travels for you and your daughter. XOXO

    1. Thank you, Dawn, for the hugs and prayers and the lovely things you say. And please thank your grandmother from me; tell her I really appreciate her prayers.

      Yesterday's chemo went well and I woke up very early, feeling well. Maybe the fatigue will set in later tonight or tomorrow, but, so far today, I am feeling fine.

      I will definitely post each completed project as I go!

      Hope all is well with you and your family. Please give a hug from me to your little ones and to your grandmother, and I'm sending one for yourself, as well. :) Take care.

  6. Thinking of you today as you undergo another treatment. Sending happy thoughts that the fatigue and nausea stay away. :)

    1. Carolyn, thank you for the happy thoughts you sent. They seem to be working! The chemo went well and so far, I haven't felt any fatigue or nausea or any other side effects! In fact, I woke up very early, feeling well rested and fine, so I'm taking advantage of the fact and having an early start to the day! Hope you have a lovely day, today.

  7. What lovely projects and your enthusiasm shines through! You have done well to curb your yarn buying and fabric buying. Whenever I see a bin of bags of yarn in a local store I have to rush by before I get involved. What is it that draws us so strongly? After all, it's not as if we can eat the yarn!!
    So good to hear that so many others are concerned and praying for you. That mountain is getting nicely crowded with your companions!

    1. Thank you, Bushlady. I just can't pass up a bargain! When I see yarn or fabric on deeply discounted sale, I yearn to buy it all! LOL. But then, I don't have the time to make all the projects I want to do!

      I am truly blessed to have so many people think about and pray for me, aren't I? I am grateful for all of them and I know their thoughts and prayers are helping me along as I climb my mountain. :)


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