Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saturday Morning in the Garden

Do you remember this picture from a couple of weeks ago?  February 13, to be exact.

Aeonium Inflorescence

 Well, the flowers are blooming now and today, it looks like this:

Aeonium Flowers

 A few feet away, the orange tree is full of the sweetest smelling orange blossoms:

Orange Blossoms

The little peach tree has finished flowering and the leaves are starting to come out.  Among the spent flowers, one can see the beginnings of some peaches forming.  Of course, this is just the 2nd year for this little plant and most of the forming fruit will drop before they become any bigger.  But, hopefully, one or two might become big enough for us to have a couple of fruits to eat later, in the summer.

Peach Tree

 And finally, one of the three lemon trees, covered with lemon blossoms:

Lemon Blossoms
The tree was buzzing with bees who are enjoying the nectar from these flowers.  I'm sure I'll have another good crop of lemons again, later this year!


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    1. Thank you, Judy. This year is the year I am concentrating on the front garden, but the back garden is holding its own. There's still some flowers on the camellia bush, although I didn't photograph them. I watered the peach tree, today, with water I had collected while waiting for the shower water to heat up. No rain in the forecast for next week, so, I might have to water the orange tree, as well, and the rose bushes.

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    1. Thank you, Jess. I am happy with the way the garden is coming along, this year.

  3. I so enjoyed looking at the photos of your flowers and remembering when we had an orange tree in the house years ago. It only everproduced 2 flowers but my goodness, they filled the room with beautiful perfume!

    1. Thank you, Bushlady, glad to hear you enjoyed the photos. The backyard smells like a perfume factory with the calamondin tree, orange tree and three lemon trees covered with flowers!


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