Sunday, February 21, 2016

Well, the side effects are back.  I had to take anti-nausea medications today.

But I managed to do some cooking (pancakes for breakfast; sauted salmon for lunch) and I'm still eating.  I managed to have one pancake for breakfast; a small piece of salmon and cucumber salad for lunch; a piece of pear for snack. I enjoyed the pear the best, although the cucumber was good, too.  Haven't had dinner yet - might eat a piece of the chicken I made yesterday, or perhaps another piece of fish.

I did some office work this morning and then, sewed a bit.  Working on the Flower Garden quilt.  But apparently, my hexagon sides are not all even, so I am having to unpick to fit in the seams as best I can!
I took a long nap in the afternoon.  Still feeling a bit tired.  Not the best of days, but not the worst, either.  At least my daughter is here to keep me company.  Of course, she's leaving tomorrow afternoon.  Don't want her to go, but that can't be helped.  She'll be back on Thursday evening.  

Today, I am grateful for:

- Anti-nausea medications.
- Still being able to eat a little.
- Sewing project to keep me occupied and my mind distracted from my physical discomforts.
- A friend picking up some postage stamps for me (and daughter going to collect them from her for me).
- A nice long nap.

Hope you all had a lovely, blessed Sunday.


  1. Bless, I am so sorry. Pray that these side effects subside real soon.

  2. Sending hugs and prayers. Take care x

  3. Glad your daughter is with you
    glad for anti nausea medication
    glad you can rest
    and glad you have little projects to occupy your moments
    Love and prayers, dear friend xx

  4. Sorry you had a rough day. I hope it gets better soon.

  5. Sorry to hear that the side-effects crept up on you. A nap was certainly needed. A pity about the hexagon pieces but who hasn't made something and hit a problem. Your patience taking it apart will be rewarded when it is finished.
    Hugs - Bushlady

  6. So sorry to hear you are having side effects this time. You keep such a positive attitude. I really admire that. You have wonderful thoughtful friends and your daughter sounds like a treasure. I don't know you except for your blog that I've been reading the last few months but I keep you in my prayers. It is good to have projects to occupy us when we don't feel up to par. I find reading is good too. Take care.

    1. Thank you, Crystal. Appreciate your thoughts and prayers.


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