Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday's Activities

I am afraid I might have done too much yesterday, because, today, I felt more tired, again.

Yesterday, I took pictures of the garden, watered the peach tree, sewed on my quilt, knitted a bit, did a load of laundry and hung it up to dry, played the piano for a bit, watched some TV, etc.

Today, I didn't feel quite so energetic.  I still sewed on my quilt in the morning and knitted a bit in the evening, watered the orange tree with water saved while waiting the shower water to warm up, put away the laundry I did yesterday and gave myself a pedicure of sorts, but I had a nap on the sofa in the afternoon and took it easy in the evening and watched the Oscars on TV.

The evenings seem to be the hardest.  I have more energy in the morning and I can sew, etc., when there is daylight as the light is better, then.  By evening, I am tired and there's nothing much I can do other than watch TV and often, I don't want to watch anything.  I am looking forward to the day when I have my full energy back.  Hopefully, next week, I will have enough energy to do some house cleaning, too.

Daughter did a little more grocery shopping for me today and went to the pharmacy (they sent her a text saying medications were ready for pick up but when she went, there was nothing new to be picked up).  Later in the afternoon, she went out with some of her friends to watch a movie and have dinner out.

Tomorrow, I have hydration in the morning and then, daughter leaves in the afternoon. 

Today, I am grateful for:

- Feeling better, overall
- Being able to sew on the Flower Garden quilt
- Being able to knit on the scarf
- Giving myself a pedicure
- A nap in the afternoon

Hope you had a lovely day, today.


  1. Sorry your energy is not back yet.. Praying for you..Proud daughter was able to come and be with you this weekend/and run errands for you..


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