Monday, February 15, 2016

Mending my Purse

Torn Pocket

My purse has an outside pocket where I keep my keys, cell phone, work ID, a pen, etc.  The pocket consists of a silky fabric and I noticed that there was a fairly large tear along one of the side seams and things were falling through the tear to the inside of my purse!

This morning, I emptied the purse and pocket and noticed that the other side of the pocket was also starting to tear:

Lining in Process of Tearing

I trimmed the edges of the torn side seam, turned them inside, and sewed a closely spaced blanket stitch to seal it closed.  I didn't mind using white thread on a cream colored fabric because this is the pocket lining and the sewing won't be seen.


Torn Side Mended

Since the other side seam wasn't fully torn, I did a row of running stitches to stabilize and reinforce the edge and then, did a row of blanket stitches:

The Tearing Side Mended, Too

It took me less than 20 minutes to sew the two torn seams, but the repairs should extend the life of the purse by several months at the very least.  I have only this one everyday purse and this purse gets a lot of use.  I seem to carry everything but the kitchen sink in it and it weighs a ton!  But it is what I'd grab first if there was an earthquake, etc., and I had to leave the house in a hurry.  I used my previous purse for 2 years and I am hoping to use this one for the same length of time.

If you had a purse with a torn pocket lining, what would you have done?  Speaking of purses, do you have several that you switch to match your outfit, etc. (I used to do that when I was younger and had several purses and matching pairs of shoes!), or do you have just one or two everyday purses?  Or do you just not bother with a purse, at all?  If so, what do you use in lieu of a purse?

Today, I had a cup of tea and a banana for breakfast.  For lunch, I pulled out items from the freezer - previously cooked sauted beef, green beans curry, lentil curry, and squash curry; reheated them and cooked a pot of rice.  One of the Valentine's Day chocolates for dessert.  Haven't decided on dinner, yet.  Maybe leftover macaroni and cheese from the other night.

Daughter will be flying back to Berkeley, a little later this afternoon.  I will drop her off at the airport and come back.  The house will no doubt feel lonely with her gone.  However, she'll be coming back at the end of the week to accompany me to my 4th chemotherapy session on Friday.

Today, I am grateful for:

- Being able to extend the length of use of my purse by mending it.
- Knowing enough sewing to mend the purse.
- Being able to practice a bit of frugality by mending the purse.
- Food from the freezer for lunch (plus leftovers for the next couple of days).
- A beautifully warm, sunny day and the sound of birds singing.

Hope each and every one of you is having a lovely day.


  1. I am impressed. I wouldn't have the confidence to attempt the mend. I use my purse (handbag over here) until the handle drops off or the bottom falls out, and I always buy cheap. The most expensive one I ever got was one for £25, reduced from £100, and I didn't appreciate it. I was lucky - someone bought me another as a gift which I can now use as I couldn't bear to buy a new one while the old one still functioned, but I had come to loathe it.

    If you like the purse and it works for you then I think it's great that it's back and working! I am really impressed by your skills. Hope you are doing okay - prayers continue. x

    1. Thank you! This purse was a birthday gift from my daughter and is the same style as the one I had before (also a gift from her, for Mother's Day, that time). I used the other purse until the strap cracked and peeled. I have a hard time finding purses that are roomy enough, sturdy enough, and reasonably priced (under $30).

  2. BLess, I had to laugh at a rememberance of my purse saga.About 6 months ago, my cell phone was ringing. I went to get it out of my purse, but couldn't find it. it stopped ringing , but I poured everything out and still could not find it. I looked every inch of my car, thinking that it had fell between the seats.. It was a baffle for sure???? ha I could not find it. Finally, I noticed one of the pockets on the inside had a hole in the lining. I finally found my phone had went in the hole, down into bottom of my purse.hahaha. So, I did the same thing you did. I repaired my hole.. Still using it today. I have a purse I use in the summer months and one I use in the winter months.. I use my purses until they are completely gone.
    Have a great week. Judy

    1. Ha, ha! I, too, found my old (non-working) cell phone at the bottom of the purse, fallen through the hole, this morning! I had thought that daughter had disposed of it when she went to buy me the new phone! Having a summer purse and a winter purse sounds good, too.

  3. I have one purse that I use everyday. I always bought cheap purses (about $20 max), but they never lasted long. My husband got me a Le Sportsac purse one year, black with hearts, and the quality is amazing. I've used it for years now with no issue. He used to work a factory that shipped the purses and knew it was good quality. It costed way more than I would have ever spent personally, but it is definitely worth it.

    I don't think I would ever have the patience to switch purses regularly. When I was younger I would never use a purse, they annoyed me. But it is definitely needed.

    1. That's great that your husband got you a good quality purse that has lasted. I think something like that would be worth the money as it could be considered an investment, something you use day in and day out for many years.

  4. I use a black purse in winter and a beige one in summer and I do have a couple of smaller purses if I want to be fancy but usually I prefer the ones that are big enough to take the stuff that I like to put in them. I've had the "disappearing down a hole" event, too, and once I completely relined a purse and got a lot more use out of it. Purses are unique to the user and just any old purse won't do, even if it is expensive,as Lyssa found with her expensive one! I've sometimes had to bite the bullet and donate one if I really got fed up with it. I had a huge one once and it drove me nuts in the end!

    Glad you don't have to wait too long for your daughter to be with you again. She must be able to navigate those airport terminals with her eyes closed, by now!

    1. Relining an entire purse! Now that's a project I haven't tried yet.

      Yes, daughter is pretty savvy with airport terminals now. But she still doesn't like to fly! I am so grateful that she's doing this for me.

  5. HI, you're sounding so much better! In spite of years of GON and Marie Kondo's 'Spark Joy' de-clutter, I use and enjoy a collection of handbags, each with a 'backstory.'

    For some time I've made and gifted simple crafts from items at hand. I've no idea if you look at You Tube for fun projects. This week end I replaced the pillow-like base for my ShihZhu's crate having washed the cover only to cause the fabric to shred. Intro's are bit cheerleader chirpy but directions are always precise and correct.

    1. That's great that you were able to replace the pillow base. I haven't done any youtube project videos but my daughter occasionally watches them for decorating and crafts ideas.


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