Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February Goals and Balance Wheel

-   Focus on prayers and meditations; on gratitude and being thankful; appreciate the blessings. 

- Continue cleaning and decluttering and organizing!  
- She needs to complete her thesis by the 12th of this month.  She won't come down until I have my next chemo treatment.

- Most, if not all, contacts will be on the phone or on-line, this month.  I need to call and wish one cousin for her birthday.
-  Again, contacts will be mostly on the phone and on-line.   
-  Will continue to work from home on the good days.

- I will continue to budget and manage my finances to the best of my abilities. 

- Once again, the main focus will be on health.  I've a blood test and another hydration scheduled for this week, followed by more of the same, next week, plus immune booster injections as needed.  The 4th chemo session will be scheduled for later this month.

Time Management:
- Procrastinate less!  Go back to making daily to do lists but keep them realistic due to health restrictions.

- Started to knit another new scarf; continue to sew the hexagon quilt.

The majority of the goals for February remains the same as in January.  But that's OK.


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