Sunday, December 20, 2015

It's Beginning to Look Festive

I have had a fairly busy day, today.  One of my friends was hosting this month's prayer meeting, but I didn't attend in person since my immune system is compromised and I didn't want to risk exposing myself to any colds or coughs.  Instead, I sent my Christmas gift to her through my cousin and I attended the prayer gathering through Skype!  I think it was the first time anyone in the group has done that!  

I had started decorating the Christmas tree, yesterday, but I got too tired to finish it.  Daughter did some of it, but then, she complained that there were too many decorations and not enough tree!  :D  This morning, I finished decorating the tree - well, all except for the angel on the top.  Will need to get daughter to climb up on the step-stool and do that.

Later, I started decorating the living room mantel.  Daughter had hung the stockings, earlier.  I set up the Christmas village.  The village started out, about 25 years ago, with a collection of 10 mini houses, bought on sale for $7.  Over the years, I added items when they went on sale - several of them are from the dollar stores.  None of them are pre-wired, but they have openings on the bottom for a bulb.  I set them on the bulbs of the strand of lights to get that lit from within effect.  

Living Room Mantel
We are also making preparations for the annual end-of-year almsgiving, which will take place tomorrow.  At first, I wasn't going to have an almsgiving this year, because I wasn't sure if I'd be well enough, etc.  But then, daughter volunteered to do the cooking, etc., as long as we scale back to just a couple of the monks and only a few invitees.  So that is what we are doing, this year.  Only two monks have been invited, only four people have been invited and two of them can't make it.  I cooked a cashew curry and a lentil curry this morning; daughter prepared a roasted cauliflower soup, sauted green beans, a sesame carrot salad, something called caramelized sweet bell pepper confetti, and brownies.  We will make the rest of the preparations tomorrow morning.

We also cleaned and tidied the house.  It's a bit hard to do when one is also decorating for Christmas!  The family room is full of storage boxes, since I haven't unpacked all the decorations!

Today, my hair started to fall.  When I combed my hair in the morning, I had quite a bit of hair come off.  No bare spots yet, simply because I have so much hair, but I am wondering if, by the end of the week, I'll be showing bare patches.  Of course I knew that the hair would fall off, but, now that it is actually happening, I feel a bit sad. 

Today, I am grateful for:

- Modern technology which made it possible for me to participate in the prayer meeting on-line!
- Daughter helping me with preparations for the almsgiving.
- The shower of rain we had yesterday, which watered the garden for me.
- The bright sunshine, today.
- Brownies, warm from the oven!


  1. Hi Bless. Your mantel looks beautiful! Your style of decorating is cozy and warm and makes me want to curl up with a cup of tea and sing Christmas carols. :)
    Your menu for your almsgiving gathering sounds lovely. Have a wonderful time!
    And I know it can be sad and a bit frustrating when your hair starts to fall off, but please try to take heart in knowing that it will grow back. And let me tell you, when it does start growing back it will be shorter at first and you will probably be able to do some styling with it that will make you look like a hot mama! Your daughter might have to keep a big stick handy to beat the men off! ;)
    Sending you and Little Miss Bless lots of hugs and prayers! Have a wonderful, blessed week! XOXO

    1. Thanks, Dawn! My daughter said, "Oh, dear!" when I read your comment out loud to her! :D

  2. Bless, I am so sorry your hair is beginning to fall out.. I feel sad for you.. I know that has to be so hard. I am praying for you.. Just remember you have lots of friends/family praying for you and love you with or with out hair [smile]. your hair will come back and be beautiful and until it does.......... You are still beautiful... hugs my friend.

  3. ps Forgot to add.... your house looks so pretty. Love the beautiful mantle..all the stockings are gorgeous. Merry Christmas. I had to laugh at your daughter saying it was too many decorations for the tree.. My daughter teases me all the time..saying I have way too many

    1. Thank you, Judy. I made two of the stockings - the patchwork one at one end and the ballet shoe one in the middle. The one with the teddy bear was for daughter's first Christmas. The other two were what I bought for the first Christmas in my own house - one for my mother and one for myself.

    2. What precious memories the stockings are. No wonder they caught my eyes.

  4. Just catching up on your blog today. Your daughter has done so well and between the two of you I am amazed at what you are both achieving under the circumstances! Good to know that this health journey is allowing you to be creative - still the same Bless, hair or no hair! Your health care professionals seem to be keeping a good eye on you which is encouraging. So neat that you were able to "attend" the prayer meeting via Skype.I hope you had a lovely Almsgiving on Sunday.
    Hugs and prayers as usual,


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