Saturday, August 8, 2015

Weekend To Do List

This weekend's to do list: Updated Saturday night

- Renew car registration - done
- Buy mulch - done
- Laundry - done
- Dust - done
- Vacuum - done
- Mop kitchen
- Tidy- started
- Paperwork/filing
- Bake bread?
- Water garden - Watered the front
- Sew - mend daughter's knit top; quilt top
- Clean out purse

I renewed the car registration, first thing this morning; instead of mailing in the payment and waiting for the tags to be mailed back to me, I went in person to the Department of Motor Vehicles counter at the local Auto Club office and paid the registration fee and received the tags right away.

Then, I drove to the garden center and picked up four bags of mulch, on sale for $3 per bag.  It wasn't as good a sale as earlier, when I bought five bags for $2 per bag (same brand of mulch).  But there is no guarantee that the mulch will go on sale for $2 per bag, again, and I need the mulch, so, I decided to go ahead and buy it at that price.  I allocate $25 per month, over and above what I pay the gardener, for garden supplies such as mulch, fertilizer, potting soil, etc.  The four bags of mulch plus sales tax came to $12.95, today.  I still have another $12 to buy more mulch, later this month (hoping it'll go on sale for $2 per bag, again).

What have you planned for the weekend?


  1. Hello Bless- You are busy as always. I canned pickled beets the last two weekends. Have 12 quarts so I am done with that. Our tomatoes have blossom end rot again so we will be buying 25-35lbs of tomatoes. DH wants to make marinara and I want to can tomatoes. We finally got rain after 2 weeks. Going for chemo tomorrow. DH is at wound care now. I'll send an update next week via email. Frugal

    1. Frugal, so good to hear from you. Both you and your DH are in my thoughts, everyday. I have never tried pickled beets, but I bet they taste good. Glad you got rain; wish we'd get some, too. Take care of yourself and write when you can. My best wishes to you both.

  2. You got a lot accomplished :-)


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