Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August Grocery Shopping - Week 3

This Week's Blurry Receipt

Went grocery shopping, again, today, with daughter accompanying me.  :)

I bought:

8 lb. chicken leg quarters, $.49/lb = $4.01
1+ lb. beef shoulder steak, $3.49 = $4.17
4 salmon steaks, $3.99/lb = $10.11
2+ lb. nectarines, $.49/lb = $1.09
2.66 lb. apples, $.20/lb = $.53
2.54 lb. onions, $.25/lb = $64
1.55 lb. bananas, $.49/lb = $.76
5x4 lb. bag sugar, $1.99/4 lb bag= $9.95
1 package walnut pastries (10 oz) = $5.49
1 packet raw cashews = $3.48
1 packet raw cashews = $3.45
Total = $43.68

I had $44.65 left in my grocery budget after Friday's grocery shopping, so I came in just under budget! Of course, that is without the additional $25 I was planning to take from my miscellaneous category.   

So, grocery spending to date: $30.35 + $43.68 = $74.03.
Amount left in the budget:  $75 - $74.03 = $0.97!

I bought extra chicken partly because I have invited some friends to dinner on Friday night; 20 lbs. of sugar because I shall be making more jam and/or chutney, later.

I cooked the salmon with onions, a tomato, and some teriyaki sauce for tonight's dinner (with leftovers for the rest of the week).  Cooked the beef, too, as a spicy curry.  Will cook the chicken tomorrow.

I have plenty of fish and meat for the rest of the month, and probably into next month (there's still a package of 3 frozen fish fillets, 2 pork chops, and 1 lb. hamburger patties in the freezer).  The only things I will need to buy are more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Apart from grocery shopping, I did a load of laundry and vacuumed the house, today.  I had taken the day off from work, so I was able to do all that and get in an afternoon nap, as well!

I also received a call from the clinic saying that my referral for additional diagnostic tests has been authorized and the paperwork will be mailed to me.  I called the radiology center and left a message; I will call again, tomorrow, to try to set up the appointment.

It's back to work, tomorrow.  Daughter will be meeting up with one of her college friends while I am at work.

How is your grocery budget coming along?  Are you staying within budget for the most part?


  1. Wow.. that was keeping the budget on cue.. ha Great deals too.
    Sending prayers for your test.. Hope all is well.

    1. Judy, thanks for the prayers. I have my test scheduled for Sept. 1. As for the grocery budget, I spent that $.97 and a bit more at the farmers market, today, when I spent $1.50 for a bundle of greens.


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